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What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

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[Frerard] The boys decide a break is in order for them, so they take a few days off to stay at a hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. But, what happens when Frank and Gerard are left in the hotel room alone...

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This was only my second Frerard, fourth slash fanfiction. So be nice. XD
Dedicated to my friend mistressxwinter because she loves Frerard and she's the one that got me to write it. So, here ya go, and I know you love it. XD


Ray pointed to the door of the hotel room. "Bob and I are leaving now," he said. "Mikey is downstairs swimming, and I dunno where Frank is. Brain's off doing what ever, and everyone else is relaxing in the hotel."

Gerard nodded absently, his sketchbook resting on his lap, back of his head absorbing the cold that penetrated through the large glass window. "Kay," he said, picking up his pencil and rubbing soothing circles into the eraser he had clutched in his hands.

"Don't wait up," Ray hollered as Bob opened the door and the two scattered off to do what ever it was those two did. Gerard sighed and closed his eyes, letting a smile tug at his lips gently. long had it been since he was alone? Ages, it felt.

With a sigh he turned his body posture so that he was facing the window. His forehead was pressed against the glass now, making him shiver slightly. He looked down at all the people milling about beneath his window. He was high enough up so that no one could see him, but low enough down so that he could see facial expressions. He began to idly sketch the Las Vegas hotel strip.

The boys were staying in the Mirage; a very fancy, very nice hotel, with a
swimming pool the size of what the boys considered a hotel, and a few lions and tigers. Gerard honestly felt sorry for them; they were stuck in a world of glass cages, left alone but at the same time, never alone, always someone watching...

With a sigh Gerard put his pencil down momentarily and looked down below himself. He liked to people watch, sometimes; he liked to wonder what each placid face was hiding, what each forced posture was bending over. He brushed a stray piece of hair away from his face, happy that his hair was, indeed, growing back.

So absorbed in his thoughts, he did not hear the hotel room open; he didn't hear his footsteps suddenly halt in the front hallway. Gerard only noticed the visitor when he heard his name called. "Gee? You okay?"

Startled, Gerard looked over his shoulder to see Frankie with a bag in his hand. "Yeah, I'm fine," Gerard said hastily, trying to dispel any worry from Frank's mind. Gosh, he hated it; Frankie was always so worried about him. He hated the fact that he made him so worried...he didn't want Frankie to ever worry. "What'ch'ya got there?"

Frank squealed and pulled something out of a bag; a black leopard, the fur silky and shiny. "Isn't he the cutest thing!?" he exclaimed, bringing the stuffed animal to his face and nuzzling its nose. Bright green eyes sparkled at Frankie.

Gerard pulled a face. "Erm, sure," he said, trying not to hurt Frank's feelings with his less than enthusiastic response. But Frank didn't notice; he merely hugged the stuffed leopard to his chest and closed his eyes, rocking back and forth on his feet with a huge, lopsided grin on his face.

"You're so weird, sometimes, Iero," Gerard muttered, trying not to smile at how damn adorable he was being. Frank opened his eyes, batted them seductively, and reached out to tweak Gerard's cheek.

"Maybe weird," he said coyly, "But I know you love it about me."

Rolling his eyes, Gerard agreed; "Yeah, I do love you. For it." Frank looked up for a fraction of a second, imagining for a moment that the 'For it' was just a comment added on hastily, as if it weren't supposed to be apart of the sentence. But Gerard's face said otherwise; he was looking at Frank as if he were the stupidest (and, in all honesty, gayest) man alive.

Frank sighed happily. The hotel room was huge; an en suite, with three twin beds and one connecting room. Six beds in all; it was fantastic. Of course Brian and his girlfriend slept together, Mikey and his girlfriend as well, and those were the only two with ongoing relationships. Gerard, him, and Ray shared a bedroom at that current moment, Bob in the room with the couples.

Throwing the stuffed leopard onto his bed, Frankie plopped down on one of the couches and stretched out, relaxing, kicking his shoes off as he raised his arms over his head to let his muscles moan. Gerard watched in a sort of daze, knowing he was staring but not really caring. It was funny, quite really; Gerard had always thought he was straight. In his years prior, he had always thought he was straight. And then...he saw Frank, and suddenly, his thoughts twisted, and he knew that he could never be with anyone other than Frank truthfully. But Frank was straight, so Gerard wouldn't torture himself any more than he had to.

Leaving his sketch book on the ground, he slinked towards the couch where Frank sat and moved his legs to his lap, smiling slightly, and turned to face Frank.

