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Chapter Two

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The human race becomes dominate to a half man half wolf breed of species. Two people fight to survive while being hunted as renegades. Please R&R

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I stared at him, not sure if I could trust him. "How can we help each other?" I demanded.
He stared at my arm, "first I think we better do something about that wound."
I looked down and gasped, realizing that my shoulder was torn open. My feet buckled and Aaron rushed forward, catching me before I hit the ground. He gently carried me to a fallen log and set me down, taking off his shirt and handing it to me.
"I'm going to go get wood to start a fire," he said, " press this against the wound and don't try to move or you might make it worse."
He soon returned with an armful of dry wood, I tried to stay alert but everything seemed to swim around as I lost more blood. He finally got the fire going, then knelt beside me, taking the blood-soaked shirt from my hand.
After he examined the wound, he looked at me his face grim. "I'm afraid we're going to have to cauterize the wound. Woverin claws can cause terrible infection and you're losing a lot of blood. Just sewing it up won't help."
I nodded, shaking with pain and blood loss. Aaron unsheathed his blade and began to heat it in the fire. He stood up and approached me when the blade was hot enough.
He knelt beside me again, holding me against him. I closed my eyes as he pressed the red-hot blade against my torn shoulder, screaming in agony as it seared into my skin. The world spun around, then everything went black as I lost consciousness.

I woke up hours later, laying on the ground with a blanket over me. I tried to sit up and fell back down with a groan, as pain slammed into my shoulder.
Aaron appeared at my side, "don't try to move yet," he ordered me as he knelt down. "I closed up the wound, but moving around may open it up."
I nodded weakly, "thank you for helping me," I whispered. You could've just let me bleed to death. I would've if I had found you."
Aaron stared at me, then said softly, "no you wouldn't have." He stood up, "I'm going to check the rabbit trap I made." Then he turned and walked into the woods swiftly.

Later after Aaron cooked the rabbit, he helped me sit up. Leaning against him. I ate. Stealing glances at him when he wasn't looking. "My name is Kendra," I told him. He looked down at me surprised, "why are you telling me this?" He asked softly. I tried to shrug my shoulder, wincing in pain. "I think I can trust you," I said. "You've had opportunities to kill me, and you haven't."
He stared at me intensely. "I promise, that I won't every hurt you Kendra."
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