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This is a haiku based poem, inspired by the older/younger relationship.

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Delicate roses
and lilies of the valley
Sweet fragrant lilacs

I pick my bouquet
while I wait in my garden
for love to arrive

Soon he will see me
lingering there by the gate
will I be ready?

Tentative glances
I try not to stare at him
drawing near to me

He captures my eye
I demurely look away
till he calls my name

He touches my hand
and I clasp his in return
despite my trembling

Then he kisses me
an electric sensation
stirs a flame inside

New emotions start
don't know what to make of it
I am overwhelmed

I pull back, afraid
"Don't be such a child" he says,
"I will not hurt you"

"Never loved before"
I blush, feeling quite ashamed
as I start to cry

He takes me aside,
whispering comfort he asks
what I wish of him

"Show me what it's like,
teach me what it really means
what a love can be"

He leads me away
into a secluded place
alone together

At last I give in
he moves in ever closer
taking my bouquet

Delicate roses
and lilies of the valley
Sweet fragrant lilacs

All but forgotten
they are left in my garden
my love has arrived
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