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Boom, I Got MY Boyfriend

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bitch please

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I finally get to meet this Eliza chick today. I've heard mixed feelings on her. Some of the guys think she's cool, the others don't really talk about her as well. Alicia thinks she's cool, so I guess I'll like her. We tend to draw the same people in. We got dressed and got ready to head out. "Ready?" Gerard asked before grabbing his keys. "Yea.." We walked out to the car and drove to her little studio place. It was nice, small, but nice. We walked in and she squeeled when she saw Gerard. This was a little odd. She lunged for him basically. Hello? Girlfriend right here! After she backed off I grabbed Gerard's hand and looked away a little trying not to make it obvious what this little statement was. "Gerard...Who is this?" she asked sweetly. "This would be my girlfriend. Kaiden, meet Eliza." "Hi" I waved with my free hand. She smiled a little sad. "Nice to meet you finally..." She said before walking back to her station. Gerard followed her dragging me along. I sat a little ways down in the waiting area reading a magazine. I looked up every now and then watching Gerard. I don't like the way she acts around him...Not at all.

Finally we left, him still blonde, me still pissed about that skank back there. The ride home was dead silent, he didn't even put the radio on like usual. Once we got into the house I just walked up to the bedroom and laid hardly on the bed. Gerard came up a little later. He sat facing me on the bed. "Are you doing something with her...." I asked blankly. "What?" " you two have something going on?" I looked dead into his eyes. I'll know if he lies. "Gerard...don't lie to me" "Why would you even ask something like that Kaiden?" "Answer me." my voice showing no emotion. "No. Why would I do that?" Something wasn't right...He looked as if he was almost telling me a lie. "Why does she act so flirtacious around you?" "I don't know, thats just Eliza...Do you honestly think I'm cheating on you?" I kept my stare.... "Yea...I don't know.... you two just act weird around eachother...Anyone else would've thought you two had something going on with the way she fucking attacked your ass when we walked in."

Gerard sat there and looked at me blankly. He shook his head then walked out of the room. That was the first real fight we got into...and not one time did either of us really raise our voices; emotional battle. I rolled over and laid on my back staring at the ceiling. Tears dripped out from the corners of my eyes. This shit sux. A few hours later Gerard walked in. He didn't say one word to me, just laid down, turned the light off and went to sleep. So now he's ignoring me? Fuck laying here...I'm not even tired. I got up and walked downstairs. I basically threw myself into the couch. I called Sonny to see if she was still up. It is like 11. She answered the phone in her usual high tone.

"Hey bro, wassup?"
"Nothing really...just a little upset."
"Why? What happened?"
"Gerard dude...and that Eliza Cuts chick."
"Oh no...What happened"
"I don't even fucking know...I went with him to get his hair done today and it seemed like she was all over him dude! We walked in and she pounced his ass, then she kept touching his shoulders all girly and shit when he was laying back in that chiar...and she even knew we were together...and that I was in the same fucking room!"
"What a bitch dude! So did you talk to Gee about it?"
"Yea...I asked flat out if he was cheating on me...cause you know, he never pushed her away once. He told me he's not cheating one me...but something just doesn't seem right about that chick."
"God damn...I'll beat her ass if she's doing something with him."
"I'll kill the both of them! Shit. I actually love this man...and he told me he loves me too...for once in my fucking life a guy told me that they loved me...then this shit happens."
"Damn, I'm sorry dude."
"Yea...nothing to fucking do really....but if I find him cheating on me...I swear to god..I'm fucking done. I'm not dealing with that shit again"
"I don't blame you. Fuck that."
"Yea....So how are you and Frank going?"
"Ha..We're doing pretty sweet. He hasn't fucked up yet."
"Sweet deal"
"Yea...He's pretty crazy though"
"OMG! I know!! You need to come to the studio and see his ass sometime! He's so funny. Oh god."
"Definately dude...well hey...I'mma get going to sleep. Talk to you tomorrow."
"Alright. See ya."

We hung up and I decided to take one of Gerard's spare rooms....It feels weird being around him now...I have to do something to shake this thought from my head.
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