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[4] I Never Told You What I Do For A Living (Benj's POV)

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Benji is a chic who decided that her boyfriend of four days was moving too fast with the talk of kids and running away togeather. She was 18 and she had a life to live! So instead of being smart an...

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I figured this was going to be interesting. Gerard hadn't given me any clue as to where the hell we were going, but I guess that was cool. I stood outside, sitting on the steps that led to my porch when he pulled up in some sort of convertible...I didn't really care about the specifics. I got in next to him and started pushing buttons on the stereo while he drove, he didn't argue with any of my decisions so I gave up and sat back in my seat.
"Where we going?" I finally caved, I had to know, I'm naturally curious.
"You'll see when we get there." Damn him to hell.
"It's more fun if you tell me now." I mumbled, I didn't like this game.
"Stop whining we'll be there in a few minutes." Well at least he had a back bone. I was decently satisfied with that answer, at least I was for that moment. I didn't think I was going to get much more out of him anyway.
I watched the things we passed on the way to where ever the hell he was taking me. I felt the amps before I heard the music coming from me. Outdoor a park. Despite it's location they weren't as easy to get into as one might think. We walked right up to the gate and Gerard just walked right in, past the line, dragging me with him. I've been to one of these...when I was like fifteen, with Cade. We had snuck in and huddled in the back where we wouldn't been seen. However, I was with Gerard now, and we managed to get all the way in the front. I had to admit, this was impressive, I didn't even know there was a show anytime soon. The bands ended up being completely shitty but that wasn't the point. We had fun anyway, and it was after midnight when I got home, I was wide awake.
"You wanna come inside?" I asked, I hardly ever let anyone in...but he'll..if he killed me at least I got axe murdered by someone famous.
He half smiled, parking the car and following me inside. I opened the door and I could tell he was having a difficult time taking in my place. "You never told me-" I cut him off there.
"That I was a photographer, I didn't really have time to. I'm not anyone important. I do stupid pictures for a few bucks, sell them to magazines and shit. I wanted to take pictures of bands and actors and shit but, after getting turned down so much you eventually say fuck it." I shrugged, I made enough to live off of, that's all he really needed to know.
He thumbed through several photos, being carful not to knock over any of the cameras that stood on tripods randomly around the room. I had a slight organization problem. "Some of these are really cool."
"Thanks.." I whispered. I sat down on my sofa and eventually he sat next to me. We put in a random violent movie I had neglected to return to blockbuster and fell asleep.
I woke up long before he did. I sat at my computer, editing a few photos and talking to a few people online. I missed Cade a bit, but I pushed the thoughts away. She used to help me with the whole photo nonsense...she did the editing, I just gave her the film. We had made some pretty good cash before that met Billy and we ended up getting distant after the whole Madden bullshit. I didn't realize how worked up I was getting until I looked down at my hand, anymore pressure and I would have smashed the mouse. I got off the computer and sat in the chair near the sofa. He looked so sweet sleeping there. I grabbed a camera and turned the flash off, standing so the light would be perfect I took a few shots and put the camera down. Almost immediately he stirred awake, looking up at me.
"Morning..." He whispered laughing lightly. "What time is it?"
"Nine." I mumbled, yawning right after he did.
"Shit I gotta get back to the bus..." He stood up quickly and headed to the door, kissing me lightly before leaving. Damn him! What the hell..he didn't even say good bye. Asshole. I continued cursing him for the rest of the day.
He didn't call till after midnight that night. I was barely awake, I didn't even pick up, fuck him. He called again and when I glanced at the phone I had three messages. Desperate much? I feel asleep again and woke up at a decent hour, someone was knocking on my door.
I thought it might be Gerard, but I opened the door and there he was, cocky as hell.
"...Well look who I finally found." He grinned, what an asshole.
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