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This was a challenge that my friend gave me and it just came naturaly to me...In this Roy has been betrayed. Well he thinks he's been betrayed anyway. If you read, please review.

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Roy lie flat upon his back staring at the roof of his apartment. His eyes were blank with thought and exhaustion.

The room was dark and the thought of what had happened was eating at his mind. "How could he? How could you?" he said to the darkness.

His mind switched to something far off.

He could see the park he had been in with Hughes earlier that day so vividly that it took what breath he had away.

The picture was jerky (like in horror movies).

Roy was sitting on a bench waiting for Hughes. They had been together for almost five months and it was the best Roy had ever felt in his life and hoped with every fiber of his being that Hughes felt the same.

He'd been waiting for almost an hour and by now it was getting kind of dark. Actually it was so dark that the street lamp had come on with a click.

Roy stared into the setting sun and asked himself, "Where is he?"

Now it was hours later and Roy still sat at the same bench.

He reached into his right pocket and pulled out his pocket watch. It was nine o'clock.

He stood up and started to walk away, then turned back to see if he had left anything.

He turned back in a fit of sudden rage and started to run.

He ran down the street and twisted around at the first corner... "Guess we'll find out where you were all night."

When he reached the first flight of stairs he stood at the bottom and looked up. The light in Hughes' apartment was on...he was home.

Roy walked up the stairs and into the building and once again up a flight of stairs.

He found Hughes' door, room seven.

He twisted the knob but the door was locked. Quickly he reached into his left pocket this time and pulled out his white glove with a red alchemic circle.

He slipped it on and snapped his fingers.

Sparks flew at the knob and with a loud snap the door flew open. He stared at the room which was empty. He walked in.

"Hughes?" Roy called.

There was no answer, but there was a sudden rustling in the back room.

Roy followed the noise and ran down the hall. He slammed open the bedroom door and stared in aw at what he saw.

Hughes was lying on the bed with someone else. This someone was Garcia.

"This is what you were doing? Why couldn't you just tell me?" Roy exclaimed in fury.

"Roy, what the hell are you talking about?"

"We were supposed to meet at the park." Roy answered.


But it was to late. Roy had snapped his fingers and that was the end for Hughes.

Now back at his apartment, Roy was staring at his left hand now, not the roof. It was covered in his blood.

He was now questioning himself, "He didn't even know. Were you even together with him?"

Roy lifted his right hand, it hand a long knife in it. "He didn't know."

He slid the knife across his wrist and now he was over.

As the night wore on you could see the reflection of moonlight in his and Hughes mixed blood. They were now together...
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