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Tell Me Where We Go From Here

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hell yea.

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The next few weeks went by smoothly. Now it's time for the guys to go on tour, man am I used to this lifestyle. We left for the bus and went to pick up Sonny. For the first few nights we stood stage-side. After that...All the shows are exactly the same. They say the same things, play the same songs...Nothing new. This was gonna be a 6 month tour....It's crazy. Around the middle of the tour, I actually decided that I wanted to go back out and watch the guys. We sat on the bus before the show and small talked about some of the crazy fans from the night before. They basically stood infront of the bus until they were allowed to touch Ray's fro. We called security. No fro touching assholes!

I was sitting on Gerard's lap and he had his arms tightly around my middle. Sonny sat across from us the same way with Frank. Mikey and Alicia were basically doing the dirty in the back. Eventually we got up and went outside to the stage. We were in New Jersey tonight. Home for them. I've been here before...but only in Trenton because I had sick family that lived there. I watched Muse leave set. I gave them high-fives for another amazing night. I kissed Gerard before they went on. This was probably gonna be their best night. "HELLO JERSEY!" Gerard yelled into the mic. The fucking crowed went nuts. I've never seen the kids go this crazy. "Ohhhhhhh It feels fucking great to be hom Jersey...oh how good it feels." Again...they went nutz. Now the rest of the guys filed out on stage making them go crazier. "So Jersey, how the fuck have you been? I know its been a while." -Crazy- "Well Jersey...In a little while, I have a surprise for everyone. But for now. MUSIC MOTHER FUCKERS!" I looked at Sonny and mouthed 'surprise?' She shrugged being in the same place as me at the moment. We watched the show. "I Don't Love You/ Like I Love You/ Yesterday....I need you more...I love you more....I want you more... Jersey...Do we remember this surprise?" -Nuts- "Well...Here is my little surprise..." He put a hand in his back pocket "Kaiden...By beautiful...I need you." I looked at him terrified. Sonny shoved me on stage and Frank walked me to Gerard. He looked just about as confused as the rest of the band, but he moved with me. Gerard took me by the waist with his free arm. Everything was dead silent. Everyones eyes were on me. Those fucking kids are intimedating. shit. Gerard took his arm back and spoke into the mic "Kaiden...I want to tell you in my home...infront of all these people...just how much you really mean to me...This time...I mean it...Hand in mine into your icey blues..." he began singing Demolition Lovers getting down on one knee. At the end of the song "Kaiden...I love you..I love you so much...." his hand went behind him again "Kaiden...will you marry me?" he pulled out a box and sat the microphone down. He opened the box and a ring with several rocks was sitting against red velvet intirior. I burst into tears and nodded my head like crazy. He smiled wide and put the ring on my finger. He stood and kissed me pasionately. Crowed went fucking insane. The band including Sonny ran up to us and there was a group hug deal going on. When that was over, I kissed Gee again then ran off stage with Sonny. Me and her looked at eachother all happy. This was amazing.

Back on the bus me and Gerard laid in our bunk "So...when do you wanna do this?" he asked pulling me close to him. "When do we get off tour?" "Late April..." "Begining of May sound good?" "Awesome." he kissed me again. I curled up to him and we fell asleep. The rest of the tour ran nicely all of the fans knew about us now. Gerard brought me in an interview with a radio station on the last week of the tour. We were in Salt Lake City. "So Gerard, Kaiden, how does it feel knowing you're gonna be married?" "It's an amazing feeling. I've never felt better in my life actually." Gerard answered, I nodded in agreement. "Kaiden, how did you two meet?" "Gerard got my best friend to make me go to dinner on this blind date, but she didn't tell me who it was...when I got there...hahahaha the rest is the fairytale." "Sounds like it. Well congrats you two!" He went on talking to the rest of the band. We left then they got ready for tonight's show.

Finally the last day of the tour was close to home. "Thank you! Good-fuckin-night!" Gerard shouted in the mic and took his last bow. He ran off stage and took me in his arms. "It's over" he pressed his forhead to mine and kissed me playfully. I jumped into his arms and he carried me back to the bus. We got dropped off at our homes. I ran and jumped into the bed "It's so good to be home!" I grabbed a pillow and hugged it as I sunk into our bed. Gerard laid beside me and pulled me to him "Kaiden I love you...god damn" "I love you too." I push him back and got ontop of him and kissed him.

Wedding Day

I waited in the room smoothing out all the imperfections of my dress. Sonny and my sister stood in the room with me. "Do...Do I looke alright?" "Yes for the hundreth fucking time! Shit!" Sonny said laughing at me. My sister got up and hugged me. "I never thought I'd see the damn day where someone tied you down...Damn Benj" "Thanx Cade...Shit me either! That fucker!" We all laughed. The bells began to ring, I knew this was time for me to leave and see my Gerard. Oh and I forgot to mention who my other maids were...hahahaha...It took me 50 bucks, but I got Zacky in a dress and Alicia was also a bride's maid of mine. Gerard had the rest of the guys up there with him. Bob got the honors of walking me down the isle. About 100 camaras went flashing. Woah lights. damn. We made our way up there and Bob walked off to the side. The guy went on with his marriage speach. "I do" we said at the same time. "You may now kiss the bride" he said. Gerard pulled me in. We shared the first kiss of the rest of our lifes.
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