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Spin the Bottle

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[Slash] On tour one night, Mikey gets bored. So, in order to keep himself from going mad, he decides; those on the bus should play Spin the Bottle. Rated to be safe, quite a few couples are involved.

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-gigglesnort- Yuppers. Enjoy this, it was fun to write :D


Of course it had been a joke.


But everyone on the bus had been bored-everyone being Gerard, Frank, Ray, Bob, Mikey, Brian, and the driver of the bus who was consequentially a girl. They had parked outside of a gas station to give her-Sam-a break.

"I'm bored," Mikey moaned, putting his bass guitar down and standing up only to run his fingers through his thick hair. "Let's do something." Leaving his hair even further ruffled than before, he put his hand on his hip and thrust it out. Ray, who was closest, eyed him strangely and went back to the book he had been reading.

Bob looked up from his video game and smirked. "Like what?" he asked as the sound of pen across paper filled the room, coming from Gerard, who was lost in a world of lyrics. Frank lay on the ground of the bus, arms folded beneath his head, eyes closed. Brian was rooting through the refrigerator for a soda, and Sam was in the bathroom of the gas station.

Cracking open his eye lazily, Frank pushed himself up and shook his head slightly, now rather long hair flying away from his face. "Well, what do you have in mind, Way?"

Lips pursed, Mikey considered. What could they do? He watched as Brian pulled a Coke out of the fridge, one of the cutesy glass bottles that cost more but were for some reason supposed to taste better than the ones in the can. Eyes traveling to the window, he saw Sam walking up to the bus, purse swinging as she opened the door. She walked in, just in time to hear Mikey's proposition.

"Let's play spin the bottle," he blurted out. Frank's mouth dropped open as he let out a bark of laughter. Ray dropped the book he was reading, Bob's fingers freezing on the controls of his game and ultimately causing him to loose. Brian froze, half way to a seat, and looked down at his Coke bottle and hit himself in the head. He knew automatically that if he had grabbed one of the cans of Ginger Ale, as he had been contemplating, he would not be stuck in this very uncomfortable situation.

Gerard, however, seemed to not even notice what was going on; he still scratched across the pad, until Brian noticed he had ear buds planted into his ears, contrasting vividly with his onyx hair. Brian envied him at that moment; he was not aware of the situation.

Sam snickered, placing her purse on the counter and crossing her arms over her chest. "So, basically the odds that you boys are going to have to kiss each other are six to seven. Nice," she laughed, drawing out the nice so it was really four or five syllables. Mikey smiled, deciding that they were going to play spin the bottle now. He let out a short snicker, pointing to all of the boys.

"You are so not backing out of this," he laughed. Ray shook his head, picking up his book and shoving his nose into it again. Frank stood up, grinning, and slapped Mikey on the back.

"Clever," he chuckled. "Well, if two others play, I'll play as well."

"I'll play," Sam volunteered, raising a hand, moving towards Frank and Mikey. "This will be interesting."

Rolling his eyes, Bob stood up and joined the crowd. "Might as well, seeing as I just lost my game and I forgot to save," he sighed. Mikey was grinning, unable to control his laughter; four people were playing. He hadn't expected one other person beside himself to agree to it.

Grumbling slightly, as if he couldn't believe it, Brian downed the last of his Coke and stood up. "I'll play as well," he mumbled, handing the bottle to Mikey. Before Brian joined the group, he leaned towards Gerard and pulled the ear bud out. "Might wanna join the drama." Gerard looked up curiously, pulling a black Video iPod from his pocket and shutting it off.

His voice was full of weary worry as he asked, "what drama...?"

Ray took his nose out of the book. "They're going to play spin the bottle," he said calmly.

Surprising everyone, Gerard grinned. "I'll play if Ray plays," he said. Ray wrinkled his nose and raised an eyebrow at his fellow band mate. Gerard mocked surprise and shame-" Ray, normally you're the one who wants to do this type of thing, how come you're the one who's so obviously backing out of it?"

"'Cause I don't want to kiss someone here," Ray grumbled, rolling his eyes. "I've got a girlfriend."

"So do I," Frank cut in. "But I'm still playing! Come on, Ray, just join in. We want Gerard to play, anyway."

