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All Time Lows

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Pete realizes how hard he's fallen for Emi.

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Author's Note: Thanks to danceislife and Rhi for the reviews!

Chapter : All Time Lows

Whether or not our season will soon be done, I think I've got a reason to enjoy the sun.

Pete's POV

I can honestly say that I've never felt like this before.

We were sitting in a theater, watching a horror movie just as we did on that fateful day Jasper set us up. Emi's head rested against my shoulder as I "clutched my tub of popcorn for dear life."

I don't know how she can watch these movies, or why I volunteer to watch them with her. But I guess that's just a part the enigma that is Emi Ikuhara.

I can't explain it, but she makes me want to be sweet. It's crazy...but a good kind of crazy.

I cringed in my seat as the kidnapped doctor drilled into Jigsaw's brain. Emi slipped her hand into mine.

"You okay, Pete?" She looked up at me with a hint of concern in her eyes.
"Yeah," I said, slightly turned away from the screen. She kissed my jaw and rested her head on my shoulder once again.

"That," Emi said, gesticulating.
"A lot more graphic than Saw II."
"Yeah, but it still maintained a plot. I liked it."
"I agree, but I'm not really a fan of the blood and guts..."
"Then why'd you pick this movie?" she asked, somewhat confused.
"I had a feeling that you'd like it," I said. She smiled.
"Have I told you how awesome you are?"
"Not lately."
"Well you are." She kissed my cheek and we walked out of the theater hand in hand.

"Where are we off to now?" She asked, approaching my car.
"Well, Joe bought God of War, so I thought we could stop by and check it out."
"Sweet." Her face lit up. "The weapons are awesome and the graphics kick ass." I smiled at her comment. Unlike past girlfriends, she could hold her own with the guys.

"Think we'll actually get a turn to play?"
"We should. If not, we could hold a battle to the death to decide who gets the controller." She laughed as she buckled her seatbelt.
"Sounds good."

On the drive there, she sang along to the demo I had in the CD player.

"I served out my detention
And in the end I got an honorable mention
In the movie of my life
Starring you instead of me."

She didn't know it, but this song was about her, too.

"When the moonlight
Hits your bright eyes I go blind."

Emi's eyes.

There was something about those emerald greens that made my heart beat a little faster than usual. Glitter, prisms, diamonds. None of them could compare to the way her eyes sparkled when she smiled.

"Maybe next time
I'll remember not to tell you something stupid like 'I'll never leave your side.'"

I didn't want to screw anything up by saying something like "I'll love you forever."
That was a promise that I might not be able to keep... Still, every time I see her, I feel like shouting it from the rooftops.

"Like the oldest movie I ever saw
Was the one we wrote together.
Said I'd hate you
But I'd never change a thing."

We didn't start out on the best terms-- me spilling coffee onto her then being an asshole about it-- but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Usually a smile and a witty pick up line were enough to make a girl melt in my hands, but Emi was different.

She was the first girl who put up a fight.
The first girl who could match my stubbornness and sarcastic remarks.
The first girl that my mom actually liked.

"I can be your John Cusack."

She made a good point outside of the club about my comment about Duckie and Andie. Pretty in Pink wasn't the best comparison I could have made. Say Anything would have made a lot more sense. I wanted to be her Lloyd Dobbler.

Making our way down to the basement, we saw that Joe, Andy and Patrick hadn't wasted any time while I was gone. A chorus of "EMI"s rang through the room.

"Hey guys!" She plopped onto the couch, landing on my lap.
"What am I, chopped liver?"
"We can always hang out with /you/," Andy said, pausing the game. "Emi's the only girl who likes playing video games with us."
"And the only one who can burp louder than Joe," Patrick added.
"Hey, that only happened ONCE," Joe said in defense.
"If it's any consolation, I think you're the sexiest piece of chopped liver," Emi said, wrapping her arms around me. She leaned down and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

Emi's POV

"Emi, you wanna try playing God of War?" Joe asked, taking SSX Tricky out of the PS2.
"Sure." He handed me a controller and I started a new game.

After two hours, I made it to Athens and defeated the ogres, gorgons and the legion of undead soldiers in the city.

"How the hell are you doing that?" Andy asked. "When I was playing, I didn't get those weapons..."
"Destroy all the jars and statues you can...then loot all the houses for red orbs." I smashed open the nearest door and found a chest full of red orbs inside. "Oh yeah, when you have enough to upgrade, don't waste them on stupid powers like Medusa's Gaze--it's really lame until it gets to the maximum level. Save up for the Blades of Chaos and Poseidon's Rage. They're way more useful."
"Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Emi. You're the best."

"Um, Pete, you wanna take over? My eyes are kind of tired..." I paused the game and handed the controller to him.

I leaned against Pete's shoulder and closed my eyes. Everything still seemed a bit fuzzy after staring at the television screen for so long.

"You okay?" he asked. By the sound of it, he was battling a mace-wielding cyclops.
"Mhmm. Just need to rest my eyes for a few."
"Andy's right, you know..." he said, pausing the game to put an arm around me. "You are the best."
"Someday these compliments are gonna get to my head..."
"I'll worry about that when it happens. For now, a little ego boost wouldn't hurt."

I smiled as he kissed my cheek. If only we could stay in Joe's basement forever...

As soon as that thought popped into my mind, Bohemian Rhapsody started playing. I reached into my pocket and saw MOM flashing across the screen.

"Hey, mom."
"Honey, could you come home and take care of Ben? I have another late shift at the hospital today."
"I thought Jess was home."
"That's why I'm worried... He and Ben are probably eating bags of sugar right now."
"Sure. I'll be there soon."
"No problem. Love you."
"Love you, too. Bye."

"I've gotta go home and take care of Ben." I got up off the couch and stretched.
"I'll drop you off," Pete said.
"Aww, okay. Bye, Emi." Patrick gave me a hug.
"Thanks again for the tips. You're like a younger, Asian version of Yoda," Andy said. I laughed at the comment.
"Thank you, Andy. Pleased am I with the progress you have made. Very soon a jedi you will be."
"Yeah, thanks for showing us your skills," Joe said, before downing a can of Pepsi.

"Oh yeah," He paused, then burped really loudly. "I am still the king!"

I raised my eyebrow. "Oh really?" I was never one to shy away from competition.

"Hey, Trick. Could you hand me a Coke?" He threw me a can and I chugged it down. Bubbles burned my throat from drinking so fast, but I had a point to prove. I slowly inhaled, then let out a burp even louder than his.

"Emi's a beast!"

"Better luck next time, Trohman."
"Okay, you've won this round."

I gave him and half hug and grabbed my purse off the table. "See you, Emi."
"Bye, Joe."
"Bye, you guys!"
"Bye, Pete!"

My house wasn't too far from Joe's. In fact, it was only ten minutes away. Pete parked in the driveway and walked me to my door.

"Today was really fun, Pete. Thanks for everything."
"I should be thanking you. You finally knocked Joe off his burping high horse. Even I couldn't do that."
"Well I guess I'm talented then."
"That you are." He pulled me into an embrace and looked down at me.

We shared a kiss under the moonlight before the lights on my porch went on. Through the window, I could see Jess and Ben laughing. I rolled my eyes. Brothers... The one day Jess decides to stop by, he decides to be a douchebag.

Pete waved to them, then kissed my cheek. "Goodnight."

I watched as he drove away, then stepped inside the house. Knowing that Jess was home, I braced myself for one of his lectures about how 'young love doesn't last.'
"He really cares about you, doesn't he?" Jess asked. Strangely enough, it didn't sound like he was going into overprotective brother mode.
"Yeah," I said, smiling. "He really does."


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