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Im not okay (I promise)

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"Sarah? Sarah??" I heard Frank whisper in my ear.

When I didnt get up, Frank dug his fingers as hard as he possibly could, into my ribs. I sat bolt upright, and frowned at him.
I turned my head around, to see Hambone grinning cheesily at me.
"Morning." he beamed "good sleep?"
I must have spent the night laid on top of Frank and the guys, because I could see we were all squashed up onto our sofa.
"Yeah. Awesome" I mumbled under my breath, pulling one of Frank's socks from under my ass.

I must have fallen back to sleep, becuase I woke to find silence in the house.
It seemed completely empty.
"Frank? Guys?"
I waddled sleepily into the kitchen, and out of the corner of my eye, noticed a mug sitting alone on the table, with a piece of paper attatched to the side of it.
I walked over, and lifted the mug, half full with cold coffee, and looked at the note.
Written in Franks messy handwriting, was a messsage saying:

Gone to gig with the guys and this other band we know from school.
Be back at about 10pm.
Calling at Starbucks on the way home if you wanna drop by.
Love and all that shit.
Frank xx'

He didnt even invite me!
Oh well, at least I could have a day of peace and quiet for once.

I tidied up all of the shit that the guys had left behind in the basement, and also decided to finnish off one of my Dad's 8 packs of beer.
There were only 3 left in the pack, so I figured he wouldnt notice.

I was half way through my last beer, when I heard the front door slam.
I looked at the clock. 8pm. What the fuck? Frankie??
Frank stormed into the room, snatched my beer can from my hands, and downed the rest of it in one.
"Fucking hell!" he screamed "Why would they do this to me??" He came over to me, and rested his head on my chest. I was a little taller than him, so he was able to do this with great ease.
"I dont.." I began, but was interupted by Franks cries.
"I spent all of my time on those fuckers! And this is how they repay me!" He wailed.
I was shocked. I had some idea of what he was talking about though. He and his band argued way to much, and this time, maybe it was the last row Pencey Prep would have.
"Your a great frontman and all, but we just dont think that this is working out!" Frank mumbled sarcastically under his breath, "Fucking cun.." He screamed.
I placed my finger over his lips before he could go on. They were ice cold.
"Stop there honey" I said quietly, "you guys rowed way to often anyway. Im sure they had their reasons, and Im sure it was for the best." I chose my words carefully, so not to anger Frank any more.
He was just about to begin swearing again, when the phone rang.

"Iero household," I answered the phone, Frank still sobbing into my t-shirt.
"Hey, Frankie there? Tell him its Gee. Its Gerard. I need a word with him." the voice on the other end of the phone replied.
I handed the phone to Frank, who wiped his eyes with my sleeve, and looked at me with his eyes wide.
"Gerard." I whispered, as Frank said "Hello?" into the phone.
He nodded at me and stood up sharply.
He began pacing up and down the room. I think if he had paced any more, he would have worn a hole in the carpet.
Nodding and saying "yeah" over and over, with a huge grin on his face, I could tell this Gerard person, had cheered him up. Must be good news.

When Frank eventually put down the phone, I was quite quick to ask what was going on.
"One minute your all sad because of your band, and now you like, Tony the fucking tiger. Grrreat!" I did a stupid impression of the goofy tiger character that comes on the advert for frosties on TV.
Frank laughed.
"That was Gerard. He and his brother Mikey, and their friends Bob and Ray are in a band. I know them from school. They are the guys I went to that gig today with." he grinned.
"Oh, awesome. So, 'sup with this Gerard dude then?" I asked, looking interested.
"Well.." Frank began, "They want me to go round to their flat in half an hour, its just round the corner from here, they have a question for me. Gee said it was important."
"Awesome dude." I replied, putting my feet up on the sofa, "better get your coat and go then."
"You too!!" Frank said excitedly, hopping up and down like he had a spring attatched to his feet.
"What the fuck?" I looked puzzled.
"Yeah, they want to meet you. Gerard said 'bring your sister Frank, she sounds cool, the guys all wanna meet her' so get you coat!"
He began clapping his hands. Retard. He skipped about and went all spazzy, looking for his coat.
"What are you on?" I sighed as he began to sing and shake his ass about.
"Come on!!" he yelled "Coat on. Hurry up!"
I couldnt find a coat, so I slipped on Frank's old iron maiden shirt that he lent me, and hurried towards the door, Frank following closely behind me.

Great. It was pissing it down outside.

[This is my first fanfic. Reviews are appreciated. Thanks!]
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