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One shot. The band are playing twister and a bone is broken.

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"Shiiiiiiit....AGH! SPIN THE DAMN SPINNER!" Shouted Frank who was in a lot pain, one leg stretched behind him, one hand over Gerards arm, the other leg crossed over Rays leg and the other hand sharing a dot with Mikeys foot.
"Alright alright, keep your hair on" Said Bob spinning the black arrow on the card board spinning disk. "Right foot blue" Called Bob and everyone shifted on the twister mat. Gerard had to cross a leg over Mikeys to get to a dot. Frank had to put his leg under Ray.
"Ray, if you fall now then I will kill you" He said. Ray was too busy trying not to fall to answer.
"Alright...left hand green" Called Bob. They all moved again. Gerard had to wrap his arm round Franks and Ray had to put his leg over Mikeys stomach. They were all wobbling and in pain. Bob leaned back in the chair he was sitting on and tilted his head.
"I just want to say that you guys look hilarious right now!" He said. No one answered him as they struggled to stay up. "Nobody move, I'm gonna go get my camera." Bob jumped off his chair and walked off down the bus. The rest of the band shouted out protests but Bob ignored them and after a few minutes returned holding his digital camera.
"Everybody look like your in pain!" He cried holding the camera up, this wasnt exactly hard as they were all in pain anyway. Bob took the picture and looked at the small screen on the camera and grinned.
"Ah thats good one!" He said proudly.
"Yeah, though this is all very interesting, I dont suppose you could spin the spinner now cos' we're all kinda DIEING HERE!" Cried Gerard with murmers of agreement from the rest of the band. Bob rolled his eyes.
"Stop being such drama then...left foot yellow" They all put their left foot on yellow, Mikey, who's right foot was on the oposite side of the mat, had to try and weave his left foot round everyone else and get it on a yellow dot. Of course he couldnt do it and ended up falling flat on his back, knocking Ray down with him.
"AGH!" Cried Ray as he fell.
"AGH GET OFF ME!|" Shouted Mikey as Ray landed on his legs. Ray scrambled off Mikey and to the side of the mat. Mikey slowly crawled after him. Now it was just Gerard and Frank.
"Ha ha! Your goin' dooooown Gee!" Said Frank with an evil smile. Gerard, who was currently in a knot just smiled.
"No way Frankie, you'll be surprised at how flexible I am!" He replied.
"Right hand red" Called Bob. Frank and Gerard moved, both of them finding it a little easier now that Ray and Mikey werent in the way. For 10 minutes they played the game, but now they were in a lot of pain and twisted round eachother.
"Give...up?" Asked Gerard through gritted teeth.
"No way!" Cried Frank un - comfortably aware that if he applied too much pressure to his elbow which was pointing the wrong way, then he would break his arm.
"Left foot green" Said Bob, Gerard moved his foot easily but Frank would have to somehow get his leg over Gerards arm, then under his leg and stretch across to a green dot.
"This is practically impossible!" He complained as he attempted it. He failed and fell onto the mat. "DAMN!" He yelled.
"HA! I WIN!" Cried Gerard, gingerly untangling his limbs and standing up. Frank sat up and pouted.
"RE - MATCH!" He ordered.
"No way dude. We've played 10 games, and I think I've sprained every bone in my body" Said Gerard rubbing his aching neck.
"Yeah." Agreed Mikey. Ray nodded.
"What about you Bob?" Asked Frank. Bob shook his head.
"Nah. I wanna go play donkey kong." He said.
"Fine stuff you all!" Said Frank getting up and stretching, his bones clicked and his back cracked.
"EUGH!" Cried Mikey, Frank grinned and cracked his knuckles.
"Eugh dont Frank!" Said Bob.
"Why?" Asked Frank, cricking his toes.
"Your gonna give yourself artheritis!" Said Gerard. Frank payed no attention and rolled his shoulders causing them to crack.
"You know I could be a musical instrument. Should I try to make a tune with my bones?" Asked Frank. He began re - cracking his knuckles, attempting a tune.
"Thats gross" Said Ray walking away. Frank stopped and stared at his hand.
"Ooops" He mumbled.
"What?" Asked Mikey and Gerard at the same time. Frank grinned sheepishly and held out his hand.
"I think I just broke my finger" He laughed, and sure enough he had. The other four band members stared in shock and horror at his finger. "Funny huh?" Said Frank who seemed impressed wsith himself for breaking his own finger.
"No! You do realise you wont be able to play guitar now?" Said Ray.
"Ah shit..." Mumbled Frank. But then he smiled to himself. "You gotta admit its cool though" He insisted. Gerard took a step back.
"Thats just stupid. I'm gonna go get a paramedic" He said. Frank shook his head but Gerard ignored him.

"All done Mr. Iero. Try not to break your own fingers anymore ok?" Said the paramedic before getting up and leaving, Frank looked at his finger.
"Ok...why dont we go do something that doesnt involve breaking bones?" Said Bob. Everyone thought for something they would all agree on. Frank looked up eagerly.
"I know! Why dont we play twister?!"
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