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Chapter 04 - Whoa... What Happened To Your Face?

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Adoption, isn't it great?

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Please comment if you read, it's only /manners/~ Which not many people nowadays seem to have.

I got down to the ground, picked up my bags and ran.
I had become a pretty good runner. Thanks to all of my running from the police I had done with my brother.

Where am I actually gonna go though? Havn't thought about that one, eh?
Oh well, anywhere's better than an orphanage.

OH! Bingo! I've got an idea. I can find some old man or some lonely bugger and live with them! Perfect! Fuck, this is going to be a breeze.

I walked through the streets of London, not something you really want to do by yourself but at least it's not night. That's just a astupid thing to do. Walk around London on your own in the dark. It's bad enough in the afternoon, but night! Even more dodgy people. You'd end up either having been raped or murdered.

OH! Starbucks! I walked inside and the fresh smell of coffee beans filled my nostrils, way better than that murky orphanage smell. Yuck.
"Grande coffee frappacino please" I asked the man.
"Cream on top?" He asked as he picked up the plastic cup and wrote my order on it.
"Erm, no thanks" I replied.
"That'll be £2.60 then, please" He said. I handed over my money that I took from my house and walked over to the table to wait for my order.

Fuck yeah dude! Frozen coffee. Can't really get much better than this.
I left starbucks and walked out into the cold morning air. I did I get frozen coffee again? Why not warm? Eugh, I'm such a twat.

Anyway, I continued to walk around for a bit and look out for protential room mates.
I saw men who looked about 40, no. Women with short -almost no- hair, no. Men with children, no. Women with children, no. Men who looked about 20, hell yes.
"Excuse me sir" Okay, so how do I get myself to persuade him to let me stay with him without making me sound like I've run away from an orphanage.. There's not much I can do really. Hm, I guess I could-
"Yes?" GO! I started to fake cry. And ha! He brought it! "oh my God! Are you okay?" Haha! Sucker.
"N-no. I don't t-think so." I fake cried.
"What's wrong?" He actually seemed really concerned. Unlucky for him. Can he not tell a fake cry from a real cry? Or maybe.. Maybe I'm just a really good acctress. Either way I'm in.
"M-my parents- They left me. T-they just w-went away. S-said they d-didn't want me a-any-more" Pathetic.
"Oh Jesus! I'm so sorry."
"Mmmhm, a-nd now I h-have no wh-where t-to stay" I sniffled.
"Oh my, hm" He paused to think. "Oh! I know, c'mon follw me." That was too easy! He picked up my suitcase and left me with my back pack. No complaints here!
I followed him back through the park I had crossed, back past starbucks. He must live close around here or something. Cool.

Hey! Hey! Wait a second. Why are we walking up the orphanage walkway!
I stopped moving.
"Why aren't you coming?" The man asked. Because it's the orphanage I've just ran away from you crazy fuck!
"It's an orphanage" I still had to go along with my plan.. Even if it did just fail miserably.
"You've been abandoned, you need to go here. C'mon" The man grabbed onto my upper arm, almost too tightly for my likings and continued to drag me up the path.

We got to the reception and the lady behind the desk spotted me.
"HEIDI CASHER! WHERE DID YOU THINK YOU WERE GOING?" She yelled in a stern voice.
"AWAY FROM HERE" I screamed back.
"B-but you said your parents left you?" The confused man asked
"They dide two days ago" The bitch said coldly.
"Ha! YOU DON'T SEEM TO CARE MUCH. AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A FUCKING CARE HOME!" I yelled. Seriously, the nerve of that woman. I havn't even learnt her name yet.. hmm, it's probably something like Mrs I'm-Too-Stuck-Up-To-Even-Get-A-Fucking-Prick or something a rather.
"I'm just going to go now.." The man backed away, but neither of us really paid attention. We were too busy shouting. And then, then she slapped me. Right accross my left cheek.
"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR?!" I yelled as a stinging pain ran through my cheek.
I wanted to cry. Then and there. My family had left me, left me with this crazy bitch. But I wasn't going to cry. Oh no, she wan't going to win that easily.
I balled my fist and drove it straight into the side of her face.
"WELL NORMALLY YOU DON'T HIT KIDS!" I yelled back. What do you expect me to do? Stand there and take it? Come on.
"YOU'RE NOT A KID! YOU'RE AN ORPHAN!" She yelled and slapped me again. What a lovely woman she is! Note major sarcasm "NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM"

"Whoa, what happened to your face?" Amy asked as I stepped into the room.
It's probably really red now, it's burning like crazy.
"Nothing" I mumbled in reply and slumped down on my bed.
"Oh my God! You'll never guess what!" Amy started.
"What?" I sighed.
"Some one put chilli powder in all the food. Ha! Genious."
"That someone would be me" I muttered.
"HAHA! REALLY! Hilarious" Seriously, this girl is odd. First of all she hates you, then she starts calling you a genious for putting chilli in the food...

The day dragged on slowly. It was now 4:17 and I had taken to sitting outside the reception door. I decided I liked listening to all the people coming and going. Not that there really were many..
"Hello Madame" I could here the bitch of a desk lady say.
"Hi, I'm looking into adopting. Preferably a 15 year old." 15? I'm 15!
"We;ve only got one 15 year old. A girl named Heidi Casher, I'll take you to meet her if you want?"
"Oh, yes please" Oh fuck! I quickly ran back to my room before they found me sitting outside of the reception...
"This is Heidi." The lady pointed at me.
"Way to make me feel llike an animal in some sorta zoo" I growled.
"Hi Heidi, I'm Linda Iero. Nice to meet you."
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