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Marry me?

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Not a lot of people except for Raquel knew what Tossico's parents were like. But the fact was, they hadn't seen her since she was 18 and moved out. Her parents weren't what you would call "loving and caring." But they weren't cruel either. They were just parents. They did there job, and they loved there kids.

So Gerard and Raquel boarded and plane together and were going to Markham to see the Marvels. Once they got there they both walked to the door together and Raquel rang the door bell. And when the door was opened the un-mistakable face of Mrs. Marvel greeted the.

"Raquel! I haven't see n you in so long!" She exclaimed embracing him. He patted her on the back and quietly said "It's good to see you two Mrs. Marvel." They pulled out of the hug and she turned to Gerard, "Who would this young man be?" She asked politely, not giving his clothes, hair or makeup a second glance, she was used to anything like that from Tossico and Raquel.

Gerard stuck out his hand, "I'm Gerard Way ma'am." He stuck out his hand. "Oh thats right! Tossico's boyfriend? Well come in, both of you." She motioned them inside. Gerard looked confused and Raquel was plan shocked, "I thought you said she hadn't heard from Tossico since she was 18?" Gerard hissed in Raquel's ear. Raquel shrugged.

She put a kettle on the stove and sat down at the kitchen table across from them smiling. "Mrs. Marvel I didn't know that Tossico still kept in contact with you." Raquel said. She waved her hand dismissively, "Oh Honey, she didn't. Did you think I hadn't known what happened to her? It doesnt take a moron to figure out that Tossico Marvel of Toxique is my Tossico, especially when the bassist is named Raquel." She said smiling.

"So then you know about what happened to her?" he asked cautiously. She sighed, "Sadly yes I do." She tapped her nails against the table. Gerard nodded so did Raquel. The room went silent as Mrs. Marvel busied her self with making tea.


"Hey, you've been gone for any awfully long time, where did you?" Ray asked as Tossico walked in the front door. She laughed a little and then said, "Hey Gerard would you like a drink?" She asked as she walked into the kitchen.

"Sure, thats Tossico" He answered. "I want a drink too!" yelled Frank. "Get it your damn self!" She replied to him. Frank pouted and Mikey laughed at him. And Frank hit him in the arm, they both pouted.

Tossico came back into the room and handed Gerard his drink and sat smirking watching him drink it. She giggled a little when he finished his drink. About 15 minutes later Gerard was passed out on the couch.

"Yes! It worked!" She cheered happily before running back into the kitchen and returning with a bottle of hair bleach and bright pink and neon green hair dye. "Care to help anyone?" She questioned innocently.

"So I'm assuming you out sleeping pills in his drink?" Bob asked as they gathered around Gerard. She giggled a bit again before placing a finger over her lips and they began the alterations of Gerard's appearance.

Four hours later Gerard woke up, waking up everyone else in the house as he screamed. He kicked the door of Tossico's room open and pointed at his hair. "What The Fuck." He said slowly.

Tossico opened her mouth and slapped a hand on her check, "Why Gerard what ever did you do with your beautiful hair?" She said faking innocent, by this point everyone was in the doorway watching the exchange.

Before she knew it Gerard was on top her tickling her. "Gerard don't!" She shrieked. But he continued. And eventually everyone had joined in. It was one violent tickle fight.

Gerard ended up with a knee to his crotch. Mikey got an elbow to his nose. And poor Ray, his hair got pulled.


On the drive home to his apartment Gerard thought about something he had forgotten about ever since she died. She remembered something he had been planning on doing. He remembered all the plans he had made.

He remembered the engagement ring he had sitting in his top drawer. And the moment he got home, he headed to his room and pulled it out. Sitting on his bed he examined the finely cut diamond.

The band was made of solid gold, and twisting around it was a diamond rose steam, complete with ruby thorns. Then in the middle of the ring there was a diamond in the shape of a rose with emerald petals.

He sighed and looked down at the ground. Just like he never got to say sorry, he never got to ask her to marry him. Maybe he had waited for too long. He had planned it for three months. Maybe if they had gotten married she wouldn't be dead.

Maybe if he had never even come into her life she wouldn't be dead. Maybe it was really all his fault. Maybe this was God's way for showing him he was never meant to have a true love.

He sighed again and looked at the beautiful ring in his hand. "So what about it Tossico? Will you marry me?" He asked quietly out loud to the thin air. Hoping, praying to whatever god, that wherever she may be, Heaven, Hell or somewhere in between she would have heard him.

Gerard jumped a bit went his cell phone rang. The ring he didn't recognize, for he had personalized rings for all his friends. It sounded like a funeral march with wedding bells in the background. The number he didn't recognize either. 905 555 4355.

"Hello?" He answered.

There was a long pause on the other end and there was a lot static. "I- crackle crackle" The phone crackled more and went dead.

Gerard stared at the phone in awe. Not because of the weird phone call, or number that seemed to spell out HELL, not because the person hung up.

It was because he swore to God that on the other end of the phone, the person said "I do."
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