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The Passionate Love Life

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Freea doesn't understand why he likes her. Sure she admits she's really pretty. She's one to fall for but maybe he thinks too much of her. Her 16th birthday might have changed her life forever. Re...

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Please tell me when to change the ratings and if they should be changed. The rating is currently like that because of future chapters. I'm not good at describing but over time maybe I'll get better. Please Review. I mostly write based on a show but this is free hand so it may be hard. But I'm good at thinking things in my mind.

Anyways....on with the story....



Freea doesn't understand why he likes her. Sure she admits she's really pretty. She's one to fall for but maybe he thinks too much of her. Her 16th birthday might have changed her life forever. Freea always enjoyed being who she was and having all the things she had. Freea's 15 and her birthday is in a week. The world had pretty much only begun 5 years ago. She was born in the Ancient world by Adam and Eve. Her siblings Myka, Merik, Amethyst and Ruby, and of course her twin Diana. She being the youngest of her family was favored. She never knew why until later in her life. Being an Ancient has its up sides and down sides. Freea enjoyed her Fire magic. Now you shall see what her life really is about.

Chapter 1: Freea

Freea was on her way home from a fight to protect Ellseair. Her short white skirt and her no strap black shirt had no blood on them. Her over-the-knee white lace up boots was the same way. The small thin criss-cross brown belt that buckled her sword to her hip hung loosely. Freea's rather long flame red hair whipped around in the wind and as for her dragonfly delicate red flame wings, they were un-touched. She ran to the gates amused with all the eyes staring at her from around. She had a very cocky walk and liked to flirt with all the guys except for one.

"Hey, your looken' good in that today now aren't ya'." Freea was flirting with one of the guards.

"Move along young Princess. You have returned from your journey, but please we were hoping it would you at least drop the attitude a bit but I guess we were wrong." The guard said sighing.

Freea's face became firm. "Well sorry for trying to be nice." Freea threw her long hair over her shoulder and walked into the village.

Iris, Freea's most hated cousin. He liked her but no one knew why. He watched her run up to her most current person that she flirted with the most now a day.

'Hey, watcher been doin'?" Freea said in that little voice of hers.

"Oh please. Just stop Freea, you don't have a chance with that guy he has his eye on Diana." Iris said mocking her.

Yes of course Dario would like Diana. Everyone loved Freea but Dario was obsessed with her.

"You would think I have noticed that by now. God you don't got no mind Iris" Freea said very annoyed.

"Well it's noticeable." Iris said calmly.

Freea walked into the palace and down the hall only to be stopped by her mother, Eve.

"Freea, you're not even hurt." Eve said in a very protective voice.

"Of course not. Now excuse me." Freea said walking past her mother.

Freea entered her room and looked though her desk. Why am I so hooked on drawing, singing and dancing? I have to stop I have to start focusing on my training. She looked down at her sword that she had hung up on the wall. I will just have to keep on fighting and training and stop this nonsense in my life. I'm an Ancient so my talents are far beyond help. I mean my mother loves to draw. While I write out the story and then draw it out. And most of the time at the same time. She sighed. If only.....

"Freea can you come out here please?" Came the voice of Kendranata.

Freea opened the door and looked at the older women. The woman was probably in her 60's or 70's.

"Kendranata, What is it?" Freea asked.

"Your mother asked me to give you a more suitable armor for your birthday. She said you can't wear a plain gold armor. It may be new but it's not fit. So I made you a gold one with silver around the upper band and around the lower and all the way around the finger hook too." Kendranata said handing the armor over to Freea.

"Thank you. Want to help me arrange it?" Freea asked taking off the lower armor.

Kendranata stepped into the young teenager's room and was helping her fit the new armor on to see how it works. You see Freea's arm is kind of fragile. It can't go without armor or if it gets cut it will kill her. Freea looked at the sparkling armor around her arm.

"It's beautiful." Freea gasped at Kendranata.

"Well it's not bad but it's still uneven. Well now that you know how to put it on then I think I'll have to take this off and go straighten out the edges so you don't cut yourself." Kendranata said looking slight embarrassed.