"So, how have you been?" Gerard asked earnestly. It was so hard to talk to people; almost as hard as it was to get a moment alone. Every moment it was do this, do that, do this, do that; but they had decided already that they needed an at least three day break. So, since they were in Nevada, why not go to Las Vegas?

"Great," Frank replied intently. "It keeps me tired and definitely working, but I mean, I do love what I do." /Almost as much as I love you/. Frank shook the thought from his mind; after all, Gerard was straight, he didn't want to frighten Gerard. Because having a crush on your best friend when the two of you were guys was not normal, he knew it, and he didn't want to lose such a great friendship. "And how are you?"

"Fine," Gerard said airily. "It was nice to finally have some quiet time; it seems like even in my sleep there's noise."

Frank nodded, understanding. "I know. It's like every time I close my eyes, I hear a beat that would make the next song even better. Or I think of the criticism someone asked for earlier and just have the excessive need to go wake them up and tell them what I think they should change."

Gerard laughed. "That happens to me, too. I always see new lyrics, new inspiration. I've actually had to keep a writing pad by me at night now; so many thoughts when I wake up."

Sympathetic towards each other, the two chatted animatedly for longer than they had realized. It was late when the phone call finally came. Gerard picked up his cell phone, flipped it up, and said, "Hello?"

"Gerard?" Brian asked.


"We're all going gambling. Do you want to come?"

"No, thanks."

"Awe, that's too bad." A short pause, before Brian asked, "Do you know where Frank is?"

"Right next to me."

Another pause, before Brian said; "Well, ask him if he wants to go gambling."

Gerard put the phone to his neck and asked Frank. He shook his head, wrinkling his nose. Gerard pulled the phone back up, put it to his ear, and gave Brian Frank's answer. With a laugh, Brian told the two to have fun and hung up.

He shook his head. "I can't believe they're gambling." Frank shook his head too, indulging on the idiocy that was gambling in the two's eyes.

As time moved on, and their discussion became slightly more personal, the two moved closer. Both sitting with folded knees, facing each other on the couch, they were so close their knees were touching. "Don't you hate not having a girlfriend?" Gerard sighed, rolling his eyes. "I look at Mikey and see how happy he is, and wonder why I can't have that same type of happiness. Does God, like, hate me or something?" He let out a laugh in an attempt to lighten the dark environment, but did not succeed.

"Gerard, don't say that," Frank whispered, grabbing Gerard's hands and placing them in the middle of the two. Gerard looked up at Frank, at his seriousness. "You do deserve happiness; you deserve all the happiness in the world. God doesn't hate you, you just got to wait until you find the right...girl."

His throat constricted as he met eyes with Frank; the sober honesty in his eyes, and the true love he found in there startled and almost alarmed him. Frank was positively serious; he meant what he said. "I don't think I do," Gerard mumbled, despite himself. "And what if I don't want to wait to find the right girl?"

"Then you can't really complain," Frank laughed. "Patience is a virtue, my friend; and even if God skipped over you while handing it out, you still gotta wait. True love doesn't care about time frames!"

"That's not what I meant," Gerard whispered. He was trying to tear his eyes away from Frank's face; it would be unbearable to see his reaction to his words; but he just couldn't do it. His eyes were so hypnotic. "I meant...I didn't want to wait for a /girl/. What if I was waiting for a.../guy/?"

Frank blinked. Gerard fought hard not to bite his lip while he looked away, immediately regretting that he had even said anything. Cursing himself off to the heavens, he began to twist his hands out of Frank's grasp, when his hold on them tightened. Gerard froze for a second, not daring to return his eyes to Frank's face, and tried to escape his clutches once again. "Gerard. Don't go."

The calm in his voice made Gerard turn to Frank, and what he saw written all over his face was startling. It was...relief.

"Did you mean that?" Frank asked quietly. Gerard nodded, not able to say anything, and Frank let himself hope for one second that maybe he was meaning himself. But he couldn't let himself get caught in the world of daydreams; for, if it weren't true, he would crash, and he would crash hard..."Who are you waiting for, Gerard?"

"You," Gerard strangled out. Silence for a moment, before Gerard and Frank leaned closer, in sync, and their lips met.

Warm, hot, blood coursing beneath the lips. Gerard could feel it beneath his own lips as he worked his feverishly against Frank's; warm, hot, warming him up immediately as he untangled his fingers from Frank's hands and wrapped them around shoulders. He pulled Frank closer to him as Frank's hands fingered lightly at the hem of his shirt.

