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Mr. Richardson

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Mr. Richardson isn't all that he seems...

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The Substitute

By: Little_Joes_Stalker
You wouldn't like it if I owned /Bonanza. /Let's just leave it at that.


Chapter One: Mr. Richardson

"Do ya think Mr. Richardson will be nice?" Thirteen year old Hoss Cartwright asked his seven year old brother, Little Joe, on their way to school.

Mr. Richardson was to be the substitute teacher at the Virginia City Schoolhouse, while the regular teacher, Miss Abigail Jones, was away at her sister's wedding. She'd be gone for two weeks.

"I don't know, Hoss," said Little Joe, "I never met him before."

"Oh, right," said Hoss, sheepishly.


"Good morning, students. I am Mr. Richardson. I will be your teacher for the next two weeks," said Mr. Richardson at the start of class, "now, I will take attendance. Mary Anderson?"

"Present," said a small girl behind Joe.

"Good. Benjamin Bailey?"

"Present," said a red-haired boy next to Hoss.

"Very good. Claire Bailey?"

"She's sick, sir," said Benjamin.

"That's not good. Eric Cartwright?"

No one spoke up.

Benjamin nudged Hoss and whispered, "That's you, Hoss, remember?"

"Oh. Present," said Hoss.

"Looks like you need to pay more attention, Mr. Cartwright," said Mr. Richardson, "Joseph Cartwright?"

"Present," said Little Joe.

"Good. Mitchell Devlin?"


At lunch, Hoss, Joe, and Mitch ate together under a tree near the schoolhouse door. Mr. Richardson stood in the doorway, watching the children eat and play. He was trying to decide which one he'd ask to stay after school.

Hoss, Mitch, and Little Joe were playing with Mitch's new baseball, when Mr. Richardson called everyone inside.


After school was dismissed for the day, Mr. Richardson stared out the window, watching everyone leave. Hoss and Joe were the last to leave the schoolyard. Mr. Richardson watched the two Cartwrights leave on their horses before leaving the building himself.


At supper, Ben asked, "How's your new teacher?"

"He's alright, Pa," said Hoss, with a bite of roast of in his mouth, "he ain't mean or nuthin."

"That's always good to hear," said Ben.


Mr. Richardson stood at the top of the schoolhouse steps the next morning. Hoss and Joe Cartwright arrived in the schoolyard, as Mr. Richardson rang the bell.


"Dadburnit, Little Joe," said Hoss, "if'n you weren't so dadburned slow in the mornin', we'd have bin here on time!"

"We're not late, Hoss," said Joe, "the bell's just began ringing."

"Let's just git these horses stabled and go inside," said Hoss.


Hoss and Joe quickly stabled their horses and joined the line of children going past Mr. Richardson into the schoolhouse. Joe was the last student in line. After Joe was inside, Mr. Richardson entered the schoolhouse and closed the door.


At lunchtime, Joe and Mitch got involved in a game of kickball with a bunch of other boys. Mr. Richardson watched from the doorway. Hoss watched from the shade of a tree and ate what his younger brother didn't eat of their lunch.


As the students filed inside after lunch was over, Mr. Richardson said to Joe, "I'd like to see you after class has been dismissed for the day, Joseph."

Joe wondered what he did wrong. That's usually why teachers kept students after school. He didn't think he had done anything wrong.


After school was dismissed for the day, Hoss asked Joe if he wanted him to wait for him.

"No, you go home, Hoss," said Joe.

"Are you sure?" asked Hoss.

"I'm sure," said Joe, "it can't take long."

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