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I'm Lost Without You

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Are you afraid of being alone? 'Cause I am. [Frank/Gerard]

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Author's note:
This is my first reeeeally slashy fic. I wrote another one but it wasn't like this at all, so go easy on me please =] I wrote this for my best friend, toasty_vampire, because she's done so much for me and I think it was about time I wrote some good ol' Frerard for her :](btw, there's a dirty version to this >:])

It'd been a terribly long day, the old wind chimes outside of Frank's room ceased to make delightful noise, it sensed a pang of pain in the air. On his bedroom windowsill, Frank Iero gloomily look towards the overcast sky. Today was the day his best friend that he had ever knew was leaving and there was nothing he could do to stop him. Sure, he had plenty of other friends to comfort him in his time of need and loss, but there was something none of them could give: love. Lost in a daydream, Frank imagined himself with Gerard, the boxes outside of his friend's house were actually both of theirs and they'd be spending time together in their own house. Peace and quiet, no one could see them then, and no one could see them now, because the coupling didn't exist.

Frank was supposed to help Gerard pack but he knew that every time he gazed into his friend's glowing green eyes, his own would water up and he'd lie about something getting caught in his vision, or that it was allergy season. But this meant he wouldn't have a chance to say goodbye. So be it, he thought, I'd only bring up how I'd be missing something special in my life. Unrequited love. Longingly, he watched Gerard across the street heaving boxes into the U-Haul truck. A wearisome sigh escaped Frank's pale pink lips.

Gerard, however, was thinking the same exact things as he collected his sketch books and wrapped them up. He knew something was amiss, what with Frank not showing up to help him. It hurt him and it was a wound he couldn't mend. As he dragged another box outside by his lonesome, his head tilted upwards to catch a glimpse of Frank in his window. How odd it felt to be an angsty teenager with a lust for boys, "Welcome to my life", Gerard muttered into the truck. But why wasn't Frank helping making his feelings a reality? Of course, he didn't feel that way. Frank must've caught the "gay" vibe from Gerard at the last minute and must be keeping his distance. But it never hurt to check up on him...

He had been spotted, Frank flew off his windowsill into a pile of wrinkly but freshly washed clothes, mom hadn't come home yet and everyone knew that Frank's lazy ass wouldn't put them away. In his mind, a phrase came to mind. Ink dripped from a nearby pen, the tip was wet with ideas. "H... e... art... break...incar...nate," Frank flicked his tongue out as he wrote the words on the words on a pad of unlined paper. Feeling that these words meant something, his silky soft hands scrounged through a drawer, finally pulling out a jet black sharpie. He tenderly wrote the words on the wall, repeating the process with care. "Heartbreak Incarnate, heartbreak, heartbreak," Frank shut himself up before he could cry.

Downstairs, he could've sworn he heard the front door creak open. One glance at the clock told him that it should be his mother, so his erratic heartbeat simmered down slightly. Frank leaned over from where he sat on the floor and shut his door silently, mom always hated when he'd slam it. But as soon as he shut it, someone knocked on it. "Mom, I'm... getting changed. Go away," the marker-stained teenager grumbled. And even though he gave those words of warning, the doorknob twisted and the person let themselves in.

"Gerard?" Frank stared, utterly confused. "I said I was changing!"

"Yeah, but that never has stopped you from opening my doors in the past," Gerard playfully stuck his tongue out at Mister Iero. Together they rolled their eyes, their laughter filling the room. Then came that awkward silence that always befell two friends who couldn't get whatever they wanted to say off their tongues. "So I was," Frank said, but was cut off.

"Frank there's something," Gerard stopped abruptly. "You go first."

"No it's okay, you say what you want to," Frank insisted, he picked himself up and leapt onto his mattress. Gerard followed suit, taking his place right next to Frank. They kicked their Converse off and folded their legs, Frank's eyelids drooped down before his whole body tipped backwards. Gerard looked over his shoulder and feared that Frank had gone to sleep. But Frank was just tired of carrying a burden. "So, you're uh, leaving."

"Mm, yup. How come you didn't come try to say goodbye?" Gerard looked at the writings on the wall with worry.

