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Strength in One

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Through all the darkness the world has been cast into, a girl must make choice to either accept it or fight back, for a vampire more powerful than any other is fighting for her to bring darkness up...

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It seemed to be a normal, average, unordinary day. A gentle trickle of rain wet the earth, while billowing storm clouds continued to muscle their way through the sky promising of more than just a gentle rain shower. Light breezes raced across the wispy green grass and rising hills, nestled comfortably between these sloping plains was a small village called Anorak.
This village lay in the very heartland of what used to be the trophy of Ireland, Dublin, but years ago, a nasty war broke out across the world, wiping away everything that once was into an existence of the second Dark Age. Man had fought tooth and arm for dominance over the planet, each showing off his land with pride and arrogance, leading to nasty jealousies and grudges that burned within the hearts of men who weren't as lucky as that one. In the end, the lesser lands joined together and revolted against the higher powers. Surprisingly enough, the lands with less power accomplished their goals of redemption, gaining land and pride as they swept from town to town, country and continent, hell bent on being the one ruler. Yet even united as those few men were, they to begin to fight for overall dominance; while elderly, children and even women stood at the sidelines, helpless to the destruction that burned around them and destroyed all that they knew as home. With the higher powers dead, the lesser powers killing each other, there was no one left to maintain balance across the world. No one. Such an age was so primitive, even if the year was 3098, going into the fourth millennium in only two years.
This village was one of the last surviving human thresholds, so many men had been killed in the multitude of wars, violence, plague and blood shed. Such an age of darkness it had become, such an ironic stage at that for man had fought so hard to gain power...and in the end lost everything that made the world what it was. Children were a rare sight and a true blessing. Women wept for their dead husbands, brothers and fathers, while the elderly just looked upon this world with darkened eyes. Yet in this particular village, one child, just one, had been born through all the cruelties and pain in the world. Her name was Dagan, orphaned by a father she would never meet, by a mother who desperately chased after him and disappeared in the tides of onslaught and darkness.

Yet as such a blessing that was, no one could have predicted a greater power to also rise up, for centuries he had slept, centuries had he waited, and now, the year 3098 he was awake and ready to conquer the world with his armies, his darkness. His Master had promised him life after death, his Master had promised him a beautiful queen who would help him rule the world and birth many descendants of young. His Master was ever so compassionate and giving. But unknown to this creature of darkness and evil, this queen would not be taken so easily and she would either choose to accept or deny her destined fate, bringing light back into the world of Darkness or let it consume her and bring the world into a living nightmare of hell itself.

For she was truly the key to it all
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