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Chapter Thirteen

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I'M A NINJA. No, actually, I just have two days before I go away another week. Feel lucky. =)

Pete's POV-

I woke up when I literately felt Hem pry himself from my tight grip, and run off. When I opened my eyes, I saw William's skinny body running from the bed, and for the bathroom.

My eyes shot wide. Please tell me I was not squeezing him in my sleep? PLEASE!?

I sat up, rubbed my eyes, and looked around. Gabe's place smelled nicer then a lot of houses I've ever been in, who would guess? What this being Gabe, and all.

Soon, I looked up when I heard the bathroom door open, and saw William fixing his pants. He looked up and smiled.

"Sorry...I can be a creep in my sleep...did I do anything?" I asked.

He smirked, and nodded.

"Quite a bit of mumbling, and some hugs..." he said.

Shit! FUCK!

I nodded, and bit my lip. "Sorry dude, really." I said, scratching my neck.

He smiled. "What does Hem need you to tell?" he asked, with a smirk. I looked up quickly, my eyes wide, I swear I could feel my veins cracking.

"Oh fuck." I whispered. He smiled, and laughed. "No hem, I wont tell, was all I got...don't worry. Nothing embarrassing." he said.

I wiped sweat, and breathed in again. "Thank you, lord. Thank you." I said.

"Ellie's been having weird Hemingway dreams lately, too. Does he speak in yours?" he asked me.

I gulped. That's utterly, utterly strange.

"Yeah...he does." I said, scratching my head, now. "Strange...they say dreams can have think?" he said, sitting on the bed again.

I waved it off.

"Just a coincidence, is all." I said.

Suddenly, something was thrown across the room, and hit William smack in the head. William picked it up, and looked at it. It was a stuffed snake, a cobra to be exact. We both looked over at the frame of the kitchen.

Gabe, in nothing but boxers, stood there, looking half asleep.

"G'morning to you, too, Mr." William said.

"I hate Jewish kids." Gabe muttered. We both looked at him, with blank faces.

"Gabe, you are Jewish." I told him. He nodded. "Oh yeah? Then why did they tear my house down?" he asked us, rubbing his eyes.

William coughed, and laughed more. And I giggled.

"Yep...okay Gabe. Hey, want me to make some pancakes?" I asked.

He shook his head. "I wanna make them, you could poison them..." he said, shuffling into the kitchen.

I looked at William, and laughed, shaking my head.

"I literality love him." William said, pointing.
I gulped. No, he doesn't know what he's talking about. He doesn't know what love is, for real.

I nodded. "Me too." I said, with a fake smile.

"Ten years ago today, I lost my virginity." Gabe screamed, from the kitchen.

"Making you, eighteen? Wow, score for the Gabe." I said, back.

"You keep track?" William asked.

"The Smashing Pumpkins stole my money." he replied, flipping a pancake.

William laughed.

"WAIT, I'M TWNETY EIGHT?" he screamed.

We laughed.

"How long have you not known?" I asked him.

He poked his head out. "I thought I was like, sixteen!" Gabe said, seeming more awake, now.

We both laughed, and Gabe laughed, too. We could see he was kidding around now.

"Pancakes are almost done." he said, from the room.

"Great..." I said, randomly filling the void of no talking.

"Hey Pete, no more hugs, tonight, alright?" William asked.

I put on a fake puppy dog face.

"But I love you!" I told him, It was apparent I was "kidding around." William knew I didn't actually mean that, he knew it was intended to be a joke. Yeah, right.

He laughed, and we both got up, and walked into the kitchen, for pancakes.

"We need to head over to the studio, soon. Pete, you ready for your cameo?" Gabe asked us, as we sat at the table.

"Oh yeah, being on the phone is huge...huge deal..." I said.

William laughed.

"Do I get to wear cowboy boots? And...OH! OH! Can I wear a bandana? Around my left leg? Please? Can I? Huh?" William asked, getting exited. Gabe giggled.

"Dur? What else does William Beckett wear?" Gabe asked.

"Not much else, really." I added.

William chuckled, and we were handed our pancakes, and ate them, over nothing but silence, except of course, Gabe's singing of random tunes.
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