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The Good In Every Situation

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Waking up...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Published: 2007-07-14 - Updated: 2007-07-14 - 873 words

What am I lying on... I don't have a couch. You open your eyes to see a grey ceiling. Where the hell am I?
"Hey! She's up!" you hear someone say. You turn your head to see who's talking and it hurts a lot. You're finally able to focus you eyes on the man looking down on you.../ can't be./
"Hey kind of had an accident out there," says a beautiful man with short, almost white blonde hair.
Gerard Way is talking to me, you think... did I die and go to heaven?
"I...I what?" you say.
"Well...some kid came flying into the back of you and knocked you out. You should be honoured're the first person we've ever had to pause a show for," Gerard replied with a grin.
" thanks?" you reply still shocked.
"(Your Name)!!!!! You're okay!!" yells Angel running in.
"Heyyy heyyy she lives!" says Frankie walking into the room followed by Mikey and Bob.
You give them a smile. Now that your senses are starting to come back, you feel a bit embarrassed. Not exactly the way you pictured meeting the band.../I don't even wanna know what I look like/ you think. You look around for Val...she's not there.../did she get hurt too?/
"Um, Angel...where's Val?" you ask.
"Good question... I think she walked off with Ray somewhere," Angel replies.
/Oh wonderful/, you think.
"Did you want something to drink? Umm eat?...chew? Gum? we have gum?" says Gerard rubbing his hands together. Awww, he is just as cute in person.
"Gum would be great," you say sitting up. Gerard passes you a piece of gum as he sits down beside you. He puts his arm around your shoulders and asks, "So you sure you're okay?"
Okay? you think, I've never been better.
"Yeah I think so," you say with a smile.
"Hey guys," says Ray walking in the room followed by Val, "There's a bunch of fans outside that wanna meet us... o hey! She's you feeling?"
"I feel fine," you say.
"Ohh I was so worried!" says Val coming over and giving you a hug. Yeah, that's why you walked off.
"Alright...well it was nice meeting you (your name here)...I hope you feel better!" says Gerard giving you a hug. You're heart was racing.
"Feel better kid," says Bob patting you on the back.
The rest of the guys say good-bye and leave you guys in the room. The three of you are standing there... "What just happened?" you ask with the biggest smile you've ever had.
"I think...we just met the band?..I...I don't even know...come on we'll discuss it ont he way home," says Angel.
The three of you leave the room and head down the long hallway to try and find your way outside.


" I can't believe that happened! Poor girl, "says Frank as the guys head into the dressing room.
"I know... at least she's okay though," says Bob, "Hey Ray, how many kids are outside? I'm gonna bring them stickers!"
"Uhhh...about 25 I think," replies Ray.
"Soooo Ray...what happened there with you and that girl," teases Frank.
"Nothing really," says Ray, "Well okay that's not true... I just asked if she wanted to meet for coffee tomorrow night...since we're in NYC for a few weeks."
"Awwwwwww...Ray has a date, Ray has a date!" chants Mikey.
"Don't worry day you'll know what that feels like," teases Gerard. I knew I should have said something Gerard thought.
"I don't know which way!!!!" the guys hear from the hall.
"I think you're lover girl is lost Ray," says Frank.
"I'll re-direct them," says Gerard, "I'll meet you guys outside." Gerard went out into the hall but couldn't see anyone. "(Your name)," he calls.
"Yeah?" her head poked around the corner with a big smile on her face. She's so cute, thought Gerard.
"Glad your up and about...umm you lost?" Gerard asked.
"Yessssss...extremely," she replied.
"Kay, well all you gotta do is go down to the end of this hallway, make a right, and then the second door on the left leads you outside to the parking lot," Gerard directed.
"Ohh thanks...hey guys I got it!" she yelled down the hall at her friends, "And thanks again for everything," she said with a smile.
"Ohh you're more than welcome," Gerard said. Say something. She turned and started walking down the hall. Say anything. "Umm (your name) hold on," Gerard said meekly. She turned around and looked at Gerard. "I know this is kind of outta nowhere," he says nervously, "But I feel really bad. We're in town for a few weeks... maybe I could take you out to dinner or for coffee or something to make it up to you?"
She looked stunned. Crap, she doesn't want to...why did you open your big mouth, Gerard thought, "I mean unless..."
"Yes," she interrupted, "I...I would love to."
She does? Wow!... Okay keep cool Gerard...keep cool. "So I guess I'll just get your it on my hand," he says smiling beyond belief.
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