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Teh REAL Les MIZ STORIE!!!11one

by GiaKohana 7 reviews

This is a challenge drabble based on "badfic". This is my attempt at writing teh BADDEST 100 word LezMIZ fic EVAR!!!111oneoneone [sic -- as if it wasn't obvious!]

Category: Les Miserables - Rating: G - Genres: Parody - Published: 2005-12-05 - Updated: 2005-12-06 - 108 words - Complete

eponine and maruis held each others hands and ran away together. HAHA STUPID COSSSETTE! UR a LUZER!!! Ya! I hat U so much. I'm going with Ponine now so were living happyeverafter u fat cow!

Cosette cryed and criyed. But then Ponine was shot and died in Marrius's arms.
Her last word's were "And Rain Will Make Teh Flowers..." and she croaked.

Cossette was all happy again. Then Marius came back. And decided he would rather make love to Thenardier. Cosete was sad again. So she died. [A/N HAHAHA!!!! arnt U glad shes DED?!?]

The End? Plz revuew or I won't rite nemore. I meean it!!!!!111oneoneone
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