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ONE SHOT ~Quinn Allman-Dare You to Move~

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This is a one shot I came up with. I will continue 'smells like teen angst'

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I walked through the park with my new found friend Lemony. I had just moved to Utah from New Jersey with my mother after a rough divorce with my father. She wanted to get out of Jersey and find some where better some where new. It just so happened that my Grandma lived in Utah and was more then happy that me and my mother were moving here. I guess grandma never really like my father much.

The leaves were falling from the trees and landed softly on the ground before my feet. Lemony Wanted me to meet her boyfriend Jeph and his friends.I was thankful that I had already made a friend like Lemony. Her bright red hair was short and curled around her face. She was pale and her blue eyes matched her faded jeans and old Iron Maiden shirt. I was on the short side with long black hair with a couple purple streaks. My Eyes were green and my skin was very pale. I had on my favourite pair of skinny jeans and a misfits shirt.

I herd someone call Lemony's name. It must have been her boyfriend because she ran into his arms causing him to fall to the ground. "Stacey this is Jeph and these are his friends Bert, Branden and Quinn". Each boy looked diffrent but the one that caught my eye was Quinn. He was gorgeous with his chocolate brown eyes and his messy blond hair. Bert just looked scary and Branden had alot of interesting piercings.

I smiled at Quinn he looked away and turned a brighter shade of red then Lemonys Hair. "Dude why are you so red"? Asked Bert with a goofy look on his face. I could really tell that Bert was on something. "Ummmmm". Was all Quinn could say. I giggled and little. Quinn was a shy boy and I thought it was completely adorable. We all decided to hang out in the park for the rest of the day. I was definitely right Bert was on something DRUGS. I was cool with it just as long as he didn't make me do any. Everyone talked and Bert acted like a monkey. Me and Quinn stayed silent just staring at each other. He didn't turn red at all he just smiled and I smiled back.

It was getting dark but no one moved. Branden had fallen asleep and Bert was high on some kind of drug. Lemony and Jeph started to makeout. It was a sweet kind not a sloppy wet kiss. "So.....Stacey wanna makeout"? now Bert and said some pretty stupid things this afternoon and I had just shook my had at all of them Quinn exploded. Out of the couple hours I knew Quinn he was a quiet shy kind of boy. "BERT JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP OK YOUR SUCH A DUMB ASS"! He stormed off somewhere else into the darkness. I ran after him I didn't want him to be mad at something Bert had said to me.

"Quinn". I shouted. I ran up from behind him. "What do you...oh I though you were Bert sorry". He looked a Little happy to see me. "Thank you Quinn for do that for me I don't have the guts to stand up to Bert". He just shrugged his shoulders."Its fine i just can't stand to see Bert treat girls like that I love him and all like a brother but some times he can be such an idiot. Its the drugs most likely". I nodded my head. "Do you wanna go some where with me Stacey just the two of us"? I though a little bit about it. He seemed like a nice guy why not. "OK".

He took my hand and led me to an old house a couple blocks away. The house was huge with broken windows and a balcony at the front. "Ummmm Quinn is this safe to go in"? He laughed for the first time today. "Of Course I come here all the time to play my guitar". I followed him into the house going up the stairs. He came behind me and covered my eyes with his hands.

"I have to show you something but its a surprise". I liked the feel of Quinn's body so close to mine. He led me what seemed like outside. The wind chilled my bones and I shivered. Ouinn took his hands off my eyes and rapped his arms around my small waist for warmth. In front of me was the sun it was setting into the clouds. He had taken me onto the balcony. "God Quinn its so beautiful". His face was nuzzled into my neck and oh how badly I wanted him to kiss me there.

"It's beautiful just like you". I was shocked by the words he said. Never in my life had a boy called me beautiful maybe pretty and cute but never beautiful. "Quinn "? I asked "Do you really think I'm beautiful"? He turned me towards him so I was looking at him straight in those chocolate eyes. "Stacey never let anyone tell you diffrent".

I so badly wanted him to kiss me and like he was reading my mind he asked. "Stacey can I kiss you"? His face was closer to mine now. "Of course". Was all I could say. His lips gently touched mine. It was slow at first but then he started to part my lips with his tongue. Quinn's tongue was soft against mine. I felt like I was in a whole diffrent world like I was floating on a cloud. Quinn Ended the kiss biting on my bottom lip gently. He kissed my nose and held me in his arms. We didn't say anything for a while

"Stacey will you be mine". He asked shyly. I nodded my head and kissed him again. I knew I had fallin hard for Quinn. It felt right to be in his arms and kissing him. It was completely dark out now. Quinn walked me home and kissed my head at the door. We exchanged phone numbers. He wished me a good night and kissed me again.

That night Lemony phoned me. "Hey where did you and Quinn run off to when Bert said that stupid shit". I smiled. "uhhhh you don't want to know." was all I could say.
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