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Secrets Of The Full Moon

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Young Amira didn't have the life a normal 17 year old girl had.Being the smartest of her class had many negative consequences,and neither her family nor her mother were there to support her.Only...

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I wasn't perfect.Actually I was not close to even being near perfect.
I wasn't the beautiful girl with the perfect body,that would drive the guys wild with
her flirtatious ways and her revealing clothes.I never stood out.I was nothing but
another face in the crowd,just simply me.The girl with long blond hair,hazel green
eyes,light skin and who wore clothes that covered her petite form.The quiet shy girl
who never voiced her opinion or never argued to make a point.The girl with a dark
mystery for a family and who drowned herself in books to keep and almost faultless
average,to keep that family content.That was me.But why should you be interested
in my story when you could be reading a more delightful and joyful story?Read and
find out...

The hot weather,the crazy teenagers running around the streets with cool drinks
and light clothes,the new found ill temper in usually calm people,and the rushing
water of the fire hydrant for the amusement and refreshment of the people indicated
one thing.Summer.

A young girl about 17 with dirty blond hair,big hazel green eyes,light
skin,standing at about 5'2,sat on a chair as far away from the window in her
small room as possible.She was avoiding the burning sun that was streaming
through her window,illuminating most of the room.She swung her legs back
and forth looking at her freshly painted toe nails,trying to determine if the
rose color she had use was really working for her.Her name was Amira.

"It's soooooo hot" her best friend complained sitting up instantly shielding her
eyes from the sun.She was also 17,with brown curly hair that she had much trouble
controlling.She had very light brown eyes and light brown skin.She stood about 5'7,
maybe a bit higher.Her name was Aine.

"Maybe if you get away from the window that can help"the blond advised from
her spot on the shaded area of the room "Or better yet close the curtains"

"God Amira why are you melancholic these past days?"the young girl
asked closing the blood red curtains,preventing the sun to shine with as much power.
"It's still summer and we are going back to school soon.We still have a few days to
enjoy our liberty,let's go have fun!"the young energetic girl prompted

"Exactly it's the beginning of the school year and you know what that means"
Amira stated bitterly

"Yes,it means that you are going back to school like always and with everyone
else here in New York and not in Japan"

"You know that's not going to happen this year"the young girl sighed

"Uh no,no,no,no,and noooo you are not going anywhere near Japan unless it is
with me or for a vacation.What,do you really think that just because that crazy
mother of yours signed the papers to have you study in Japan,I'm going to allow it??
If your answer is yes,than you are sadly mistaken,because me,Aine Leslie Rodriguez
will not allow such a thing"

Amira laughed lightly at her best friend "That's very sweet Aine..."Amira could
not finish her sentence for she was silenced by her cheerful and enthusiastic friend.

"Hush doll face because if even by some weird and unlikely situation we must
depart for and entire year,let us at least enjoy our last few days together"Aine
stated dramatically.She took Amira's hand and lifted her up

"Aine I..."once again the girl was silenced by her friend

"Come my love,the mall awaits for us"she kept on her dramatic ways "Your
mother did give you the money for the new clothes you will be taking for the trip
no?"she asked a bit more seriously

In fear of being silenced again,the young petite girl nodded and handed her the
money that was sitting on her desk.She watched in amusement as her best friend
counted the money and smiled wider as the amount went up."$932"she said placing
the money inside her own pockets."Good enough for a glamorous spree and
wonderful makeover"

A wave of hot and dry air greeted the two young teens as they stepped outside
and headed by foot,to the mall.It was only about 13 to 14 blocks away,nothing too
far really.

"Tell me about this new...umm this new..."Aine paused as if looking for the right
word "This new hell they will be sending you to at the end of this week"

Amira explained to her best friend about the foreign exchange program.One of
the top schools in Tokyo Japan had asked her to join the school for one year.She
knew the language fairly well,making minor mistakes every once in a while,but
knowing 3 languages sometimes causes you to confuse languages.The young girl
also explained to her friend how quickly her mother had signed the papers without
even asking her what she thought about the idea of moving to a new country.

"Honestly how could you live with...with...with that thing which you insist on
calling a mother?"Aine asked disgusted.She made a left to less crowded street
and her friend soon followed

"You know how I don't like to talk about that Aine,so let's just put it aside"Amira
answered calmly

"Fine,fine however you want it.I'm just saying"

After a moment of silence Amira resumed her explanation of the foreign
exchange program.She told Aine about the family of 3 she would be staying with.She
also mentioned that if she wanted to stay for college there,she could.They would pay
for everything if she did good.Aine responded to that by shrugging and telling her that
if she decided to stay there,as soon as she finished high school she would join her.

The cool and refreshing air of the crowded mall,gave both girls new found
energy.They went up and down stairs bumping their huge bags against people.
They bought clothes,shoes,hair products,a small portable video camera,books,
makeup and many other things,Amira knew she would be leaving.Aine wasn't buying
many things she would wear.She insisted on buying Amira sexy clothes,that Amira
warned she would not wear.The high heeled shoes that Aine didn't miss to buy,
Amira never even dreamed of wearing.The amount of makeup brought was
thankfully not much.Aine liked natural beauty rather than all that make up
"People who wear sooo much makeup are not beautiful"was what she said.

