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You're Crashing But You're No Wave - One Shot

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The girlfriend of a bent cop finds him in a seedy brothel.......

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Christine downed the pool of vodka in the bottom of the glass and let it slide down her neck with a bitter sting as it curved down her throat. She leaned her body against the wooden bar, slinked down the so she just skimmed the bar stool. She placed her elbow hard and forgot about the tingles that emanated from the now sore spot. She scanned her eyes darkly across the room and tried to find a face of recognition. She peered through the mass of half naked females that brushed passed her trying to earn an extra buck or more. She glared bitterly at them as she sipped another refill of vodka and let it filter throughout her veins. It was at that moment she found herself staring straight at him, his eyes pouring into her soul with a dark snarl, a woman lay spread across his lap. Her heart rose up to her throat at her insides contorted brutally. She slammed her glass down and grabbed her bag, noticing he was not moving to stop her, tears shimmered around her eyes and she ran out of the club. The freezing air hit her face and a river of sadness came falling from her eyes, she ran around a corner and leaned up against the wall. Sobbing, Christine twisted the ring around her fingers and it began to rub viciously, she allowed the tears to fall, one by one.

Christine began to walk down the alleyway, grabbing her house keys from her handbag so she had them safe within her hand. She solemnly felt her heels clip against the pavement steps. She counted them in rhythmic pulse; one, two, one, two. Each one dabbled in a tune; one, two, one two. She breathed out the timing; one, two, one two, three and four. Christine breathed in a faltered breath as the extra steps followed her. She turned her head only slightly behind her and saw the shadow of a figure, racing behind her. Worried, Christine picked up her pace and began to walk a little bit faster. She fingered her keys to make them jingle, as if it was an attempt to thwart who ever were following her. She could practically smell his sick scent and she turned a corner to which he followed. No matter which direction she took he would still lurk behind her as though he needed her, craved her. All fear rushed to the pulse inside her neck, throbbing blood to each vein. Scared for her life Christine began to run, stepping her feet heavy against the ground. To her disbelieve the stalker had begun to run with her and she raced to her home that was soon in her sights. She rushed to the front door and fumbled with the key in the lock. She pushed her front door open as the gate of her front garden opened, she was about to slam it shut when a hand and torso pushed its way in.

"No Pete, go away," Christine screamed as Pete shoved his whole body in and shut the door for her, pushing her with one hand against the wall whilst with the others he retrieved the keys from her hand and locked the door, sliding them into his pocket. "Leave me alone."

"Oh I don't think so," Pete said turning his body to face her. His hot and heavy breath made circles around her cheek, she somewhat whimpered underneath his grasp as he grabbed her wrist that was about to raise and hit it on the wall. "What the hell were you doing there Christine, when I told you to stay home?"

"Fuck you Pete," Christine spat into his face, causing him to turn his head away from her with a smirk. She stared at him with disgust and he turned back and looked her other with the same emotion. "I saw you with your whores. You really think I'm going to stick around after what you do? It's over Pete."

"It's not over" Pete said and hooked one of his hands into his belt and retrieved his gun and slid it along her side. Christine began to shake underneath him as the metallic barrel began to caress her stomach. She looked up at him and his domineering glared over her, her mouth flailed open somewhat as she pleaded with him. He pressed his lips hard against hers and pushed his body heavy against hers, he dug his fingers into the flesh of her arm as he released his lips from her. She could still taste his deceit on her lips and the fear was causing her stomach to churn. Christine drifted her eyes shut as she made small prayers underneath her breath. Pete chuckled under his oxygen release and let the sharp weapon travel further down and hooked its self under the waistband of her skirt and underwear. Christine snapped her eyes open out of stun as the barrel of the gun made its way down her sensitivity. She couldn't help but feel the beginnings of pleasure whittle throughout her as Pete moved the gun up and down her clitoris, moving new found wetness with it. Christine realised she was enjoying this more than she wanted to and she began to wriggle away from his grasp but he held onto her harder. "You like that, don't deny it. I know how disgusting your mind is, you like this kinda game. I can see it in your eyes. In your pulse."

Christine bit her lip and shook her head as a small tear ran from her eyes as she tried to stop the waves of orgasm falling down on her. She jumped a little as he moved the tip faster against her sensitivity and her cheeks began to flush. She looked away from his overwhelming glare as her skin began to shudder. She was just about to give in to her needs when he removed the gun from the holster of her underwear. Part of her wanted to scream at him, her need for him to continue was great. Pete chuckled and discarded the gun on the floor. He allowed himself to kiss her lightly before spinning her around and heaving her breasts against the cold of the wall. He slid one hand beneath the cups of her dress and bra and began to roughly play with her nipples. She tried to escape, not wanting to have sex with him this way, but he began to circle his hips into her to calm her down. She let out a small cry that was desperation; part to run from his animal like prowess and the other to give in to it. Pete simply laughed again and pushed her skirt up to her waist and tugged at the sides of her thong. He took his lips to her neck and with force began to kiss and bite it, taking in ounces of her skin and sucking at it. He pooled her underwear around her ankles, hearing her whisper against the wall. He leaned in so his words would form hot waves around the flesh he had been ravishing.

"You want this, I know you do. You like it rough. You're a whore, just how I like them." He muttered and fiddled with his belt buckle, releasing his hard arousal that had been painfully aching him. With one hand he harshly pushed her legs open so she was standing in an almost star position. He placed his erection just at her entrance which was throbbing with anticipation.

"Pete please," Christine said feel her eyes roll back as he slowly entered her. She placed her forehead against the wall and allowed herself to adjust to his size. Pete waited for a second and Christine murmured gently, "Fuck me."

He took no haste and slammed into her harder than he had ever done, so hard she moved somewhat up the wall. She shrieked somewhat and he repeated his actions, loving her delicate moans that she now began to vibrate from her throat. He grabbed strands of her hair and thrust her head around so he could shove his tongue brutally down her throat, she nearly gagged but instead lolled her mouth open as she groaned with the forceful pounds he dug into her. He tried to press harder but the sensations were incredible to him also, his knees feel week with every movement he stroked into her. He turned their bodies around so that he was now leaning against the wall. He shoved Christine's body down and sunk his nails into her hips and pushed her against his manhood.

"Harder," she screamed and he just laughed, adding a faster speed and a harder rhythm. "Oh god."

"Say it," he whispered as a build up was in no doubt beginning to grip him. He held on to her shoulder and she grabbed hold of him to stay up right. "Say that you're my whore. No one else's mine."

"What?" She stayed silent for a while, just muttering loud curse words into the atmosphere. She didn't want to say it but he insisted, grabbing hold of her neck and in the final moments roughly took her.

He growled. "Say you are my whore."

"Fuck," she mindlessly said as her orgasm was about to wave through her with much more delight and sense than she had ever felt before. She wildly cried, "I'm your whore"

"That's more like it," he said before his hips worked magic. Christine screamed out into the air as her delight powered through her like crashing waves. Pete grunted and released into her. He caught his breath and pulled her up into him, sliding from out of her and kissing her on the lips. "I love you."

She stumbled into the wall opposite, her legs daring to give in. She caught her breath as her skirt fell down, covering her up. Sweat lined her collar bone as she watched Pete zip himself up. He stared at her for a second and grabbed the gun from the floor.

"I have to get back to work" he said and left her in the hallway, sliding slowly down the wall as the door slammed behind him, leaving her in a whirlwind.

Ciao Bella
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