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Showtime, baby

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It's the showdown between Kirsh and Phebe. A bullet it fired and it doesn't miss.

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Chapter 21: Showtime, baby

Phebe figured it wouldn't be difficult to trick Kirsh into believing it was Pete who showed up at her doorstep. How could the cop ever have a clue about what is really going on when she, Phebe herself, just recently discovered the unfortunate truth about her existence.

This is why I've been feeling such a natural connection to him.

It came like a fist to the face, the realization that Peter and she share one body. How this is possible, she really couldn't explain. When she looks in the mirror she sees a teenage redhead with piercing eyes and the body of a young woman.

It happened just a few moments ago, when Pete was talking to her in his bedroom. After she set fire to the second floor, having splashed gasoline in front of and all over the door behind which Douglas was sleeping, unsuspecting that he would be trapped by draperies of fire soon. Phebe worked out this little plan, which would kill two birds with one stone: get rid of Douglas and convince Pete she is here to look after him, to save him. And then Pete would, of course, go with her.

When the teenager decided to use different means in order to become more persuasive; he simply had to leave the house, she wouldn't let him be burnt to a crisp; it was then that the bassist rolled into unconsciousness. It was then that Phebe found out how easy it was to take him with her, even if he wasn't awake. It was then that she saw the truth.

Since the fire was greedily devouring the majority of the hall outside of Pete's bedroom, Douglas' screams for help framed by the crackling and hissing of the flames, she had no time for thinking about how to react to this revelation. In the end, what did it do to her feelings towards him?

Nothing. Nothing at all.

She loves him and that's a fact. No other woman will ever be as close to him as she is.

He's her better half. It's fate.

She made her way downstairs just in time, the heat was attacking her skin and hair but she didn't catch fire. Pete was alright, too.

Phebe ran out of the house, ran down the street, down the block. Her feet were automatically carrying her in the direction of where she soon after set her mind on going. To Kirsh. That bitch would have to pay for making it that much more difficult for her.

Please let it be Pete, please let it be Pete.

Kirsh has reached the top of the staircase and has to pull herself together not to scream out loud due to the frustration that is steadily growing inside of her. Her daughter's life is in danger, it's the worst feeling she's ever felt. She prays to God it's Pete and not Phebe who is with her right now.

She listens carefully. Fey has calmed down, gurgling noises reach the mother's ear. She always makes those noises after she's calmed down. Thank God, she's still ok.

What to do now?

On her way upstairs, in the exact middle of the stairway, she stopped in front of the baroque painting she's always found disgusting. No clue what Brian's mother finds so 'overwhelming' about it, but the one thing it was good for is hiding the safe in which Kirsh always keeps her service revolver.

"Pete?" she calls in the direction of the baby's room.


Now that she knows, his voice doesn't sound like it normally does. It sounds fake. It sounds as if someone else was trying to sound like him.

The gun tucked in at the backside of her jeans, the woman softly pushes the door open and finds Pete/ Phebe bending over the crib.

Go away from my child, you maniac.

Collect yourself. Play the role.

"I see you managed to calm her down. Good job," the officer coos sweetly.

Pete/ Phebe turn their eyes on Kirsh, a smile, "Yes, she's alright. I think she needs a clean diaper though."

Just when the woman is about to draw her weapon, the nightly visitor picks Fey up.

"Can I do it?" Phebe asks. I can't strike just yet. I have to convince her I'm Pete, then she will turn her back on me. Unless...

I can't shot her while she's holding my Fey.

"Why... sure. The diapers are in the closet underneath the changing table," the detective indicates the piece of furniture in front of the teenager.

"Great!" she replies with fake joy.

The woman's eyes follow her every move as the walks over to the changing table with the baby in her arms. Phebe/ Pete are holding her tightly, but they don't seem to crush her or hurt her in any other way. She wants to let out a sigh of relief but holds it in.

Phebe places the gurgling Fey on the table. Then she kneels down and opens the chest.

Kirsh heart almost stops when sees her baby lying on the table, the railing only covering three sides of it and not being particularly high. If she fell down she could be dead.

I'm gonna grab the kid and just walk out of the house. If Pete and I can't have children of our own, we can start our own family with this one. She can't stop me, she wouldn't hurt her own baby.

That's how I pay you back for what you've done, bitch.

Since the door of the chest is blocking her view to Kirsh, Phebe doesn't see the woman slowly pulling out the gun behind her back.

"Phebe," the woman says loud and clear.

Taken by surprise the teenager jumps up and stares at the officer, facing her.

"What are you-"

"Save it. Step back from my daughter. Now, or I will shoot you," the woman informs the girl.

Phebe realizes it's no point in pretending to be Pete any longer. She grings evily, "You wouldn't shoot Pete... You like him. You like him more than you-"

Just as the stalker reaches out for Fey, Kirsh pulls the trigger. The bullet leaves the shaft, whirs throught the air. Drills into flesh.

She shot her down. She hit him.

He hits the floor.

"Didn't Pete tell you I aim like a sniper?!"

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

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