The dreaded day arrived too quickly for both girls.Both girls sadly looked
upon the shining sun as it rose up,indicating the day was beginning and Amira would
be leaving in no time.Aine who had slept over at Amira's house helped her pack her
small hand bag with some basic makeup,her portable CD player,and a few other things.

Amira's plane would leave at 12:00 pm,which would make it around 7:00 am in
Japan.The morning was slowly fading away and the time for Amira's departure drew
nearer and nearer.The two best friends tried to enjoy the little time they had
together,but April,Amira's mother wasn't making it very pleasant.Any minor
mistake would trigger her roars of anger to escape.

"Not an 'I love you',not a hug,not a kiss,not even a 'have a nice trip' from
her.All you get is yelling and whatnot"Aine complained to Amira,as she finished
doing the young girl he hair.She had decided to do her hair straight,but at the
last minute to make that boring hairstyle more interesting,she did small curls all
around her head.

"Don't worry,after a while you become numb to her insults and her constant
screaming" was the blonde's reply.She stood up and made sure she looked
presentable.She wore a brown shirt with beaded designs,a tight pair of dark jeans
and high heeled boots that matched the shirt.She played with her hair a bit until
she was completely satisfied with the way she looked.

"The taxi is here"Aine announced retrieving from the window "Now you know
how much I wish to take you to the airport,but you also know..."

"You can't,I know"Amira finished smiling

Both girls made their way downstairs,carrying the heavy bags.As soon as they
had set the bags in the front step of the house,Amira went inside to say goodbye
to her mother.She had to stop in her tracks,for her mother waved and told her not
to come near her.She did as she was told,sadly walking outside.Aine didn't waste
time in going to comfort her best friend

"Don't waste your time"she told her embracing her"She won't say goodbye to
you any time soon." Aine handed her a small green bag "take it,it's a small gift I
picked up for you yesterday.Hope you like it,and don't open it until you are either
already on the plane,or have safely arrived in Japan"

Amira took the bag happily and once again embraced her best friend.The honk
of the taxi driver indicated to her that she needed to leave.The girls waved at
each other one last time,as the taxi drove off to its destination.

The 14 hours it took the plane to get to Japan passed very slowly.Even though
it gave young Amira time to think about her new family,and the new country
she would be living in for and entire year,she was very excited and wanted to
land.Yes the girl could not help it but be scared,but she decided to look at the
positive side.A fresh start in life.She would be staying with a family of 3.A mother
named Yuriko,her 18 year old daughter Kita,and the father that was constantly
traveling,Tooru.They had sent her e-mails telling her how excited they were to
have her,and had even called to see how she was doing.They sounded like really
nice people,and she saw this as an opportunity to see how a real family acted.

The young girl sat on the airport chair,with her bags in the cart next to her.The
airport that earlier was full of people,was slowly becoming emptier and emptier with
each passing hour.The sun had long set and the orange sky had turned dark blue.
The shining sun had been replaced with a beautiful full moon which brought out a
few stars along with it.Even though Amira wished she could go outside and see the
beautiful night sky,she couldn't.Her guardian was late.Two hours late to be exact and
she feared that if she moved she would leave if she didn't find her.She waited
patiently,ignoring her increasing thirst and her aching muscles.That trip was
exhausting and all she wanted to do was take a loooong shower,and rest.

"Excuse me miss,are you Amira David by any chance?" a deep male voice asked
in Japanese.She blinked a few times and stood up to get a better look at him.He had
brown messy hair,with blue eyes and very light skin.He wore a gray business suit
with a pink tie.Hanging from one earlobe he had a crucifix and in the other just a
simple small hoop.

"Yes I am Amira David"she responded after her examination was completed.

He smiled a very friendly yet sexy smile at her,which lit up his entire face.
"I am deeply sorry for the delay,my friends who were helping me prepare the
house for your arrival didn't do much help.I left the house late and traffic was
not on my side"he apologized.His deep alluring voice placed Amira under a
trance for a few seconds.

"Who are you?"she asked confused

"I am your new guardian"the stranger answered

"What?"Amira asked still confused "I was supposed to stay with a family of 3"

"I thought they had informed you"the stranger told her "the family decided they
wanted a boy at the last moment,and since I had signed up for the program,they
sent you to me."

Amira looked at him strangely not sure if she should trust the stranger

"Here are the papers they gave me,that confirms that I am your new guardian"
the man handed her a piece of paper with all the information that confirmed that
he was her new legal guardian.

"So I guess you are my new guardian"she stated,handing him the paper back

"yes" he nodded,flashing yet another smile "My name is Camui Gackt and I will
be taking care of you for an entire year,and if possible more"

"Don't Americans give each other a kiss on the cheek when they meet a new person?"
he asked innocently

Amira nodded

"Can I have one.I mean we are just meeting,and you are American"

That of course was incorrect,for Amira was not really American.She had gone
to America at the tender age of two,from the Dominican Republic and her entire
family was from there.But since she was raised in New York and that is the way
they usually greeted each other when meeting,she didn't argue.The high heeled
boots made it easier for her to reach up and give him a light kiss on the cheek.
It was quick,yet she enjoyed the feeling of his smooth warm skin against her lips.

"I like the American way of saying hello"he stated once again smiling and lightly
touching the spot her lips had kissed.

This journey began September 3rd,1999.
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