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Before The Dawn

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With her parents divorce,Adriana is forced to leave with her young twin brothers,and not so normal mother,to Japan where her mother gets wilder and her life gets turned upside down

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Ana if you need any type of help,I'm here for you ok?"


"If you need to see a therapist or something,don't be
shy.You can always count on your mom"

"Salma you and dad are separating it's not that big
of a deal"

"Yes but we won't be living the same.Luxury wise
I mean"

"We adapt Salma,we adapt"

"I know,I'm just worried about you I guess"

"I'm 16,I hardly see or speak to my father,living with
or without him won't exactly alter my life"

She sighed standing up "Well I just wanted to make sure.
I'll leave you to do your make up and stuff.We can talk later
about the changes"

She slowly made her way out of my room,leaving me
to look at myself in the mirror.The one time I decide to
alter my appearance,she comes in to address the divorce
between her an my father.It would have been a tad bit
more exciting if I hadn't predicted the separation since
I was about 4.

I began to remove the little bit of makeup that had
made it to its proper place.Tanned skin,long black hair,
chubby cheeks,brown eyes and a nice nose,that's what
was left of me.My every day look.The look most girls
guaranteed was beautiful but that I could only find normal.
The look that I tried changing to see if I could reveal this
"beauty" everyone but me,seemed to see.

It didn't work,so I gave up.Maybe I would try another

I walked into Salma's room to find it empty.

"Salma?" I called

"In the bathroom honey.I'll be right out"

I hardly ever called her mom.Mostly I did it in front of
people to show respect for her,but around the house,it
was rare to hear me call her mom.She just didn't seem
very mother material.As nice and caring as she was,she
just acted too much like my sister and not like a 37 year
old women,mother of four.

She settled in her bed after stepping out of her bathroom
and quickly began speaking.

"Remember our first trip alone?"

"Our trip to Japan correct?"

"Yes,I showed you where I lived when I was in college there,
and all the other cool places"

I nodded

"There was this special person that I became real good friends
during the three years I stayed there,and last time we went you
got to meet him"


She smiled "Yup,Yohshiki Hayashi.Met him at a club,been
friends ever since.I told you how he was in a really famous band
in Japan but now he works as a producer"

"What does any of this have to do with our future lives?"

"I'm getting to that"

"Could you get there a bit faster?"

"Ok he made me an offer that I just couldn't resist.Since now
he's living in California he doesn't use his house in Japan.Since
we do have to move and I told him about the whole ordeal,he
told me that I could use the house for as long as I wanted
without paying a penny" she chirped

"And how will we survive?"

"You didn't let me finish.One of the bands he is managing
needs a stylist and..."

"You're their girl" I finished


"That's great and all but you do forget that you have 3 kids
who will leave with you,and that know zip about the country.You
may know everything there is to know,but we don't.You do realize
this right?"

"Come on Ana you're smart.We can put you in one of those
special schools they have there.Plus you were the one who said
to adapt"

"I know,but Jesus it's too sudden"

"We adapt Ana,we adapt" she mocked

"Ok but what about Linette?"

"She's staying with your father.It's you,Lorenzo,Daniel and me"


"So are you up for the challenge?" she cheered

"Not exactly"

"Well get ready,we leave in two days"

Having your parents divorce and move out to another house is one
thing.Having your parents divorce and move out to another house in
another country with a pair of identical devils is another thing.Another
HUGE thing.


My mother and her friend greeted each other with such passion it
made me sick.Of course at the time any positve could be turned to
a negative by me.The twins decided to make all 13 hours of the trip
my personal hell.To make it better,one falls asleep 15 minuted before
we land,and since my mother wanted the bags,I was stuck with the
sleeping beauty.While holding the boy I had to make sure the other
one didn't run off to destroy the airport,a task which I may say is
practically impossible.

My anger was most apparent and I was just trying my best to
stay calm for my mothers friends.

"Adriana is it?" Yoshiki asked making his way towards me

"Please call me Ana"

"Well you're almost a women now"

I laughed with him,my mother and Yoshiki's friend.How nice.

"Well Ana,Salma,this is my good friend Die.He speaks some
english so I brought him to help,and so Ana wouldn't get bored
during the car ride"

My mother bowed but I could only smile.

Salma quickly left with her friend,forgetting that I had her two
sons,and that the guy next to me felt as awkward as I did.

"Do you need help with the boy?"

His english carried a heavy accent but it was understandable.

I gladly turned whichever one of the twins I was carrying to him.
They were my brothers and all but when I said identical,I meant it.

"Ana carry me" the other one whined

"Which one are you?"

"Lorenzo" he protested "I am Lorenzo"

I heard Die laugh.It must have seen pretty funny to him that
I couldn't tell my brothers apart,but if he was planning on spending
time with us,he would soon understand me.

I caught only a glimpse of his smile,but it was all I needed.It
was a gorgeous smile,radiant beautiful.It suited him perfectly
along with his hair and his dark eyeliner.Everything seemed to
suit him.Lucky.

"Ana carry me"

"We're almost there"

"But I'm tired"


A 16 year old arguing with a 4 year old boy is not exactly
the best way to impress a guy.Well at least it amused him
as we headed towards the car.

"So you can't tell them apart" he stated jokingly

P>"They have no such thing as a difference.Unless they
state their name,it's hard to tell them apart"

"They look cute"

"Yeah they do,but they're pure evil"

"You look cute too,are you evil?"

I was a bit surprised by the statement,but still managed to
laugh it off with him.


He didn't have time to say anything else.The van halted and
we stepped out.

Yoshiki was the first one to speak "Welcome to a new country,
a new house,a new life"
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