Kendranata was a spirte. Not the kind that are ghosts. It means she's older then my mother and father because she was born from the very Earth it's self. There's not very many of them for the simple fact that they are very rare. Her wings hold four of the main arteries. And she's delicate no matter what she does. Freea always felt bad for Kendranata only because she can never move her wings and put them somewhere else. Like Freea can always extract her wings. They would move nicely into her back. Freea just took off the armor and gave it to Kendranata. Freea of course then put her other armor on.

"I'll see you later, okay Kendranata?" Freea asked her.

"Okay." Kendranata replied leaving the teenagers room and walking down the hall.

Freea walked around her room. She wanted to be a normal girl like the one that is in the prison now. Most of all she wanted to have a life of her own. No one else in it to always say do this and do that. Also where Diana has to go fight and not always her. I mean seriously Diana doesn't do anything. It's always Freea. A tap on Freea's door made her groan. She was never getting any time on her own it wasn't fair. A tap again but this time louder.

"What?!!" Freea yelled.

"No need to be all grouchy. It's just me, Amethyst" Amethyst said laughing.

Freea opened her door. "Sorry." Freea said un-able to control her laughing.

"So your birthday's coming up. Sixteen, wow you can do anything at age sixteen." Amethyst said. Of course Amethyst would know she was already seventeen and going out with Iris's twin brother Alek.

"I can't wait to be sixteen. I mean hello I don't want to be a little girl anymore." Freea said throwing herself down on her bed.

Amethyst nodded her head and looked at Freea with a strange grin on her face.

Amethyst I want to be free. I don't want to be all caught up in magic and fighting. I mean it's all good and all but I don't want to be obsessed with it though." Freea said rolling over onto her back.

"Oh but you will be and you'll be able to do whatever you want." Amethyst said smiling a wide grin.

A loud gasp was heard as the young princess walked down the stairs. She was beautiful. Her long red hair was pulled up in a messy bun and it was glinting so that meant that there was glitter in it. She was wearing a dress that was cut. The tip of it was at her right foot and then it slanted up to just above her knee. It was criss-crossed in the back, the color was a pretty red and she wore tie up red shoes to go with it. Freea's make-up was not done up like it usually was, in fact you could hardly see it. Her normally thick eye shadow was lightly painted on silver; she had a sparkly silver eye liner on as well. Her eye lashes were beautifully lashed up in a curl. Her lip gloss was the faintest of pinks and she had it nicely done up sparkling.

As for Diana, Freea's twin she managed her dress to be very simple. She got it to be a silver sparkling knee high dress. Her hair was let loose in long waves, her make up was done up all in glitter and silver. Her shoes were very high silver stilettos.

Adam and Eve walked over to their daughters. Freea always being a Daddy's girl looked over at her dad. As for Diana she looked around for Dario. The girl didn't even seem to care about her parents in front of her. Freea walked over to her father.

"Never make me wear this again." She whispered in Adam's ear and he nodded his head.

Freea walked across the floor. Eve her mother loved Freea's grace, she could walk and you would never hear her even if she was wearing heels. Merik, Freea's older brother walked over to Freea.

"Tomorrow come by my and Myka's place and I'll give you you're present then. Myka has yours here." Merik whispered.

Freea nodded her head. No, presents were only to be given from immediate family or the closest of all friends. Freea received many things but so far the one thing she loved the most was a hand made necklace. The chain was small and thing. (Not like the chains we have or the necklace looks nothing like stuff we have.) The piece hanging down off of it was a pretty red heart with flames all around it. On the back bore her name. Who this was from you would never have guessed... Iris. She wore the necklace for the rest of the night. Just before she was ready to leave to get some sleep for she had major training the very next day. Her mother called her to the front of the room.

Freea walked up there meekly. 'What now mom?' Her mother looked at her and smiled brightly.

"Our present to you my daughter." Eve said taking Freea's right hand in hers.

Eve then spoke louder. "This we give to her is the Guardian Love Flame." Eve spoke as she traced Freea's hand and something shone brightly. It was a flaming heart.

"There you go sweetie, you're a Guardian, not to mention the most powerful one there is yet." Eve said and then added in. 'Now off to bed with you."


So tell me what think. It will be a long time before I can get the next chapter up so I wrote a lot for you guys.
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