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Nightly Secrets

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[Frerard] Frank always seems to be watching Gerard while he sleeps. He has no idea why; he just does. But what happens when he hears Gerard moan something that he has been waiting to hear from him ...

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Heheheh, written because I got the inspiration.
Once again, for mistressxwinter, because she really likes my Frerard o_O;


Frank hovered over him, watching as he slept.

Gerard never seemed to wake up, ever, during the night; he just kept tossing and turning, eyes shut tight against the monsters that were lingering on the horizon but were unreachable. Sensing the fears and regrets of the day, hiding from them in a dream world. He looked so terribly peaceful when he slept; it was calming to Frank to watch him sleep, in a strange way.

He would always crawl from his bunk when ever he could not get to sleep, and he would sit on the floor of the bus, watching. Once or twice, he remembered, he had accidentally stayed up until six AM, just watching Gerard sleep. How one could watch a man sleep for five hours was beyond him, in all honesty, and he had actually done the deed.

A slight sigh escaped his lips as the bus rolled over a pothole, his body lurching upward. Gerard's face pulled into a grimace and he tugged the blankets over his body, fingers lacing around the comforter and a small whimper escaping his lips.

Curious, Frank cocked his head so he could see Gerard even better; see his knitted eyebrows, a frown tugging at his beautifully pink lips. Frank placed his hands gently on the mattress to pull himself up, gripping to the ladder once he was on his feet once again. Gerard's face relaxed slightly as he turned over to face the little walkway.

Words escaped his lips, but they were incomprehensible to Frank. He pursed his lips slightly, raising an eyebrow at Gerard and leaning forward. He still had a hand wrapped tightly around the ladder; the high way they were on was not well kept, and every other mile or so they would run over a pothole.

Gerard mumbled again, this time the words slightly more coherent, but Frank could not make out the full context of the sentence. His name was mentioned in there, he realized with a pang. He winced darkly, memory returning him to the concert that had happened only mere hours before.

Fiery passion lit Frank's veins as he strummed across his guitar, jumping up and down like a wild animal as he was morphed into something deeper, something real, something so different than the Frank Iero he had always thought he was. Every night, no matter how the concert was going, he always felt like this; blood coursing through his veins at an almost alarming rate, face sweaty, eyes unseeing anything but musical notes and the man who pranced across the stage with a microphone in his hand.

Gerard came dashing over to Frank, bending down low as he walked, as into his part as Frank was his. Gerard stood by Frank, wrapped an arm around him and the two screamed the next lyric into the microphone. A wash of noise hit Frank hard-screaming from the many fans, of course screaming the lyrics.

High on the emotions that ran through him with no remorse, Frank relished the fact that he was not intended to play the guitar at that exact moment, snatched the walking away Gerard, and planted his lips firmly on his.

Screams from the girls in the crowd; loud and piercing before they were drowned out by the music once again. Gerard's hands held Frank's face tightly, the microphone biting into Frank's skin, before Gerard pulled away and began to sing as if nothing had happened.

Frank returned to the song, the taste of Gerard lingering on his lips feverishly. The concert ended after what seemed like merely seconds. But for the rest of the night, Gerard avoided Frank.

Frank hated the aftermath of the two kissing. It always resulted in Gerard growing distant, even though, in reality, it would have been one million times better to be together after the kisses. Frank wasn't sure how Gerard felt, but Frank knew his own feelings; he was sure he was in love with Gerard Arthur Way.

Placing a hand on his own forehead, Frank strained his ears, listening intently to Gerard's quiet breathing. A deep breath in before exhaling so slowly, so calmly, so gently; then another gasp for air. His chest flowed up and down with the intake and release of air. His hand was now lying on his chest, peaceful and simple.

"Frankie," Frank heard Gerard moan. Frank gulped; if he was going to say something that was against himself in any way, Frank thought his heart would break into millions of shards.

"Mmmm," Gerard sighed. "I love him," he mumbled.

Frank froze. That was not what he had been expecting to hear. He felt his own breath suddenly become shallow, fingers become sweaty. Was Gerard playing tricks with him? Was he really awake but just saying that to make Frank crazy?

No; Gerard was definitely in the dredges of sleep. So...he had actually said...

Sleeping people never lied.

Unable to remain stable, Frank's hand slid off the ladder and he came to a crashing face-plant on the bus ground. He groaned, rearing up slightly and rubbing his nose. He looked up at Mikey, who was on the top bunk; still asleep. Ray, the rock was also still asleep, and Bob was probably too far away to be seriously disgruntled. But Gerard...

"Frankie?" came Gerard's confused, sleep-ridden voice. Frank flinched, turning his head slowly to face Gerard.

