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Chapter Ten

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The human race becomes dominate to a half man half wolf breed of species. Two people fight to survive while being hunted as renegades. Please R&R.

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"Kel," I began, moving away from him. "I love another. I can't marry you."
He rose to his feet and grabbed my shoulders, "who do you love?" He demanded roughly.
"The man I was with," I replied tearfully, "we were going to wed as soon as we reached this village."
"That man is a renegade," Kel snarled, "and will be put to death as soon as it can be arranged."
Suddenly a crafty look entered his eyes, "I have the power to give everyone in this village clemency." He said softly, "all you have to do is answer this question; will you be my wife?"
I closed my eyes in defeat, "yes," I whispered woodenly.
Kel smiled and started toward the door.
"Wait," I called, "please let me tell Aaron myself."
Kel nodded curtly, then walked out the door, locking it behind him.

I was led to the infirmary where they had taken Aaron. His eyes brightened as soon as he saw me.
"Kendra," he said smiling, "they wouldn't tell me where you were, if you were alive." He stopped when he saw the look on my face. "What's the matter?"
"I've decided to go back with Kel," I said with false blitheness. "He's asked me to be his wife and I've accepted."
Aaron stared at me with a look of disbelief on his face, "what did that bastard threaten you with?" He demanded angrily.
"Aaron I wish you hadn't forced me to say this," I began, "but to be perfectly honest Kel can offer me more then you can. Everything I could ever want." I turned to leave, "goodbye Aaron." I said breezily walking out. But as soon as I was out of Aaron's sight, I collapsed on the ground in tears.

Later I watched from the window as Kel made a huge speech about how he was merciful and had decided to let everyone go free. I turned away from the spectacle, unable to stomach it. I knew that soon we would depart for the city, where I would have to marry the one man I detested over all.
The lock turned in the door and Micah stepped in. I made a wordless sound of joy as soon as I saw him, rushing over to take him in my arms. He hugged me tightly, then stared at me
"I heard you were marrying father," he said in concern. "Why this sudden change of heart?"
I turned away from him and went back to the window, "oh as soon as I saw your father again I knew he was the one I wanted." I said brightly.
Micah came up behind me and gently turned me around, "don't lie to me mother," he admonished. "I saw you with Aaron, I know how much you love him. Now tell me what's really going on."
I crumbled into his arms in tears, "Kel told me that if I became his wife he would free the renegades, including Aaron." I sobbed, "it was the only thing I could do."
Micah's eyes blazed with anger and he turned around to stomp out the door.
I grabbed his arm, "please don't say anything to your father," I said frantically.
He looked at me with a soft expression on his face, "don't worry mother, I'll take care of everything." He said, then turned and walked out leaving me alone in the room.
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