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Prelude 1221

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Everyone knows the Golden Rule. But what if you were forced to live by another rule, one more important than even the Golden Rule? Sometimes, following your heart can be a course of Destiny even mo...

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: PG - Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Crossover, Drama, Horror, Romance, Sci-fi - Warnings: [?] [V] [X] - Published: 2007-07-17 - Updated: 2007-07-18 - 93 words - Complete

Two of body, and one of blood shall decide the battle to end all battles. One shall die to rise from their ashes, bringing new hope to the side defeated. Three and one shall they fight until the time when the fourth shall come. And when the fourth comes into their lives, things will seem fine for a time, but it will not be so. The one still standing shall then have to choose between the blood of all times and wines of the past before becoming what all shall fear and worship.
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