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Part 7 - I Hope You Choke

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

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The tour carried on as usual, except for the uneasiness that reflected back and forth from Pete and Patrick. The rest of the band members had noticed and for the rest of the journies the conversation was passed through a very hyper and talkative Joe. Yet a screen of mistrust settle in the atmosphere. The simple fact was that Patrick could no longer see his close friend as anything but a liar. And that hurt him more than anything.

Pete wouldn't give up his infidelity either. He saw Grace as one thing, release. Every bad thought he had for himself, his scars, wounds, and even his guilt for seeing her, was simpley gone the moment their skins touched. As though every kiss she planted on his body kissed away the pain, the hurt was replaced by attention, a sense of belong. He was not going to give that up.

I suppose within him he was torn. Pete had, on one hand, lust. Pure seated passion that he thrived upon, that made him forget everything that he was doing or done. Yet on the other he had love, warm open arms that supported him through ups and downs, and with that he had his best friend still. There was a conflict, arguements spawn deep inside him. He had fallen, he was alone, so every chance he got, Grace would be around, to help him turn blind ignorance to it all.

The tour had simmered down for the band to disperse for a couple of days. Long drives for that final feeling of home, they headed in different directions. Pete gripped the wheel of his car and tapped the leather coating with his thumb whilst music blarred out. He spun around a couple of corners. Keeping his destination clear in his mind, he wanted to see Beata. He wanted to hold her in his arms, rocking her back and forth and keep his secrets from her. Most of all he wanted to see Beata before Patrick ever got the chance, he didn't want Beata to know. Hurting her was the last thing he ever wished to do, but it was the last thought that went through his mind as Grace caressed him, filled him with desire.

Pete turned his car into a familiar car park besides a block of apartments. He scuffed the soles of his feet as he made a mile walk up the stars. The pit of his stomach tangling into remorseful knots. He was scared. He was frightened. Pete's mind tumbled through scenarios as to how Beata would react when she saw him. Always assuming she could see his deceit with his eyes, written all over his skin. Liar. He shook of the whispers that had surrounded him.

He now faced her door. Pete stared at it for a while before reaching into his pocket to retrieve his spare keys. Turning the lock and calling out as he stepped through the door.

"Beata?" he echoed through the seemingly empty flat, "You home?"

There was no answer, which was some what unusual for her. Pete searched top and bottom and all he found was a not written in italic on the side Welcome home baby, it read, Pete smiled to himself painfully. He sighed and folded the note, sliding it into his back pocket. He slumped his dead weight onto a kitchen stool, placing his face into his hands. Staring blankly at the side before him .

A knock rapped violently on Beata's front door and Pete removed himself from where he was sat. Subconciously seeing who was calling at this time, he opened it to a agitated Patrick, whose expression changed from concerned to anger.

"Patrick what are you doing here?"Pete pondered,

"Is Beata in?" Patrick said, ignoring Pete's question and forcing his way past him, "I guess not."

"I'll ask again," Pete said shutting the door, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm doing what you haven't done" Patrick replied, glaring at Pete, "I'm guessing you haven't told her."

"What do you think?" The conversation barely started quiet, and now both of them had full advantage over volume, shouting there rage at one another.

"I thought as much," Patrick said, "I'll do it."

"Fuck that."

"You're obviously too coward to do it, I guess I'll have to."

"No!" Pete said stepping closer to Patrick, "You won't"

"She has a right to know!"

"Everything is fine Patrick, She doesn't have to know."

Patrick simmered on the anxiety Pete was showing, "So when you cheat on her again , another set of lies? I can't do it Pete, I wont do it."

"Patrick don't tell her please..." Pete uttered, just as the front door began to open. Beata swung her hair through the open door, carrying a brown paper bag of groceries. She slammed the door shut and met two pairs of eyes look straight at her.

"Don't tell who what?" She asked, obviously hearing the last words in the argument. She padded over to her kitchen side and began to unload. Ever so casual it was unsettling. Pete through pleading glances to Patrick, who began to stutter wildly, "Well guys, what is it?"

"Beata, " Patrick began, "Pete, I, there's something you should know."

"That Pete's a cheating flithy liar?" Beata said, with the correct amount of scorn and displeasure, "That I already know."

The shock of her sentence sent waves that hit Pete at full force, he cocked his head from his stance and turned to stare fully at Beata, who had begun to shed tears down her face. Patrick watched in anguish as Beata evidently was having her heart broken.

"Beata, I," Pete began with excuses.

"Get out Pete, did you not think I'd find out, find out about your blonde whore?" Beata whispered, closing her eyes, raising her voice at the end. "Were you planning on telling me, or was I to find out? It doesn't matter though - " she said, going back on herself, "What matters is you have cheated, and you have lied. Get out."

Pete stood there momentarily, swaying slightly from the stunned cells within his body. Beata pointed wildly at the door,


Pete snapped to his senses and as a tear rolled down his cheek he turned his back. Walking out on Beatas and walking away from Patrick, who stood there wishing to turn back time. Beata collapsed in a heap upon the chair. Smothering her tears, her pain filled sobs, into her arms. Patrick moved towards her, placing his hands on her shoulder to comfort. She lifted her head and met his eyes.

"I thought you would tell me Patrick" her eyes spoke to him, full of hurt, not only because of Pete but because of him, "I thought you would let me know,"

"Beata" He began, similarily to Pete,

"Please just leave me alone," Beata spoke softly.

Patrick bowed his head and slowly made his way out of the flat. Leaving Beata to heal herself in solitude.
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