Frank suddenly bit Gerard's lip, causing Gerard to open his mouth, and Frank let his tongue wander in. Gerard moaned; pressing his lips against Frank even more, he let his own tongue wander in and was alight with the sheer ecstasy he felt as their tongues met. Frank's fingers still fumbled with the hem of Gerard's shirt, glove-clad hands gently caressing Gerard's stomach, gentle and sure as they explored the soft terrain of stomach.

Pulling away, Gerard and Frank gasped for breath before returning to the kiss. This time without hesitating, the two deepened the kiss to a point neither had ever dared go with anyone before.

Frank pulled away, panting heavily, unable to control himself any longer. "Take your shirt off," he moaned. He helped the also panting Gerard tug out of his shirt, discarding it carelessly. Gerard moved towards Frank, pulling off his own and stealing deep kisses in between. This wasn't lust any longer; it was pure love.

Both shirts off, Gerard pressed his chest against Frank's, causing Frank to teeter and finally lie down flat on his back on the couch. Gerard gently moved forward so he was straddling Frank, panting, and dove into the kiss once again. Frank trailed a line of kisses down Gerard's neck, biting down rather hard on his shoulder; Gerard ran his fingers eagerly through Frank's hair as the two did what they had dreamed of for so long.

Fingers shaking, Frank gently took off Gerard's belt, knowing how much he loved the belt. "Just take it off, hurry, now," Gerard groaned darkly. "Just take it off!" he growled. Frank did as he was told; ripped the belt off, unbuttoned Gerard's pants hastily and unzipped the zipper. The pants fell down slightly to reveal boxers that hugged Gerard's frame freely. Gerard moved down to Frank's knees, panting and leaning down every now and then to plant a kiss on Frank's stomach as he unbuckled Frank's belt and ultimately began to start to take off Frank's pants. The two stood up, eagerly hugging each other's semi-naked bodies and trailing kisses all over one another. Their pants fell to their knees, but they didn't care; Frank shoved Gerard onto the couch, both pants now completely off, and it was Frank's turn to straddle Gerard. Gerard sighed in delight at the feel of Frank over him; it was amazing. He felt something hard press against his thigh, but honestly, did not care. He felt the same exact way...

Only in boxers, Frank moaned into Gerard's mouth words; and as he pulled away, he moaned them out loud. "Fuck me, Gerard!"

It was then they heard the giggles. Frank looked up, his hair very disheveled, his face covered in sweat, his body completely naked besides for his boxers. He was painfully aware of his erection; how it was very obvious even from a distance.

Everyone--/everyone/-stood at the doorway. Mikey and his girlfriend, Brian and his girlfriend. Ray and Bob. They stared at Frankie as Frankie slowly crawled off of Gerard, and slowly Gerard rose from the couch. He looked almost identical to Frank; sweaty, panting slightly, very aroused, but there was no mistaking that aura of happiness that came off of the two boys.

"Uh," was Gerard's only response. "How long have you been standing there?"

"About from the time you two kicked off your pants and Frank straddled you," Bob said sheepishly. "Sorry to interrupt...we didn't mean to-"

"No, no, it's fine," Frank said coolly, appearing not too fazed by what had happened. "I mean, it's better sooner or later that you guys walk in on us; that was the first time...knock first?"

Uneasy laughter broke out as Gerard and Frank jumped into their pants and tugged on their shirts, not bothering with their belts.

For the rest of the night, everyone acted as if what had just happened had not happened. Brian, before they decided to do anything as a group, said a very simple thing; "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

When it was time to hit the beds, Gerard and Frank were drawn to each other. They clasped hands; Gerard nuzzled his head slightly on Frank before turning to the boys. "Erm...Frank and I are going to share a bed, okay?"

No one was really that surprised. Brian and Mikey were still in the room, gathering their belongings that they had left in the room earlier. Mikey came over to the two as they crawled into bed, still holding hands. "So...are you two, well, you know?"

The two looked at each other for a quick moment before both nodded in agreement. "Yeah," Gerard said. "We're a couple."

Mikey smiled at his brother. "I'm glad you found someone, Gee," he said happily. And with that he left to his own room along with Brian, Bob, and the two girls.

Ray crawled into his own bed as Gerard and Frank stole kisses on the cheeks. Ray looked over at the two new-lovers in bed together, curious about the new relationship. But he knew better than to ask; they were going out, he knew that much, and that was all he needed to know, right?

The lights flicked off and Gerard willingly kissed Frank, a real, honest kiss, the best kiss in his life, next to the ones he had just shared with Frank.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? Well, he was happy this one little snippet was aloud to stay with him.
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