Gerard peeled himself from the couch and stood up to join the gaggle, and slowly, Ray responded by doing the same. The whole bus was going to play the game; the thought amused Mikey beyond reason.

Settling down into their own version of a circle, Mikey, who was sitting directly across from Frank on the floor, placed the bottle in the middle of their confused circle. "'Kay," he said slowly. "First person the bottle picks is the first kisser; second the bottle picks is the second. And it'll keep going like that. Got that?"

Everyone nodded, Frank laughing, Gerard smirking, Brian looking sheepish. Ray looking as if this were silly, Bob looking bored, Sam grinning from ear to ear. Mikey laughed.

"Here it goes," he said half-cheerfully, half-worriedly. He spun the bottle. A moment of hush filled the bus as they watched the bottle spin around...spin...spin...and finally land on Brian.

He cracked his knuckles. "Here goes nothing!" he said optimistically, putting his hands on his knees. "Who's the one I get to kiss?"

Mikey spun the bottle again. "We're about to find out," he chuckled.

The bottle landed on Sam. She let out a squeal, shaking her head. "Why does it have to land on me!?" she huffed. "The only girl and it still lands on me, dammit!"

"You're hurting my feelings," Brian pouted, standing up and puckering his lips. "Come on, Sam."

She sighed, obviously disgruntled by her turn of luck, and stood up as well. Mikey raised a finger and grinned mischievously.

"Remember...the kiss needs to last thirty seconds, and don't just hold your lips to hers for those thirty seconds!"

Brian snickered and leaned forward to Sam, and the two pressed their lips against one another. Those sitting around joined in the count down-"Thirty, twenty nine, twenty eight, twenty seven"-they all laughed as Brian tried to deepen the kiss but Sam was obviously trying her hardest to keep the kiss away.

"Sixteen!" Mikey shouted as Sam wrinkled her nose. Frank clapped his hands together and fell to the seat that was next to him were Ray sat, giggling quite insanely. "Eleven, ten, nine," they chanted as the kiss continued. "Four, three, two, one!"

Sam backed up and lifted her shirt to rub her tongue. "Do me a favor," she glowered. "Never kiss me again, Brian; you're a horrible kisser."

Brian snorted. "You're not that great yourself, Sam. And who are you to judge!? You hardly kissed back; I don't think that's fair. I was doing all the work myself."

She grumbled but sat down as Brian sat down and Mikey prepared the bottle. The bottle spun and spun, before landing on himself.

"Let's see who the lucky one is," Mikey chuckled, spinning the bottle again.

His mouth dropped open at who the bottle landed on.


Gerard stared at the bottle, which was pointing at him, and slowly looked up to meet his brother's eyes. The two stared at each other for a long, quiet, tense moment, before they both yelped.

"I'm not kissing my fucking brother!" Gerard said hotly, as Mikey covered his mouth and shook his head.

Brian smirked, reached across the table, and poked Mikey. Sam did the same to Gerard. "'Remember, thirty seconds, and don't just press your lips to his,'" he quoted as Sam sneered.

Mikey was horrified. "I'm spinning the bottle again," he said nervously, reaching out to-but Frank snatched it up and held it to his chest.

"No you don't," he smirked. "No one can question the bottle! You and Gerard have to kiss, deal with it." He laughed, but Mikey noticed the glint in his eye. "Come on, just kiss, stop being such wussy's. And make it a good kiss! The show Sam and Brian put on for us was pathetic."

Brian raised a hand and pointed to Sam. "That was her fault," he said rather tersely, before shoving Mikey. Mikey slowly got up, hands trembling with disgust and anger.

Gerard got up as well, his face twisted in revolution as he looked at his brother. They both mirrored each other; looks of pure and utter repugnance. "I can't believe I'm doing this," Mikey muttered. "This wasn't in my mind when I suggested...!"

"Just get on with it," Bob jeered as Ray tried to suppress giggles.

Mikey snapped. "Yeah, Ray, support it now that it's funny."

"At least it's not happening to me," Ray smirked as Gerard and Mikey closed their eyes and leaned in to each other.

