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chapter 5

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Jessica is Gerard ways Daughter but what happens when she becomes Friends With Spencer Smith? I know i suck at summeries

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"Hi everyone. Meet Cassie." Spencer said. I smiled and walked over to her. She looked 16. I smiled at her and shook her hand.

"and she is your...." I said while waiting for him to say how he knows her.

"Cousin" She said. I smiled and hugged her.

"Spencer your girlfriend is scaring me." She said.

"Shes not my girlfriend Cassie." Spencer said.

"OK then. So Cassie how old are you?" I asked.

"Im gonna be 15 this october."She said.

"Really? You look at least 16." I said "and your boobs are gigantic" I whispered the last part to her. She smiled and blushed.

"I get that alot." She said. I smiled. We were gonna get along.

A/N: Sorry this was so short. and sorry i havent updated in quite a while. Ive been busy and my cousin just died so yeah. sorry i havent updated, sorry for the short chapter, and sorry for the crappy chapter.
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