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The Midnight Dream

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A girl is left home on halloween night and she encounters trouble with a not normal trick not treater.i put it as mystery only because of the ending. enjoy

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One cold dreary night Sarah was home alone handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Yet there hadn't been any yet and she was getting bored. So she sat down and turned on the T.V. while she was watching her favorite Halloween movie the doorbell rang.
"Finally" she said to herself. When she opened the door nobody was there. Sarah stuck her head out and listened. The only sound she could hear was coming from a few kids down the street laughing away merrily.
"Darn! There ding dong ditching me!" she yelled aloud. When she sat down again the doorbell rang, again. This time when she opened the door she saw, in the shadows of her house, a man! She slammed the door shut.
"Oh my gosh" she repeated over and over again as she locked the doors and windows. She ran to the phone.
Just when she was going to dial the phone rang.
"Hello?" said Sarah into the receiver. Nobody responded so she hung up, and about to cal the cops it rung once more.
"Hello?" she called into the receiver hoping it was her mother. Once again not a sound came from the other end. She picked up the phone, her trembling hands trying to dial 911. Sarah was as scared as a lone cold puppy as she waited an answer to her call. Finally, when a kind officer picked up the other end she explained her story.
"Alright we'll send someone right over. Just lock all the doors and windows and when the bell rings find the officers badge and he will say you are caller number 467" oh was Sarah scared!
"Ah... alright" forced Sarah
When the officer came she found his badge on his uniform and he calmly said
"Mam' you are caller 467 and we are her to investigate the premises." It was like a huge wave of relief had washed her away. The officer with no hat and dark brown hair checked outside while Sarah and the other officer investigated the house. When the brown haired officer came in, he called to them saying he had found the intruder. When Sarah walked in to see the intruder she couldn't believe her eyes.
"Jimmy?" It was so hard to believe that her secret crush was causing her all this trouble! When the officers left with Jimmy in the back of the car Sarah sat down to watch T.V. again when all of the sudden she woke up to the doorbell!
"Was it just a dream? It was!"
"Ding dong" The sound echoed through the house. Sarah got up with the bowl of candy in her hands.
"Trick or treat!" yelled her little brother Mike. She laughed when she saw him in his clown costume. When her mom and little brother were inside counting candy the doorbell rang for about the hundredth time that night. Once again she walked over to the door with the bowl of candy.
"Tricks are like treats unexpected and sweet" she said happily to herself. After all Sarah's troubles were all over! It was just a dream! But when Sarah opened the door, all she saw standing outside was the figure of a man standing in the shadows of her house.
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