The count down started; by the time Brian started to tell them to deepen the kiss, they were down to twenty more seconds. Fighting the urge to vomit into his own brother's mouth, Gerard worked his lips against Mikey's, and Mikey did the same. "Seventeen, sixteen, fifteen, fourteen, thirteen, twelve," the others sang.

"Come on," Sam shouted. "Deepen this kiss, tongue action, please!"

Gerard pulled away for a moment, the counting stopping at ten. "Fine, you want a deep kiss!? I'll show you one," he growled, grabbing his brother and shoving his tongue into his mouth. Sam cat called and Ray broke down and dissolved into giggles. Bob was laughing so hard, he was fearful he was going to pee his pants. Brian was banging his head against the table, and Frank smiled weakly at the kiss. He was the one who said the blessed number; "one."

Gerard and Mikey pulled away from each other, jumping back. Mikey immediately darted to the fridge, pulled out two ginger ales, and threw one to Gerard. "That was disgusting!" he howled, drinking the ginger ale. After a moment he ran to the sink and actually put soap on his tongue and started to wash his tongue.

The whole bus laughed, except for Gerard. He grimaced, walking towards Mikey and holding a cup out to grab some of the tap water. "I'll never get the taste out of my mouth," he moaned, drinking the water and returning to the ginger ale. "Just...let's move on to another couple, okay?" he asked in an exasperated voice.

Sitting down in their original spots, Mikey spun the bottle. It swerved slightly to the left before stopping-pointing directly at Frank's crotch.

"Nice," he complimented before rubbing his hands together. "This'll be interesting."

The bottle landed on Ray. Ray stared at it for a moment, sighed heavily, and stood up as Frank strangled himself up. Knowing the requirements and wanting to get the stupid kiss over, Ray smashed his lips against Frank's.

"Thirty seconds," Mikey said in a sing-song voice, the amusement from the game not entirely lost by his episode with his brother. Gerard slammed his hand against the table in time with the remaining seconds. Gerard felt a weird stab in his stomach as he watch Frank kiss Ray, but ignored it as Frank's face pulled into a grimace. The two's lips pressed against one another, Ray also looking visibly disgruntled.

They never got past simple kissing; neither would allow it. By the time the last second rolled around, both were rather bored with the whole kissing thing. Ray pulled away, rolled his eyes and sat down. "Happy now?" he asked Mikey. Mikey nodded, grinning, and Frank sat down, getting himself ready for the next scene.

The bottle landed on Ray again. Ray threw his hands up into the air, muttering "again!?" under his breath heatedly. As Mikey spun the bottle for the second time, he worried momentarily, before it landed on Bob.

Ray blinked at Bob, who was sitting next to him, and then got up slowly. Bob did the same. Gerard laughed, teasing Frank; "they're finally going to get their kissing scene," he joked. Frank laughed as Bob blushed slightly.

"Let's get this over with," he said. Ray and Bob leaned together, and kissed. It wasn't that bad, really; Ray wouldn't have called it pleasant, but it wasn't as bad as the kiss between Frank. It was sweet, really; Bob wasn't that bad of a kisser. Brian sang that there were ten seconds left. Ray felt relieved; the kiss was starting to get a bit tedious. Finally they called out one and Ray and Bob staggered away from each other, wiping their mouths off.

"Never again," Ray laughed. Bob nodded and the two sat down together, but noticeably closer than before.

Mikey spun the bottle again, watching as it landed on Brian. Brian grimaced. "Damn, I was hoping I'd get away with not having to kiss anyone again tonight," he sighed as Mikey twisted the bottle again. He moaned at who it landed on; himself.

Laughing, Gerard mocked his brother. "You're going to cheat on me, Mikey? How dare you." Mikey sneered at his brother before turning to Brian, laughing slightly to cheer both of the two up, and began to kiss.

"Deepen," Gerard hollered. Mikey narrowed his eyes as Sam giggled out a "twenty five," and meshed his lips purposely against Brian's. Brian did the same, actually giving his all into the kiss, which surprised Mikey in a weird way. But, ignoring the surprise, he gave the kiss his all, too; give the boys something to gossip about, at the very least.

Sam called out the "one" and Mikey and Brian pulled away. Brian turned to Sam and poked her hard in the arm. "See? He at least paid me back for my hard work!" He nodded to Mikey, who nodded back. "You're a good kisser, Mikey," he said in a half-assed voice.