"Y-yes Ger-erard?" he heard himself stutter. He said he loved me.

"What're you doing?" Gerard asked quizzically, rubbing his eyes sleepily. "I was sleeping," he mumbled, but a smile played on his lips as his heavily-lidded eyes drooped slightly.

"I was...enjoying the view?" Frank asked, to receive a laugh from Gerard. The noise made Frank's insides melt.

Gerard shook his head. "You're a dipshit, sometimes, Iero," Gerard sighed, rolling his eyes. But he didn't fall back into a sleeping position; he remained half poised up, looking at Frank rather intently. Frank bit his lip, not wanting to bring what Gerard had said out into the open, but-

"Did you mean it?" Frank blurted out. Their voices had already been soft, as to not wake up the rest of the band, but this time his voice was hardly above a whisper.

"Mean what?"

"...what you your sleep," Frank managed. He was about to hit himself in the head; dammit, how could he be so stupid?

Gerard's face paled slightly. "What...what did I say?" he stammered, sitting bolt upright and wringing his hands together. His vibrant green eyes darted from left to right, black hair hanging limply in his round face.

"That you...loved me...," Frank breathed. Gerard's eyes grew wide and he groaned slightly. His eyes slid closed, his body tense and alert in their stance.

"I'm sorry, Frank," he moaned darkly. "I am so sorry." He shook his head, opening his eyes and looked down to the bed. "I couldn' myself...." His voice was so sad, so angry with himself, it was all Frank could do not to jump into the bed and embrace him.

He shook his head fervently. "Don't be sorry," Frank gasped, standing up and sitting on Gerard's bed. "It's okay. Honestly."

It was Gerard's turn to shake his head in disbelief. "No, it's not. I'm not supposed to...fall for my fellow band members," Gerard said rather bitterly. "It's pathetic."

"No, it's not." Frank's voice was quiet as he slowly held out a hand to Gerard's chin, tilting his head upwards so their eyes met. Deciding words would not be needed, Frank merely leaned towards Gerard and placed his lips sweetly on his.

Gerard shoved Frank away, anger flashing in his eyes. "Don't do that to me, Frank," he growled. "It's hard enough-"

Frank put a finger to Gerard's lips, silencing him. 'I'm being earnest," he said. Gerard's eyes grew slightly wide and his hands shaking lightly. "I...I love you, too."

Their lips met again, working against each other in such a way that it was perfect. Not too fast, not too slow; not too hard, not too gentle. Frank's hands wrapped around Gerard as Gerard's hands wrapped around Frank. Without meaning to, Frank leaned against Gerard and eventually, Gerard fell back onto the bed, eyes closed, lips no longer his but Frank's.

Lying on top of Gerard, Frank gently placed his tongue on Gerard's bottom lip, careful to be gentle, and Gerard granted him entrance. His tongue explored the terrain it had wished to explore when it was not just for the cameras; he tasted so sweet, so wonderful, so /Gerard/...

Their tongues met and Frank moaned in pleasure. He took his hands away, placed each next to either side of Gerard's head, and trailed a kiss from his hairline down to his jaw. Gerard shuddered visibly.

Gerard's hands toyed with Frank's pants, pulling them away before gently placing them back on his hips as Frank nibbled sweetly on Gerard's neck. "Go ahead," he panted, and Gerard pulled down the pants ever so slightly.

Legions of exposed skin were splayed out in front of Gerard; he leaned forward and placed a kiss on Frank's hip. Frank groaned, forcibly placing his lips on Gerard's and creating a kiss between the two. Gerard's hand slowly pulled away from Frank's pants, only to return where his shorts ended. He slowly raised his hand up higher until he was at Frank's thigh.

Slowly he ran little circles on his thigh, causing Frank to shudder and begin to struggle for breath once again. "Shit, Gerard," he gasped. "Shit, shit, shit."

Gerard giggled slightly, pressing harder against his thigh and trailing a finger up slightly more.

"You're a b-bastard," Frank moaned, collapsing on top of Gerard, unable to hold himself up straight anymore. Gerard slowly returned his hand before kissing Frank innocently.

Frank slowly slid off of Gerard and lay beside him for quiet, happy moments. Then, he turned slightly, snuggling into Gerard's arm. He lifted his arm up, and Frank inched closer, warm beneath Gerard's overly inviting arm. The two cuddled for the longest time.

"I love you," Gerard breathed, running his fingers gently through Frank's already rather unkempt hair.

Frank smiled, his eyelids drooping. For the first time in a very long time, he found himself actually falling asleep willingly. "You've no idea how long I've waited for you to say that."
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