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Guitar Hero 2

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"I'm Johnny!" Gerard screamed out. "I'm Casey." Frank yelled. Gerard looked at him like he was crazy. "What?!? I think she's hot!!" Ferard, with a splash of Petekey

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"Gerard. Gerard? GERARD!!!!!!!!!!" Frank screamed. "What Frankie?" Gerard smiled at his boyfriend. Frank jumped up and down and whined, "Play Guitar Hero 2 with me PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEEE GEEEEEEE?????" He put on his puppy dog eyes which never seemed to fail and added his innocent pout. "Sure. Why not." Gerard put down his comic and joined Frankie who was basically jumpin off the walls. "I'm Johnny!" Gerard screamed out. "I'm Casey." Frank yelled. Gerard looked at him like he was crazy. "What?!? I think she's hot!!" Gerard grabbed his boyfriend's chin and made him look into his eyes. "Not as hot as me I hope?" he growled. Frank knew he was joking around but he pretended to be scared "O-Of course baby." They headed over to their Xbox 360 and turned on the game and grabbed their controllers. Gerard was the bassist and Frank was the guitarist They picked out their characters and the song. They rocked and danced. They sung to all the songs they knew and enjoyed. They went back-to-back and Frank acted the way he did onstage. (bein one of My Chem's guitarists of course.) When they were done they flopped down on the couch and Frank immediately cuddled into Gee's arms. "You know your not a bad bassist." he whispered into the older man's ear. "Well you are the best guitarist ever, Frankie. My little one." His eyes widened as he remembered something. "Ohmeegosh. We forgot to play our song." Frank slapped his hand to his mouth. They glanced at each other and ran to the Xbox. They turned it on and chose- What else?- Dead. They jammed to it liked they never jammed to any other song before. Gerard even sang along to it. Because, you know, he can. After they were finished they went back to the couch tired and gone. When Frank fell into Gerard's arm this time he immediately fell asleep. After watching his beautiful angel sleep and pressing a soft kiss on his lips, Gee fell as fast asleep as the young man in his arms.

There was a key jangling in the lock and the door opened. The two bassists came into the room and smiled at the couple on the couch. "Would you look at them Pete? I can't believe how cute they are." "I can't believe how cute we are together Mikey." He studied the couple for a moment. "They look cold." Pete went to them and covered them with a blue blanket. He kissed both of their foreheads and took his little one and kissed him passionately. Mikey smiled into it and when they broke he took Pete's hand and led him into the bedroom. But Pete stopped him. "No Mike. They might wake up. Let's go to my hotel and there we can be as loud as we want." They giggled and ran out the door. Oh those boys.
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