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chapter 11

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AU rydon high school

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Pairing- Ryan Ross/ Brendon Urie
Disclaimer- don't know or own, title also belongs 2 panic!

Ryans POV

Agh! I opened my eyes to be greeted with a overly bright light shining in my face. Oh, god damn it I'm sore, what the fuck happened? I slightly parted my eyes just to get a sense of where I was. It was very bright and everything was a obnoxious white. The walls, the table, and the sheets of the bed i noticed I was laying in. I let my eyes drift down to the white linoleum floor.

Ah, a hospital. Fan- fucking- tastic. But really I can't remember anything.

" Oh my God! He's awake! " I hear a voice yell. " Emma? " I ask hesitently .

" Oh God Ryan! You had me so scarred! " I looked up at a teary eyed Emma. " The doctor said you may not make it through the night! You lost a awful lot of blood you know. "

No, I didn't know. Not really anyway. But I think I have a clear enough image to know all I need to about what happened. I Simply shrugged my shoulders and shook my head.

" Who did this? " She asked a worried look gracing her face.

I thought for a moment. I mean, yeah, I knew who it was but I wasn't sure if I wanted to say anything just yet.

Then a thought came to me. " Where's Brendon? " I asked, rolling over in the bed and wincing at the pain in my bandaged, no doubt was broken, arm.

" He's out in the waiting room, we've been taking shifts, only one visitor at a time. " She replied.
" Can I see him? " I asked, hoping Emma wouldn't take any offense at his eagerness to get rid of her and bring in Brendon.

" Oh, ummm, yeah sure, just hold on one minute. " She said disappearing ng from the room. I sat by myself in a heavy silence for around five minutes before hearing the door hinges squeak open and a familiar face come threw it.

" Ryry! " Brendon squealed swiftly running to the bed to envelope me in a hug. I could see quite visible tear stains on his beautiful pate face. I hated that I had made him and Emma cry, but at the same time it made me feel good. I really felt like someone actually cared about me, and its a great and unfamiliar feeling.

" What happened to you? I found you unconscious in the school parking lot for Christ's sake! When before I got a chance to respond he asked one more question. " Who did this, Ryan? "

I looked down and whispered a name.

" Sorry, didn't catch that. "

This time I said it in a louder clearer tone. " Brent. "

I watched Brendon's face turn white, can you really blame him? His ex best friend almost killed his current boyfriend. Before I knew it Brendon broke down sobbing again.

All he managed to choke out was " M m my f- fa fault. " Between ragged sobs. I knew this wasn't his fault, hell it wasn't mine either. I was totally sure what would bring Brent to do this. Jealousy. He was envious, of me, because Brendon was mine and not his. And I was sure of it.

" Fuck! I swear to god I will kill him! What the hell is wrong with him?!" Brendon asked himself in a highly irritated tone. He continued talking to himself and me for a couple minutes before the nurse came in and told him he had to leave. He pecked me lightly and sweetly on the lips and exited the room.

Dear god I hope he doesn't do anything stupid.

That was the last thought in my head before I gently drifted off to sleep.


Brendon's POV

That bastard! I cant believe he thought he had the right to ever lay a hand on Ryan. I was so pissed at the entire situation I decided to take a drive to try to cool of a bit. But as I was driving a little idea popped into my head. And at that moment it seemed like the only logical thing to do.

I turned around and headed off in the opposite direction to the house I had been to so many times before.

Brent's house.

I knocked politely on the door, being the gentleman that I am and awaited it being opened.

It finally did.

It was Brent who opened the door looking irritated at the hour i was knocking at. Upon seeing me he flashed me a crooked smile and started to open his mouth, but I didn't give him the opportunity to speak. Instead punching him hard in the gut. Hard enough to make him fall to the ground whimpering in pain. I took this as a chance to kick him a few times and then I leaned over grabbing his hair and pulling his head till he was facing me.

" If you ever, " I started stressing the word ever. " touch Ryan again it will be the last move you ever make, do I make myself clear? " Upon getting no response I forcefully smashed his head against his own hard wood floors. " Do I make myself clear? " I asked again,and received a exaggerated nod and whimper from him in return.

I got up and quickly left the house, not wanting his parents to show up and freak out. I drove home and immediately stomped to my room. Only minutes after doing so Karen Skip's into the room with a grin threatening to eat her face on. She instantly dropped the grin after seeing the state I was in.

" Wow, you look like your puppy just got shot. " I gave her a scowl to let her know this was not the time for humor. " Just...what do you want? " I asked.

" Well, I just came to tell you my boyfriend is coming over for dinner. " she said, the grin returning to her face. And as not in the mood for it as I was I was intrigued.

" Boyfriend? " I questioned.

" Yes! He asked me out yesterday!" I rolled my eyes and told her I needed some rest. She left the room still exited over her new ' boyfriend'.

I took a nice nap before getting in the shower and getting ready for dinner, it was obvious I was expected to show up and I knew it meant a lot to Karen. I put on a pair of simple blue jeans and a black t-shirt. Not really a reason to get all dressed up for Karen's boyfriend.

I walked downstairs and helped my mother set the table, while ignoring the glares my homophobe bitch of a sister shot me. I heard the doorbell ring and my mother asked me to get it for her because she was still cooking. I walked to the door and opened it.


On my porch stood a very beat up looking Brent.

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