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a crude morning wake up call and arriving at tomora high school

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Chapter 1


Morning mist hung heavy in the cool air, winding through the various trees of the dense mountain ward forests a ways outside Kyoto Japan. In the still dimly lit misty morning a young squirrel bounded merrily from tree to tree examining his claimed territory for perceived intruders or rivals, the little rodent stopped dead in it's tracks as it spotted a very large and unusual slumped in one of his, his trees.

Displeased greatly by his current situation he chattered quite loudly at whatever it was. The teen asleep in the tree took absolutely no notice of the little critter mainly because she was fast asleep and determined not to awaken without reasonable cause. The critter immensely disappointed with the lack of reaction quickly devised a new plan of action.

Deftly he scampered to the forest floor to search for stones, after locating a couple he proceeded to toss them heavily at what seemed to be the things head.

The teen that was perfectly content to remain asleep was promptly thwacked up side the head by a couple stone. Awakened with a jolt of pain Mayako dramatically fell to the forest floor with a loud 'THUD'. Satisfied the tiny critter had quickly vanished from the seen and a long distance away into the trees.

Sluggishly Mayako pulled her self to sit up right. Yawning hugely the dazed teen rubbed the sleep from her eyes lazily. With a groan Mayako got to her feet stretching languidly. "Dang what time's" the half asleep teen mumbled to herself, being interrupted by a sleep loaded yawn.

A quick glance at her watch, which read 7:32, let loose a substantially large array of cuss words. "Why do I always gotta be late damn it all..."

Fishing through her pocket Mayako grasped her keys yanking them out as she trotted hurriedly over to her bike grabbing her helmet she pulled it over her head and fit it tight as she mounted. Plunging the key in the ignition and turning it the engine roared to life.

Picking up speed the teen raced down the mist sheathed country road toward Kyoto her speed rose so great that if standing still you could barley see if you did manage to see her whip past as a glimpse of vibrant color.

About fifteen minutes after Mayako had departed a red motorcycle with black flames painted on expertly screeched into Tomora high parking lot succesfully driving a few onlooking up random nearby trees. Pulling the key out of the ignition and roughly shoving it onto a random pocket. Looking up the teen grinned widely beneath her helmet and stepped off the bike.

Reaching for her head Mayako undid the clasps of her helmet and pulled it off. Very glad she'd chosen to braid her hair the day before instead of leaving it in a ponytail. Shoving her red flamed black helmet, under her arm she took a wide look around.

"Wow..." she whispered out under her breath mostly to her self. Mayako's grin widened from ear to ear, almost literally excitement filled her completely at the sights before her crimson eye's shimmering with glee.

Tomora high stood a vast three or four story building obviously surrounding the phys. ed section of the school in the middle of the actual building. Trees, flowers, shrubbery and students. People actual people Mayako had never seen so many young people in one place before.

Mayako sighed contentedly closing her eyes and savoring the cool fresh breeze that blew through her long silky brown bangs and swishing her long braid from side to side. The air was filled with the sweet sounds of morning birds chirping to each other as they sailed gracefully through the air the wind howling through old trees and other crevices. As well as the joy filled shouts of newly made friends and reuniting with friends.

Mayako chuckled to herself witch soon broke into a full out laugh. Twirling around on the grassy lawn of the school front courtyard laughing loudly breeze brushing her face braid wiping in a deadly circle around her unbenounced to Mayako of course

As she spun about Mayako suddenly felt something come in contact with her braid sending her completely off balance and tumbling to the wet dew shielded grass. Hitting the ground Mayako managed to pull herself to roll as she landed ending up in a crouching position.

Flipping her head expertly to send her braid back over her shoulder she looked about to find what had made contact with her. Schoolbooks were scattered across the ground before her along with stacks of papers some of witch still fluttered through the air.

Amongst all these scattered items Mayako also slightly noticed a person off some kind, but curiosity passed by the American teen temporarily as instead she proceeded to fallow her first instinct which was to reach for the flying papers and help gather them up.

Grasping the last fluttering sheet Mayako staked them neatly freezing a second as she spotted the sheet on the top of the pile. The sheet was a letter for Phy. Academy and looked almost exactly the same as the letter she'd received a couple months ago that brought her to Kyoto.

Looking up with a grin she finally saw the form before her, a male with a messy mop of very unruly red hair lightly bronzed skin a hint of yellow like eyes through his lengthy uneven bangs. The red head was dressed in a silk material cerulean colored dress shirt and freshly grass stained navy blue slacks.

Abruptly realizing the silence Mayako spoke up " Hey!, I'm Mayako, Mayako Yushiji; you alright sorry I hit you I should have been paying more attention"

Snapping out of his daze and back to reality the red head looked up noticing there was someone there holding out some of his papers for him to take and speaking to him. "huh... " Was the only intelligent response that was mustered for the moment. "? Oh me I'm fine really I am I've a hard head" he spoke letting loose light laugh, calming down he stared straight at the figure before him. "Nice to meet you my name's Seirgi Naruka"

As he said this Seirgi got to his feet taking his things from Mayako. Already standing Mayako froze suddenly upon hearing his name, searching her memory she desperately tried to figure out where she had heard the name before she knew she had but where.

Laughing she threw him a friendly hug happily ruffling his hair. "Yay finally I've been wondering what you looked like for a while now"
Shock fading a wide smile lite Seirgi's face "heh... heh you goof ball..."

Letting go of him Mayako grinned widely then looked around curiously. " Naruka-kun has Seiwaru-san shown up yet" a confused look immediately stuck to the red mopped teen's face. Noticing Mayako looked at him puzzled. "What's wrong Naruka-kun did I say something?"

"Yeah sort of what's with the name calling stuff?" was the confused response that came from the young male Russian.

"Huh name calling oh that's how name's work in Japan you call people by there last name usually with the proper honorific to the person's status to the one talking to them I'll get into mare detail later for now you just stick with kun and san and sensei" Mayako explained shortly.

Less puzzled now Seirgi only had one immediate concern. " Ok but what does san, kun, and sensei mean."

"Sensei is teacher san is for girls and Kun for boys Kay" she questioned brightly

"Yeah I... ..." as Seirgi was mid answer previously mentioned Seiwaru-san proceeded to glomp him from behind sending him to the ground for the second time that morning. Groaning the teen being sat on swiftly proceeded to die while the chipper curly ebony haired female Russian frazzled his hair to death.

"Morning!!!" Seiwaru Koji announced loudly now sitting comfortably on Seirgi's back; Seirgi laying on the grass tapping his fingers irritably held a very annoyed expression on his face as he devised ways to get back at the girls. Seiwaru-san for apparently thinking his back was a seat and Yushiji-san for her assumptions of him being dead when he clearly wasn't and constantly poking him in currently unreachable locations on his back with random sticks.

Soon enough the bell rung to start the day and the three forine teens were dashing for the school doors joking and laughing.
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