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Does it Matter?

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama, Romance - Characters: Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Patrick Langlois, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2007-07-10 - Updated: 2007-07-10 - 843 words

I sat in my chair listening to the guys' coversation, and looking at all the people who thought we were weird. Well most of us, I don't know about Simple Plan being wierd to some people, then the same girl at Hot Topic caught my eye. I stood up getting the attention of everyone at my table and strutted to the girl known as Tiffany, well thats what her name tag said. I sat across from her and just looked at her food, a Subway chicken sandwich. I took a sip of her coke and grabbed a chip out of her bag before introducing myself.

"I'm Anna, and you are Tiffany, I saw you at Hot Topic," I told her blantly and smiled.

"Yeah, I remember, Mrs. Madden," she teased just as Benji came to retrieve me.

"Shh," I whispered sticking a finger to my mouth as Benji approched us.

"Come on, we wanna go to Hot Topic!" Benji whined tugging at my shirt, I rolled my eyes and looked at Tiffany.

"See what I have to deal with?" I asked her on the verge of laughter.

"Yeah...thank god he's not one of my celebrity crushes," Tiffany nodded, then she caught glimpse of Pierre and David, I don't know who she was really caring about though.

"Hmm..." I hummed, thinking about who was most likely to get this girl, Pierre? No, maybe David.

"Can we go? Pweese?" Benji cried like a baby stomping his foot and still tugging at my shirt.

"Benj, people are looking at us!" I harshly whispered, then he sat down on my lap, "get off! Your too heavy!"

"Oh, so now I'm too fat for you!" he paused with a sudden mood change, "what do you wish for more then anything else?"

'you' I thought to myself. "That young innocent love where the guy plays his guitar and sings and love song outside the girls window, then climbs up and gives her the most romantic kiss in the moonlight while the nieghboors who were alarmed by the noise come to see what it is just in time to see the end of the song and the kiss, then the air fills with awing..."

"So you want to be swept off your feet, blown away, someone who is not afraid to show his romantic side?"

"I guess...I wish it would've happened couple years ago where he takes me away from my horrible mom and dad, but he never did."

"He?" Tiffany asked.

"Well, at that time I was dreaming of my own emo boy."

"Ahh, that is hard to get now you know...guys don't care about romance, as long as they get sex, then they are gone forever." Tiffany went into a slight trance then snappped back to reality.

"True...too bad." Benji looked at me funny then he started to tap his knuckles on the table, it was getting annoying even for his adorable features, the same features that are in my 'imaginary emo boy'.

"Hey, I'm not like that! I've tried having relationships, but she always left," Benji informed us, "why aren't all girls like you?" Benji was looking right at me.

"Who? Me? What?" I stumbled upon the words. Benji turned cherry red, and looked away as the guys started to laugh.

"Nothing, it made no sense."

"Umm...okay?" We all sat in silence as Tiffany threw her trash away and stood over the table ready to say something.

"Well, the cash register is waiting, gotta go bye!" She spit out and dashed for the nearest stair case.

~Tiffany's POV~

I finally calmed down and walked a normal pace back to Hot Topic, being around famous people is so nerve wrecking, especially when my heartthrob is there, Pierre Bouvier. I learned french just so I could talk to him in a different lauguage, corny right. I mean I'll never meet him anyway. I stood behind the cash register, today was a very slow day almost the only person who came up to buy something was Anna.

"Me sonner en haut le bébé !" I looked at him stunned, it was Pierre playing a joke because he thought I couldn't speak french...what a loser.

"Faire ne pas baiser m'appeler le bébé jamais agian !" Two can play at this game, dumb ass.

"Vous parlez le français?"

"Aucun duh dumbass!" He stopped and placed his items on the counter as I rang them up, and Benji stood behind him waiting for his turn. Now the line was getting long, Benji, David, Jeff, Billy, and Joel.

"Buh au revoir la petitee fille, je vous aime," Pierre chimed in my ear. That was it...

"Qu'ai-t-je dit de la vocation me petitee fille ? ! Un je ne vous date pas et deux, je ferai baise a coupé vos testicules si vous dites cela encore jamais !" I screamed at him, everyone who spoke french meaning Simple Plan was looking at me, "Avoir un espèce de jour agréable!"

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