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I walked onto this command deck two days ago and I'm not leaving it for anything less than another big fireball. There's things that need doing and places we have to be. I'm just telling these pilot boys where to go. It's my fucking job, dammit.

It doesn't matter that they were already gunning the Highwind away from the fireworks at the crater when I got in here. They're not stupid. They know their job. First thing was to get the hell away from that fancy lightning and they were doing that. It's good that they know what to do without being told. I fucking trained 'em and I don't baby nobody so they had damn well better know.

Of course, I had to tell them to set down somewhere safe as soon as possible. They hadn't been outside when Spike came in. How the hell would they have known we needed a goddamned doctor in the house? I told them to land somewhere safe so we could get one. I didn't tell 'em why. Wasn't none of their fucking business.

Vincent came back from wherever he put her a few minutes later but I didn't need nobody to tell me we needed to get her some help. Hell, I saw those marks on her. I saw where all that blood was coming from. I didn't have to look too long to know. A crazy man steals a pretty girl away and well, it's a fucking bad story. Can't say it really surprised me. Still, up till that point when I saw her, it was easy to pretend that things might still turn out okay. Life's just shitty like that though. It'll never miss a chance to screw you, even if you know how and when and you see it coming a hundred miles away.

We got a doctor at Costa del Sol. It was one of the places far enough from all the fire and lightning for landing. Things were still pretty shook up around there. None of the damn medics wanted to leave the local injury line.


I kept trying to tell 'em we had a real situation. A girl was lying in a bed bleeding, probably to death for all I know, and they want to stick around to tape plasters on every idiot who couldn't get out of the way of a falling rock.

I guess it was a good thing Vincent came along. I didn't know what good he would be, knowing how fucking quiet he is, but all my talking wasn't doing a damned bit of good. I learned my lesson though. Never underestimate a man with a claw. So we got our doctor and Vincent led him down to the room. I told Cloud that we got help but he didn't look like he was going to move from the railing. I gave up waiting for him and came back up here.

The deck's real quiet. Nobody's talking like they usually are. I didn't say a thing, but word got around anyway, I figure.

This is where I belong. Not a damn bit of good I can do down there. There's enough work here to do. This is where I belong, dammit. Up here to pilot this baby wherever we need to go. I'm needed here and this is where I'll be. Everybody else has the same fucking idea. Tifa's staying down in the bedroom. Vincent's running back and forth to get things done. The kid and the cats are staying out of the way for the most part. Even Spike came in eventually. It works out. Everybody does what they gotta fucking do without getting in anybody else's way.

I sure as hell don't envy Barret though. See, he got it into his head that it was his duty to tell her mother. Cait Sith, Reeve, whatever the hell you want to call him, he managed to track down where the Turks had stashed the old lady in the melee, so we stopped at Kalm to deliver the news. Well, Barret did anyway. I just went out to scrounge some smokes while he did what he had to do.

Just my luck I passed him on my way back to the ship. He was talking to this woman in a small fenced-off yard. They were too far away for me to hear anything but I figured she was the mother when she started screaming and beating him on the chest. I thought about jumping in there to yank her off him, but he just stood there, taking it all.

I walked away. It wasn't my place to interfere. My place is here, steering the damned ship. I wish I'd grabbed more cigarettes when I had the chance. I could really fucking use them right about now.

Vincent came up a minute ago. Told me they brought the mother on board to see her. I guess that would explain all that god-awful wailing I heard a while back. I'm not going down there. That's one mess I don't need to be in.

We still need to find a hospital, one that's not overflowing with Meteor and Lifestream injuries. The doctor said she'll need more intense care than we can give her on the ship. I wouldn't know first hand. I haven't been down there. I haven't seen her since Vincent first took her inside. He says she's waking up every now and then. She seems to be doing okay for now. It's her mother who's falling apart. In any case, I'm up here now and we're flying all around so we can find a place with room for her.

It's sickening in a way. I once promised her a ride on the airship. I didn't think it would turn out like this. I kinda want to go down there and apologize for it. It's not my fault though. Not hers either. But I can't go down there.

Shit, I wish I hadn't finished my smokes so quickly. We're running out of places to go to. If we don't find someplace, we're just going to have to park up somewhere and wait till something clears up. I hate waiting, dammit. I can't just sit and wait here. Not now.

Yeah, so I'm trying to stay up here. I seen her once when Cloud brought her on board. I don't need to fucking see that again. Shit. I can't go down there. I don't want to have to look at her like that again. I know it's stupid but I just fucking can't. All it would take is one more look at her and Tifa and Cloud and the old lady bawling her eyes out and I'd probably be doing the same damn thing. I'd be fucking useless. So I'm staying away and doing what I can for her from here.

And I feel like shit for it being so little.

Because that girl down there, she's survived something terrible, don't ask me how, and here I am, too goddamned chicken to even look in on her.

You don't need to tell me I'm a fucking coward. I already know.

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