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Tongue-tied and oh so squeamish.

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Backstabbers are the hardest part of living. [one-shot]

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Yes this is fictional. It's kind of short, but I thought I'd write a one-shot on how people coughmecough get really worked up about the littlest things. Thanks Lisa for the inspiration!


"Hey!" I said hugging Frank, not wanting to let go. It couldn't annoy him; people do it all the time. Besides, I was just another fangirl anyway.

"Hi." Lisa said shaking hands with him civilly.

I tried talking to him.
So did she.
Her voice was louder.

I looked on as she inched closer to him, claiming that she couldn't hear him well.
I could hear them fine.

Gerard passed.
Unemotionally, I handed him some shit for him to sign.
But I couldn't keep my eyes off of Lisa and Frank.
I couldn't smile.
I could barely hold onto the items Gerard handed me after signing them.
I couldn't blink,
Even when Gerard waved his hand in front of my eyes.
He started to ask if I was okay and if I needed help.
The only words I spoke to him were: "I'm not okay."
I could barely choke those words out, the lyrics coming out in a barely audible whisper.

How could she?
How DARE she?
She knew.
She fucking knew.

She was hitting on the man that I have had an unhealthy obsession with for months.
It must have been at least a year by now.

And how could she? After all the embarrassment and humiliation she put me through back home, she dares to push me out of my way when I finally meet Frank Iero? At a concert that I was nice enough to invite her too at all? This was the day I'd been waiting for... forever! And now I'm forced to watch, choking down my own vomit.

But she was obsessed with Gerard.
In fact, she came for Gerard.
And here she is talking to Frank Iero.
Did I miss something here?

"OH MY GOD! IT'S GERARD WAY FROM MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!" Girls and guys screamed around me as Gerard stayed where he was, clearly worried as my face began to pale.

Lisa didn't even move.
She didn't make any attempt to get a look at Gerard.
But she had a great view of Frank.
Real up close and personal.
And really pissing me off.

"I'm not oh-fucking kay." I whispered, screaming inside my head. This was not right. This whole situation was not right at all.

Then she kissed him on the cheek.
I had no problem with that.
She was a fangirl too.
Only she had pushed me aside when she knew. When she absolutely knew.
She stayed with Frank when she had the chance to meet Gerard.
And she made sure that I was watching.
Just like I always was.
Just... watching.

Being pushed aside, stepped on, insulted, and getting away with it as a 'joke'.
None of it was a joke.

The last thing I remember was my eyes glazing over with tears and Gerard still asking if I was okay while I felt the urge to punch Lisa, my hands even clenching into trembling fists, my body tensing as if I were really going to punch her. But all I did was fall.

I was still conscious. I was still standing up. But I was crumbling.
No one could stop it. Not even her. But she encouraged it. She caused it. She was the spark that started the fire, causing me to burn.

I was heartbroken. My moment was gone. I just stood there as Gerard tried to budge me, but there were too many fans trying to get to him. He must've seen what I was looking at. There was no way he hadn't been curious.

"I'm not giving that bitch a ride home." I whispered again.


Okay, I was temporarily pissed at my friend Lisa. TEMPORARILY. And I started to write this. She explained herself while I was still writing so I changed the character resembling someone else that I know, but then she gave permission to change it back to her. So this is pretty much me pissed at Lisa in a fanfic while her personality is mixed with that of Gracie. Um... she made me add this to clear her name so I guess I'm pretty much done here.
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