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Sometimes, It's Just Shock

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[Frerard] After a rather strange moment between the two boys, Frank becomes worried that Gerard is upset with him. But, confusion grips Frank when Gerard returns the gift...why would he toy with hi...

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For mistressxwinter.
For the record, the Gerard's-mother mentioned in this is not Gerard's actual mother. Thanks for understanding :]


Pale fingers gripped his own hair tightly as he tucked his black fringe behind his ear. Eyes darted to the side ever so nervously, green but dulled slightly with the obnoxious, gut-wrenching feeling of fear.

He was sitting one seats ahead and two seats to the left. Hunched over his notebook, pen held aloft in his hand as it scratched across the notebook paper in a frenzy. Eyes holding a look of intensive concentration, he was writing lyrics, no doubt. Gerard knew, for he was normally doing the same thing; pouring over his notebook while the teacher prattled on about Shakespeare or some other old dead guy who didn't know a thing about his life. He hardly ever took notes, but his pages were full of colorful phrases, all pertaining to himself, all meaning something deep and striking a cord deep inside of him.

His hand rose to his mouth, fingers pressing delicately against the pastel pink exterior. Lips burning slightly, he could feel the blood pump beneath them; could feel the need to press against his own, to feel the warmth and inviting comfort that only he could offer. He wanted to feel it...again.

Hand dangling precariously off the edge of the twin bed, Frank stared up at the crinkly design that had been plastered onto the ceiling of the room. Gerard sat on the floor, comic book in lap. Frank slowly let his eyes travel downwards, until he was leaning ever so slightly to the side, face tilting just enough so that he could watch Gerard in the act of reading the comic.

Hair draped into his face, eyes drifting almost lazily across the page. A hand darted forward like a deadly movement of a snake, fingers curling around the page before flipping it to the side, discarding it as yet another thing read. Transfixed, Frank found he couldn't keep his eyes off of him; he was just so...striking.

Eyes filtered upwards, catching on through the heat of a stare that Frank was looking at him. Frank blushed slightly, the color rising to his cheeks magnificently. Gerard smirked, eyes holding frank's with a mesmerizing glaze.

Then, without meaning to, Frank stumbled from the bed. Slowly crawling towards his best friend, he pressed his forehead against his. A startled look flashed across Gerard's features, but Frank found he could not stop; lips crashed down, gently moving as Frank fought against his shaking arms, trying to keep himself upright.

As quickly as the kiss had occurred, Frank pulled away. A horror-stricken expression leaned down on his features as his mind portrayed Gerard's angry sneer, angry catcalls of "faggot."

Without a second glance, Frank hobbled up, leaning against the door nervously before finally making his fingers fumble with the doorknob before wrenching it open and lurching out. He thought he heard Gerard's exasperated call of his name, "Frank!" before he reached the last step and bolted from the front door.

How was Gerard supposed to tell his best friend that he hadn't been angry, he had actually enjoyed the kiss, wanted more, was begging for more, needed more?

The bell gave its blessed resounding crack of a noise, seeking those who were sleeping to wake up. The post-door jam followed, naturally, as kids lifted their meager notebooks and ran from the classroom. It was a Friday, so of course everyone was eager to get out of school; what's more, it was the last class of the day. The teacher, even, ran from the room; leaving without a trace.

Before Gerard knew it, it was only Frank and himself in the room. Alone.

Frank slowly sat up, turned his head so that his own hazel eyes met Gerard's, and then lowered his head. He got up nervously, snatching his notebooks, turning, ready to dart out of the room-

When Gerard's hand landed, firmly, against his shoulder. "Frankie," he whispered. "Why've you been avoiding me for the past two days?"

"I, I haven't b-been avoiding you," Frank stuttered, not daring to look Gerard in the face. It was always hard to lie when looking someone in the face.

Gerard's lips pursed, eyes narrowing into slight slits. "Uh, yeah, you have. Why, Frankie? Is it because...?"

He watched as Frank's skin turned white. "Wh-what are you t-talking about?"

Hand snaking out possessively, Gerard's hand slowly gripped Frank's chin. Frank's body stiffened as he raised his head to face Gerard. He tried to keep his eyes down, but of course the lure of Gerard's wondrous green eyes was too strong. Hazel met green as Gerard smiled, leaning down slightly and pressing his lips against Frank's.

Frank stiffened immediately, shock resounding through his veins as Gerard worked against his lips. Then, his hands rose to Gerard's shoulders, and Gerard began to wrap his hands around Frank, when-

He shoved Gerard off of himself, wiping his mouth angrily with his sleeve. "Don't toy with my emotions like that, dammit," he growled, glaring broadly and snatching his belongings and escaping the room.

And, more importantly, escaping Gerard.

Later that night, Gerard lay in his room, trying to escape the tears that wanted to flow from his eyes so thoroughly. A sigh escaped his lips as he rolled over, wishing the bed still smelled of Frank.

"Gerard?" his mother called, voice tight for some unknown reason. "It's Frank."

Rolling his eyes at the new-found reason as to why his mother's voice was so tight, he tumbled off the bed and held his hand out of his room. A phone landed on his expecting palm. Fingers curled around it as he brought his hand pulled into the room and he clicked his door shut.

A sudden wash of anxiousness overcame him, as he said, slightly breathless into the phone, "Frank?"

Silence on the other line, before, "I'm coming over," and he hung up. Gerard stared at the phone awkwardly for a moment before sighing, getting back up off of his bed and crawling down the steps to put the phone back on the charger.

He hung out in the entryway of his home until the doorbell rang. He opened the door and there stood Frank, shoulders shrugged as his hands hid in his jeans pocket. A sweat jacket graced his shoulders and his hair hung limply in his face. "I'm...sorry," he mumbled.

Gerard shook his head, mute, and gestured towards the stairs. The two climbed them, entering Gerard's room and locking the door as they normally did.

Suddenly, Frank's hands were on Gerard's neck, pressing his head downwards and his lips moved against his. Gerard stiffened for a fraction of a second before wrapping his arms around Frank's waist, hugging him tightly to his body and kissing him back.

Fire lit inside their veins, pumping wildly, making their skin hot and feverish. Pulling away for breath Frank's mouth slowly slid down to Gerard's neck, placing his lips there and lightly sucking. Gerard tilted his head back, moaning audibly, blood rushing to many places.

Frank looked up again, pressing his lips fervently against Gerard's. Mouths gasped open, defenses finally broken; tongues met in the middle, each relishing the pure taste. Frank moaned, hugging Gerard closer, silently begging that Gerard never leave. And Gerard had no intentions of leaving; hands rolled through hair, arousal became evident so quickly, yet it only made their kissing that much more passionate.

The sharp crack of a knock at the door pulled the two teenagers away from their moment; hands still clutching one another, hair ruffled beyond a quick fix, pants tighter than they dared admit, even to themselves.

"Frank? Your mother wants you to come home, now. She's outside. Gerard, what did I tell you about locking your door?"

A glance at one another as they pulled away, hands entwining deliciously. A smirk shared between the new couple, as they turned to face their less-than-enthusiastic mothers.
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