"I didn't want to..."


"I didn't want it to ever be 'goodbye', Gerard. I want to wake up tomorrow morning so I can go over to your house and play mindless games, or watch you draw. We'll never get to start that band we always wanted to, it's not fair." Frank slapped his hands over his eyes. "And I'm just afraid."

"Frank, you're never afraid. Just tell me why," Gerard urged, leaning back onto his elbows so he could be closer to Frank.

"Alone. I'm afraid to be alone...Gerard, I'm lost without you."

The tension was tearing at their heart strings. Gerard took the initiative, throwing himself on top of his friend, hair sweeping over his face. His hands staggered with fear of rejection while he held himself inches above Frank. They were both taken aback at Gerard's actions, but it left a sickly sweet feeling inside of Frank. Before they knew it, their lips were interlocked in a chaste kiss that left them begging for more. Gerard barely could hold himself up, but Frank helped him by pushing his friend down onto his chest, hand digging into his hair to pull Gerard's head up. Frank left soft hot kisses on Gerard's neck, finally sucking on his neck leaving a mark Gerard would not soon forget.

Gerard let out a moan of pleasure, he returned the favor to Frank by breathing down his neck, taking solace in nibbling on his earlobe. Returning back to Frank's luscious lips, Gerard lightly licked them, as well as his own. And no one could see them then. Frank finally gave way and let Gerard explore his mouth with his tongue, Frank laid there submissive for a moment, but slid his tongue into Gerard's mouth for his own pleasure. His arms wrapped around Gerard's neck, he tugged at the long locks of black, his eyes were shut tightly in case this was all a dream.

Fingers absently playing with each others shirts, Frank pulled away as best as he could from Gerard only to ask him, "You want this off?"

"I," Gerard panted. "I wouldn't have it any other way." Frank reached down to the hem of his shirt while Gerard sat up on Frank's bottom half, his plain white shirt with those familiar words, "Heartbreak Incarnate" (which were fading from the sweat and body heat), easily was discarded to the side of the bed. Seeing as it would be wrong not to, Gerard slipped his form-fitting black tee over his head with a smirk plastered onto his face. For a minute, they stared into each other's eyes with hope that this wasn't "their" last day on earth, that the burning flame wasn't going to be extinguished.

"Give me," Frank said as he clutched Gerard's hips. "Give me your lips." Obediently, Gerard lips crashed against Frank's, and in their cancer of passion, the blood rushed to more places than one. Frank did not know where to put his hands, for Gerard's were above Frank's head, gripping the sheets tightly while he fooled around inside his friend's mouth. With a mind of their own, his hands moved down to Gerard's waist and fiddled with his belt. "Mmm," Gerard mumbled while nodding his head faintly. The black leather belt with his favorite bat belt buckle was removed seamlessly, his loose pants slipped down to his knees, and the dirty little secret he kept hidden was no longer a secret, but it was still dirty.

Gerard scooted down, his tongue rolled over Frank's bare chest as his own hands reached for Frank's belt. His lips glided down to his waist before readjusting his weight and body, he left one last kiss right above Frank's boxers. "I don't want you to leave," Frank whimpered after he got over the cold shock of being touched in a foreign region. Gerard sidled up to Frank then held him in his arms. "Frank, I won't leave you..." This time Frank was the one who got to be dominant. He rolled over onto Gerard, kicking his own pants off in the process, then leaned against his chest to hear his lover's heartbeat.

Slowly, their legs twisted together, their hips rocked, the bed squealed. In the nearby distance, the moving truck honked, Gerard's name was called. Both teenage boys looked up, then back at each other, Frank more alarmed than his friend. He laid down beside Gerard and clung tightly to his shoulders, he wasn't going to let this love go back to being unrequited. "Gee, no..."

Gerard lifted Frank's chin up, leaving a quick peck on his lips, finally nuzzling against him. "Run away with me," Gerard whispered coolly into Frank's quivering ear.

"We can't..."

"Who's stopping us?" Gerard made a point, Frank realized, then smoothed his hand down Gerard's chest.

"Just don't be afraid, Frankie."

"I won't, I promise. I've lost my fear of falling."
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