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Demolition Lovers.

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...And I was worried about a suitcase...

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I tried to shove me camera into my small suitcase, that's what I have been doing for the past 30 minutes.
I don't get suitcases, I managed to put the camera in it when we left home, it fit really well and there was some space left in there. Now I can't even fit a pencil there, either Frank shoved something of his there or my suitcase was shrinking.
"Gerard, can suitcases shrink?", I asked Gerard who packed his own bag, you can never be too sure, right?!.
"What?", he sat on his bed, zipping up his black bag.
"Suitcases. Do they usually shrink?", I grunted.
"I don't really think they do", he giggled nervously, "Do you need help?", I saw his reflection smirk behind me in the mirror.
I pouted, "No. I've got this under control".
"Are you sure?", he stuffed a smile when I jumped on the suitcase.
"Positive", I stepped back and jumped on the suitcase again, "Quick! Zip the motherfucker".
Gerard rushed to the bed and zipped the suitcase under me.
"Good", I wiped the sweat off my forehead and dragged the suitcase to the door, I checked under the bed to see if I haven't left anything behind and turned to roll my suitcase out of the room all 6 of us shared.
It was a dingy motel but we couldn't afford anything nicer.
"Skyler", Gerard had his back to the door where I stood, clutching the handle of my suitcase.
"Huh?", I brushed hair out of my face.
"Marry me?", he turned around to face me.
I smiled, "For a moment I thought you said marry me".
"I did", he approached me, took my hand and dragged me back into the room.
I clutched the handle for dear life and rolled it with me.
Gerard looked a bit uneasy, he took out a small velvet box and knelt on one knee, "Be my wife Skyler".
My jaw hung open and my hand shut to touch the dog tag with his name on it, "Marry you?".
"Yeah be Mrs. Way and shit", he gulped.
"Whoa", I breathed out.
My mind froze and so did my body, I was still clutching the handle with my right hand and the dog tag with my left.
"Um it's getting cold here", Gerard stabled himself on one knee.
"Where?", my brain was slowly unfreezing.
Marry Gerard? Was he joking? ohmygodohmygodohmyfuckinggod.
"On the floor, honey", he was nervous, I could tell by the look in his eyes.
"Then get up", I mumbled.
"But you haven't answered yet", he bit his lips, he never did it. I always did it.
"To what?", I stared at him like an idiot.
"Will you fucking marry me?", he smiled nervously.
My brain caught up with everything that was going on, "Yeah", I nodded.
"Yeah what?", he smirked.
"I will marry you", I whispered.
"I can't hear you", he put his ear to my mouth.
"I will fucking marry you!", I said a little bit louder.
Gerard let out a sigh of relief and kissed me passionately, he put the ring on my finger, "It's nothing much but it was my grandma's".
I saw the sad spark in his eye when he mentioned his grandma, then I hug-tackled him and we collapsed on the floor kissing.
"Skyler Way", I giggled.
"And when all the madness would end you will still be there", Gerard mused looking at the ceiling.
"Forever and a day", I whispered in his ear and made him smile, "But now that you're marring a nut case the madness would forever be on you side".
"And I don't want it any other way, just you and me Skyler forever, promise?" he whispered back.
"I make this promise with all my heart, would you?", I kissed his chest where my head rested and then looked in his eyes.
"I make this promise with my life", Gerard smiled at me, "We have to celebrate this".
"Does anyone know?", I kissed his eyes.
"Well...You're the only one that was left in the dark", he patted my head
"My own best friends how dare they not telling me", I shook my head.
"They were all sworn to secrecy", Gerard kissed me again.
"Traitors", I whispered when Gerard climbed on top of me.

"You're my fucking brother in law!", I screamed when I spotted mikey, standing in line for coffee.
His jaw dropped and he shook his head
"He doesn't look too happy", I squeezed Gerard's hand.
"Don't pay attention to him", he put his arm around my waist.
"Here comes Mrs. and Mrs. Way", Frank clapped happyly and hugged me tight.
Ray hugged both me and Gerard and Bob just gave us half a smile.
Mikey came back with the coffee, he just smiled.
I was blown away, it was his fake smile. I felt discouraged, Bob and Mikey weren't happy for us, but why?.
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