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My take on the music video Saturday

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Man! I've been staring at this one card for hours. What possibly could the queen of hearts mean? Ever since I saw that one thing on the news with people dead and that damn card is left behind. Oh well I better get off to band practice.

I got in my small car that Pete and I both have keys to. I have one because it's mine and Pete because he stole my keys from me while I was sleep and made a copy. I would've given him one if he just asked.

I met Joe at the door, we're practicing at his place today. To my luck everyone else was already there and had been waiting on me. They looked mad too. I guess you really can't get started without the singer. Oops.

"Where the heck were you?" said Pete in a tone that probably would've killed me if it were a knife.

"Home. I'm sorry guys I've just been so caught up in that thing on the news, you know with the card."

"I wonder who's weird idea was that" said Andy

"Some creep who likes fresh blood" Everyone looked at Joe on that answer. You had to admit that was kinda weird. "What? Why does everyone keep staring at me like that?"

"Or maybe it was you." Pete said.

"Hey I've been here ever since I saw that on tv. For some weird reason I've always felt if one of us were the first to die, it'd be me."

"Ok... I'm gonna pretend you didn't just speak. Who wants to practice now?" offered Pete.


Joe walked down the street alone. He was on his way to pick up this awesome guitar he had been saving up for weeks. "I think I'll take a short cut" This short cut took him over by the construction site. Looking at the high open areas where a person could die off of made him stop. "I wish they would close those areas, they freak me out. I was playing a video game once and my person died from a ghost around one of these places." He shuddered at the thought.

"Ha. Funny you should say that."

"Who are you?"

"Be afraid Joseph, be very afraid."

"Why should I? And where did you come from you weren't behind me a minute ago."

"I've been following you for a long time, just waiting for the moment when you would be alone." The stranger moved closer towards Joe while he backed away but it was no use. How far back could you go before you tripped over some construction work? Not very.

"Tsk Joseph, bad move for you. Now you have to pay." That was the last thing he ever heard because the stranger had killed him, left a queen of hearts behind, and vanished.

Patrick showed up at the scene moments later. He figured out 1 day ago exactly who the stranger's next two victims were and he had come to protect Joe but was too late. He yelled out in frustration. "I only got one person to save now." He left in search of him.


"Guys!" Joe interrupted our music.

"What Joe, I was in the middle of singing my favorite part. You know, the beginning."

"Yeah, well now 'you're good to go' get something to eat cause I'm hungry."

"You know what?" Pete stated "Joe 'the fro' Troh is on to something, 'cause I ain't have breakfast this morning." The only person who hadn't said something couldn't even hear us, he was too busy drumming.

"ANDY!" he jumped and broke the extremely fast paced rhythm he was in.


"Pete and Joe are hungry. How bout you?"

"I guess I could go for some veggie burgers."

We scrambled around Joe's kitchen looking for something to eat or creating something to eat. So far I found a molded pizza in the fridge and a marked can of Red Bull it said "Property of Brendon Urie" which is weird we don't know any Brendon's. About ten minutes after my discovery we all settled for frozen pizza, vegan pizza for Andy's sake.

"You know, I been thinking. From what Joe said earlier I think I would end up being right after him, in a car..."

"Me and Pete would probably die at the same time. We're always doing things together even death."

"I agree"

"Why are we talking about death? I don't want to talk about death; I don't want to disappoint all those hot chicks who'll be fawning over me in the future."

"All hail the mighty Pete Wentz" Joe said mockingly

"Don't mock if you know it's true." Pete said like every girl should be fainting at his feet.


Andy came out of the grocery store empty handed.

They were all out of food that wasn't made of animals.

"I'll go lock my trunk now since I don't have any groceries."

He had stuck his key in its slot when he noticed it was slightly open.

Pushing down on it didn't work something was blocking it from closing; a queen of hearts.

He opened up his trunk all the way and got knocked in. Its force caused him to black out therefore leaving him unconscious.

The stranger who had caused this pain on Andy threw a card in the trunk and closed it.

Patrick came following the disappearance of the stranger "Dang it! I lost another! Curse my slow car!"

He got back in his car and noticed the card in the passenger seat. He then felt compelled to open the glove compartment. A billion queen of hearts fell out. "Where is this guy getting all these cards from!"

Everyone was finally situated with their stomachs and we got back to our song. "Does anyone need anymore food before we start again?" If we were gonna start again I was gonna take precautions.

"Nope I'm good." Joe stated.

"I was fine before he said something," chimed in Pete now pointing at Joe. Joe looked like he was going to say something but Andy intervened.

"Actually I have to go to the bathroom now."

"Ugh! Go now Andy." He ran and came back 5 minutes later humming 'Saturday" the song we were supposed to be playing. Now we are ready, unless Pete wants to go look at a mirror.

"I'm good to go and I'm going nowhere fast.

Could be worse I could be taking you there with me.

I'm good to go but it looks like I'm still on my own.

I'm good to go for something golden though the motions I've been going through have failed.

And I'm closing all potential towards a wall at a hundred miles a hour when I say..."


"I have a feeling the next victim is going to be in this alley." A card with a cell phone on it caught his eye. He knows he shouldn't mess with it but it could be connected to this case he was on.

"Hello? Hello!?"

"Get the crap away from my phone!" The stranger appeared behind Patrick. The guy's face was starting to become familiar now.

"Pete!? Are you the one killing all these people? You killed Joe and Andy! How are girls supposed to fawn over us if we don't have a band anymore?"

"Yeah that's right I did it. And I gonna do it again so I don't have to listen to yall anymore. I've been planning on going solo for awhile now. You're the only one left, goodbye Patrick." Pete shot Patrick and he fell to the ground. But wait something was in his jacket. Pete checked the inside pocket of his jacket and fell to the ground dead. He had found a queen of hearts.


I woke up covered in sweat. That dream was weird, it was a dream right? "Dude are you okay?' I screamed I was not expecting Pete to be sitting right in front of me

"Yeah I'm fine."

"Hey, is Patrick awake yet? 'Cause we gotta practice." Joe came in

"I'm up Joe. Pete, can you explain to me why our song 'Saturday' is playing on repeat?"

"What? Oh, I was listening to that waiting for you to wake up. You seem sweaty, what in the world were you dreaming about? Was I in it?"

"Yeah, were we in it?" Andy had now joined Joe at the door

"You were all in it and dead. It was over crowed with the queen of hearts too."

"Ha that's funny cause I just found that in my hoddie." Pete said holding up the card.

That's the last time I'm eating a pastrami sandwich before I take a nap. They give me some messed up dreams.

"Come on we gotta get to Joe's house for practice. Oh and before I forget Joe, Pete eat when we get there, Andy go to the bathroom."

"Patrick, are you a mind reader because I didn't have breakfast this morning." Pete asked as we walked out the front door to Joe's
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