"Why, thank you," Mikey said sarcastically as he plopped himself down to spin the bottle once again.

This time, the bottle decided to land on Gerard; he stood up, leaned against the wall of the bus, and folded his arms expectedly. His eyes flashed to Frank but once he noticed that Frank was staring at him as well, he looked elsewhere.

In the end, the bottle landed on Ray. Bob clapped his hands together, laughing pretty hard. "Hey, guys, it's the couple Gay!" he giggled, smushing the two names together.

Gerard let out a cracked grin before turning to Ray and kissing him. Bob broke out into a fit of laughter at his own joke coming to life. Ray decided to make the kiss dramatic by wrapping his arms around Gerard's waist. (For someone who was reluctant to play the game in the first place, he had to admit it was amusing to watch the others kiss one another. He may not have been enjoying the kiss with Gerard, but he thought he might as well make the moment enjoyable for the others, as they had done the same for him.) Gerard didn't hold his body back, however; he just stood there, pressing his lips against Ray's, doing nothing other than that.

Frank watched with angry eyes. Why was he so damned angry? It didn't make sense, but as he watched Ray and Gerard kiss, it was as if a monster were rearing to life inside of him and growling for Ray's blood.

Mikey was the one counting this time; "eight," he said enthusiastically as Ray pressed a finger to Gerard's butt. Frank looked away for a moment before looking back up at the two kissing boys, sighing inwardly when Mikey called "one."

Turning back to sit down, Gerard rolled his eyes at the kiss and turned to Mikey, awaiting the next couple.

The bottle landed on Frank; he wondered who he would be kissing.

To his intense surprise, the bottle landed on Gerard. Gerard stared at Frank, blinking and trying to stop his heart from beating so erratically. Why the hell...?

Mikey whooped. "Ooh, the infamous Frank and Gerard!" he laughed. "Kissing for us, not for the fans. Let's see how it goes."

"Where's my camera?" Brian joked. Frank and Gerard both got up, stared at each other for a strange, quiet moment, before shrugging and pressing their lips against one another.

Fireworks. Both their eyes slid closed as they slowly came closer, lips interlocked. Gerard's hands slid from his side to do what he could not do to Ray; wrap his hands around Frank. Frank's hands were planted on Gerard's shoulders, holding him in place as he worked his lips against his.

"Twenty one, twenty, nineteen," Ray called out. Gerard bit Frank's lip, causing his mouth to open (which the whole bus saw with much amusement) and Gerard's tongue snaked into Frank's mouth deviously. Frank couldn't help himself; he moaned in delight and let Gerard explore his mouth. As Ray counted down "ten, nine, eight," Frank pushed Gerard's tongue back with his own and explored Gerard's mouth, relishing the pure taste that resided in there.

"One," Ray called, but Frank and Gerard did not hear the number be called. They continued to kiss, doing what they could never do in front of fans, doing what they could never allow themselves to do under normal circumstances.

The members of the bus were quiet for a moment, before Sam let out a giggle. "You guys...can stop now," she said after a few seconds passed. Gerard heard it and pulled away, blinking before his cheeks turned bright red.

"The...thirty seconds were over?" he asked. Frank looked as baffled as Gerard was; it hadn't seemed that long. His ears were turning a flaming red as well.

Sam nodded, giggling slightly and covering her mouth with her hands. All the other band members were smirking, all four knowing full and well that those kisses on stage weren't just for show, and that Frank and Gerard had actually enjoyed their little-bit-over-thirty-seconds together.

"Er...I think it's time to hit the road again," Mikey suggested, standing up and throwing the bottle away as Gerard and Frank tried to gather their surroundings. They stared at each other, their lips pulling up into smiles as they clasped hands.

Hopping out of her seat, Sam nodded and darted to the front of the bus. "I think I'll go sit with Sam," Brian said hastily, leaving the band members alone together.

"Come on, Ray," Bob said, tugging Ray's arm towards the TV, which was closer to the front. "Let's go try to beat that game."

Mikey looked around. "I'm going to...stick a fork in a toaster again," he said hastily, leaving Gerard and Frank alone.

The two smiled.
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