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Don't move

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I want to remember you just like this...Don't move....It's only a breath or two between our lips...I know why you left. I can't blame you myself. Must be hard living with ghosts and such an empty s...

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After Pete had sent her the text message, Emma had jumped in the shower to sort her mind. She couldn't think straight. She finally gave up and laid in bed, trying to sleep. She finally drifted to sleep around 4:30 am. She woke up at noon, not really feeling rested, but knowing she better get up and make her way through the birthday festivities. She rubbed her eyes and tried to wake up. She sat up in bed and stared around her room, letting her eyes adjust to the brightness. She finally felt awake enough and got up and got dressed, pulling on a pair of faded blue jeans, a bright red tshirt and a black hoodie. She debated about actually trying to look presentable but she decided it was her birthday and she would do what she wanted. She slipped her Converses on and pulled her hair into a messy bun. She tucked her long sideswept bangs behind her ears and headed into the bathroom to put on a little make up. She stared at her reflection, doing the same thing she had done many times before. She began questioning what Pete had saw in her. She was just normal, noting spectacular. Just an ordinary looking girl. She sighed and closed her eyes. She backed out of her bathroom and headed for the door. She grabbed her phone and shoved it in her pocket, clearing the text message from Pete that was still open. She walked past her car and decided to walk to her parents.

She showed up about 30 minutes later, having taken the scenic detour. She stood at the front of her house and looked down the street at Pete's house, wondering if he was still there. She shook her head and walked through her gate towards her house. She heard someone call her name and she turned to smile and wave. It was Pete's brother, Andrew. He was walking down the street with a girl. He called out 'Happy birthday Emma!' She smiled and called 'thanks' back before slipping inside her parent's house. She heard her mom talking in the kitchen so she made her way in there. Her mom was on the phone, so Emma began digging around in the fridge for some food. Her mom tapped her on the shoulder and shook her head. Emma pouted and slumped down on a barstool. Her mom kept walking around the room talking and Emma mocked her. She held her hands up and made them act like they were arguing with eachother. Her mom caught her and gave her a look. Emma rolled her eyes and left the kitchen.

She wandered back outside and set on the front steps. She stared at the houses around her and thought about all the people that she knew that lived in them. She was lost in thought when a petite redhead walked up the steps to her and waved her hand in front of Emma's face. "Emmmaaa....hello. Earth to Emma.." the girl said. Emma snapped out of it and realized what was going on. She jumped up and said "Hey Kasey!" She gave Kasey a hug. Kasey was the only person that Emma had let close enough to her since she had thrown all her old friends out of her life. They have been friends in elementary, best friends to be exact. Then Kasey had moved away and Pete took her place. Kasey has moved back to Chicago recently and she & Emma hit it off again. Emma led Kasey inside, where her mom was now off the phone. Kasey gave Emma's mom a hug. "Happy birthday Emma!" her mom said, grabbing Emma and pulling her into a hug. Emma groaned as her mom squeezed her tightly.

"So, what's on the agenda for today, Mom? I didn't even know you invited Kasey..." Emma said, as they walked into the kitchen. Emma and Kasey hopped up on barstools and Emma's mom leaned against the cabinet. "Oh, just eat some food, some birthday cake, open presents...the usual..." she said. Emma looked at her mom suspiciously. "'re hiding something...what is it?" Emma said, narrowing her eyes at her mother. Her mom laughed and said, "Oh, I just invited some friends over...that's all." Emma glared at her mom. Leave it to her to invite her own friends over for Emma's birthday and not even ask if Emma minded.

They sat there talking for awhile before the doorbell rang. Emma started to get up to answer it, but her mom beat her to it. She came back in shortly, followed by a small group of people. Emma's mouth dropped open as she realized who they were. It was Patrick, Joe, Andy, Dirty and most surprisingly of all, Pete. Emma stared at them, confused. She had no clue why they were all here. She glanced back and forth between them and her mom. No one said a word, they were all waiting for Emma's reaction. She finally realized that everyone was staring at her and she lamely said "Hey guys..." A collective sigh of relief went round the room and everyone began fighting to give Emma a hug. She hugged Patrick first and whispered in his ear "I'm so glad you're here and don't hate me..." He pulled back and smiled at her before giving her another hug. She turned to Joe and shrieked "JOEEYYY!!" before pulling him into a hug. She then hugged Andy & Dirty tightly before she was left standing in front of Pete. They looked at each other for a moment before Pete muttered under his breath "Talk about awkward..." Emma heard him and laughed, then pulled him into a hug that lingered a little bit longer than she intended. Her heart began racing as she felt his body pressed against her's. She held him tightly, hoping the moment would never end, although she knew it would have too. She buried her head in his neck and squeezed him tightly before letting go. She quickly turned to Kasey and felt tears welling up in her eyes. She nodded her head towards the stairs and said, "Could you guys excuse me and Kasey for a moment...?" Everyone nodded and Emma dragged Kasey upstairs to her old bedroom.

She shoved Kasey in the room and closed the door. She sunk down against the door and shuddered as she began to cry. Kasey sat on the floor in front of her and watched her, knowing full well what was wrong with her. Emma sobbed and Kasey frowned and pulled her into a hug. This was the first time Emma had ever broken down about Pete in front of Kasey. She had told Kasey everything about Pete but she had never once broken down about him. Emma sobbed onto Kasey's shoulder as she held her. Emma finally began to stop crying when someone knocked on the door. Emma moved so the door could be opened, thinking it was her mom, but when the door opened, Pete was standing there.

Kasey looked back and forth between Emma and Pete before Emma nodded at Kasey. Kasey got up and left, leaving Emma and Pete alone. Emma continued to stare at the floor. Pete finally sat down next to her and pulled her close.

"Emma...I miss you so much...." was all she heard before she let go of all her restraints and tackled him and began kissing him hungrily.

Yes...a cliffhanger....evil laugh
I'll start part 3 soon ;D
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