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Chapter Fifteen

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dreams dreams dreams.

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Pete's POV-
I slept soundly in the bed, next to William that night, I tried to keep my distance, but suddenly, something woke me up.
"Pete, wake up." I heard. I sat up, and turned. William sat up in the bed.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Something's been bothering me..." he said, scratching his neck. "What's that?" I asked him.

Without thought, I felt him place his hand at the back of my head, and pull me in, his lush lips meeting mine. I kissed back, and laid down, bringing him down with me.

He pulled away and looked down at me.

"I love you, Wentz." he said, his hair forming somewhat of a mane, at the angle he was at, looking down.

"I love you too." I told him.
William's POV

I laid there, starring at the ceiling. Pete was talking in his sleep again. It hurt me to think of which girl he must be dreaming about now.

"I love you too." he chanted, over and over, tossing and turning.

I just wanted to shake him awake, and tell him to stop, tell him it was tearing me apart. It made my heart bleed, because I knew he was dreaming about some hot slut, and I knew that next to her, rather then me, is where he wanted to be.

After a while, I decided I couldn't take it anymore, he was moaning "I love you so much." and other disgusting liners in his sleep, and it was really, truly getting to me, especially how I wished it was me, he was saying them too.

I got up, and went down the hall, to Gabe's room.

I went in, and saw that Gabe was still awake, watching TV.

"Hey Beckett, whatcha doing up so late? I have insomnia, so 3AM is my ten." he said. I walked in further, and closed the door.

"Can I sleep in your bed tonight? Pete's talking in his sleep, and it hurts." I told him.

He flipped the covers up.

"Sure thing. What's he saying?" he asked, as I scooted into the bed.

"He's telling someone, presumably a slut, how much he loves her, and it's pretty much breaking my heart." I said, as I laid my head on one of Gabe's soft pillows.

"Oh, I'm sorry Bill. Just forget about it, try and actually get some sleep, I was actually thinking of getting some sleep tonight, myself. I promise I wont try to rape you, or nothing." he said, turning the TV off, and laying on his pillow.

"Goodnight Gabe, thanks bud." I said.

"Goodnight Bill, your very welcome." he said.

Sooner then I thought, I was fast asleep. Gabe's bed does wonders.
Pete's POV-

William pulled away, and got up, running out the door.

"Where are you going?" I asked him. I got up, and followed him. It was sunny, and I could see him running through the fields of green grass, and daisies. As I caught up to him, I saw that he was running to someone.

Gabe, was waiting, his arms open, on the hill just above Beckett.

"William, wait!" I called, running after him.

He ran up to Gabe, took his hands, and spun him around, then he kissed him square on the lips. I shut my eyes, ran over to the nearest tree, and kicked it, killing my foot in the process. I yelped in pain, and looked up again.

Now Bill was wearing a full out, white and fluffy, rabbit costume, minus the head, and Gabe was taking a picture of the two.

"FUCK YOU GABE!" I screamed. They didn't hear me.

"You need to tell him, Pete." I heard from behind me. I turned around, and saw little Hem standing down there.

"I did..." I cried.

"Tell him again." he barked.

"I love you William!" I yelled. He didn't hear me.

Suddenly, I rose up, soaked in a cold sweat. Just a dream.

I looked left, and my eyes grew wide, when I realized William was missing from my side.

I fell down, hard on my pillow.

"Fucking Gabe." I sighed, and tried to fall back asleep.
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