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Chapter 14: It's Hard To Say I'm Ok When I'm Not

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Patrick and Abby are teenagers in love, drama insues

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Chapter Fourteen It's Hard To Say I'm Ok When I'm Not

Patrick's POV

"Abby what,what is it?" Her phone had awoken me out of my perfect
dreamworld. "The police..they..they found Melanie's blanket." She
into my chest. "We're going back to Wisconsin in the morning. Get some
baby, we may be able to find our baby girl yet!"

Come morning we both got dressed and boarded the flight I called in
Abby fell asleep. We slept on the plane and then took a cab to the
Peterson's'. There was a police officer there. "I'll take it you must be
and Mrs Patrick Martin Stumph." The officer addressed me. Abby was half

asleep on my shoulder."Indeed" The officer explained to me how all they

could find was Melanie's blanket. It was a clue anyways but still not
daughter. I wanted to punch something again,but thought better of it.

"Well thanks anyways" I frowned. I just had to find my daughter. I lead
half asleep half crying Abby to the car. I had to fight back my own
tears. I
knew we could probably have more kids but I still wanted to see my
born. I loved her and didn't even know her. I held back my frustration
drove back to the hotel we were staying at.

No one's pov

Out in the middle of no where,three year old Melanie Stumph Peterson
on to Patty,her teddy. She didn't know why these men had brought her
but she was scared. They hadn't given her much to eat. Just some
and water. She sniffled she wanted her mommy,her real mommy. She never
her daddy but she always wondered what he was like. She grew more
afraid as
the door opened once more and revealed her kidnappers.Two young boys.
Ryan why'd we take this kid for?" "I told you Brendon we needed one and
family didn't know how to raise her." "She reminds me of Patrick,what
it's really his? We'll loose our deal!" "I heard the only time Abby got

pregnant she misscarried,can't be Patrick's now stop worrying, we have
feed her more now that we went shopping" Melanie blinked as the food
was put
in front of her. Maybe they weren't so bad after all.They did mention
mommy's name and her unknown daddy's name. She began to eat and smiled
softly, She was going to like here.
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