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Good Ole Night At The Beach =]

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Weekend At The Beach!!! Woohoo! You Know Who it Is; The Usual Crew; Arra, Gavner, Darren, Harkat, Vanez, Larten and Kurda. R&R

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A Good Ole Night At The Beach.

Yes, The Same Crew. In Another Silly Situation. Man What The HELL Am I Doing Starting Another Series!!! This Should Be Done In Three Parts. Just Like Subway In The Dark. I've Got The Final and most Explosive Chapter Coming Up. ;]
Disclaimer: Sir Shan Owns All.


"I prefer hotels," Kurda moaned as the other vampires deliberated on who was going in which of the two caravans.
"Come on guys." Darren whined. "Why do you never like anything I want to do?! Check out the park! And there's a beach!"
"Woo." Arra sarcastically cheered. "I've been dying to work on my sun-tan." Gavner laughed and patted Darren on the back.
"Right, so who am I sharing with?" Gavner asked cheerfully.
"Well, we decided nobody deserves the punishment of sharing with you so you have to sleep out here." Arra said and smiled.
"Ha ha freaking ha!"
"She is being serious." Larten said, wiping the smirk of Gavner's face. "It was Kurda's idea." Gavner spun round angrily to Kurda and everyone burst out laughing.
"You are too easily wound up." Kurda laughed. Gavner shot him an icy glare.
"So where are we all sleeping?"
"Well, everyone will get a bed... but two people will have to share the double bed..." Kurda said. "Or someone gets a double bed to themselves if the other person doesn't mind sleeping on the couch."
"I am not sleeping with a dude!" Darren cried. "Me and Harkat in one of the twin rooms."
"I'll be in the other twin room with..." Gavner thought about who he wanted to share with. "Kurda."
"Well-" Arra started.
"Arra, you are not going to make me share a bed with Vanez, are you?" Larten cried.
"What's wrong with sharing with me?!" Vanez whined with fake hurt.
"I suppose, that would be cruel." Arra thought a little bit longer. Ignoring Vanez. "Fine. I don't want to share with him either so it'll be me and you."
"Seriously, why doesn't anyone want to share with me?!" Vanez asked really upset.
"Well, now we have this sorted let's go to bed before the sun comes up." Kurda said pointing to the glow at the horizon.

Darren/Harkat Room

Darren sighed. "Why does nobody enjoy the things I wan to do?"
"They are vampires... the beach isn't... really the best... idea you've ever... had." Harkat said sitting on the corner of his bed. "Do you think they... realised I would... sleep standing?"
"Nut!" Darren laughed. "But I'm sure Arra and Mr Crepsley are secretly loving the sleeping..." He trailed off and pulled a face.
"Eeew." Darren pulled another face. "Lets not not go down that path!"

Kurda/Gavner Room

Gavner flopped onto his bed. He leant up, pulled the curtains back a tiny amount (so the sun didn't blind him) and looked out at the park. He sighed then smiled when Kurda came in.
"Darren was right, that park looks bloody brilliant."
"You're just a big kid aren't you Gavner?!" Kurda laughed.
"I'm surprised you haven't asked any of us to go skinny dipping." Kurda laughed but stopped when he saw Gavner's grin broaden. "Should've kept my mouth shut."
"Come on, Kurda, have some balls."
"I've got balls!"
"Well use 'em" Gavner beamed. "Give me three reasons why we shouldn't and I'll reconsider the idea."
"It's Light!"
"We'll wait till later. And go to a secluded area."
"Someone will see us."
"We won't be found out. None of them will notice."
"Gavner I will not do it."
"Real mature"
"Little girl baby!"
Gavner leans over. "Fine, how does this sound...?" He leans right over and whispers in Kurda's ear. Kurda smiles and then sighs.
"Damn you Gavner Purl."

Vanez' (lonely) Room
'I got my own room!' Vanez thought. 'That's good. But them nasty people left me out.' Vanez was lying across his bed with his arms behind his head. 'Not that I particularly want to spend my weekend with any of them. This works out better than having to share with a guy. And sharing with Arra is madness. Her lover boy might get jealous.' He laughed silently. 'We'd annoy the crap out of each other. She's a bitch and could have me in tears come Monday.'

Arra/Larten Room

"You're a rubbish mentor, Larten." Arra said, climbing under the quilt.
"What?" Larten asked, taken aback by Arra's random bluntness.
"You could have made Darren sleep on the floor and we'd have all gotten a bed to our selves" Arra laughed and so did Larten. He got into the bed too. They both lay facing opposite directions. It did feel a little awkward. It was still cold even under the duvet and Arra could feel Larten's body heat. She wanted to cuddle into him but had to mentally hit her self wanting something like that.
After a while Larten rolled over onto his other side. "Goodnight, Arra" He whispered, expecting her to be asleep and not reply.
They both smiled to themselves in the darkness. It wasn't so awkward anymore.

This was going to be a long weekend.


Aww? Aah Crap, Romance xD. What The Hell Was That?!?! Was It Some Sort Of Fluff between Larten And Arra?! I Dunno.
Pretty Pathetic Opening Chapter But Oh Well.
R&R =]
900 Words!
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