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Chapter 3-School

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Kristina finds out about the school dance.

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Yes! I won! Pete was angry which made me happy! After all those days of losing, I finally beat him. I was jolted awake by someone shaking my shoulder.

"Wake up Kris! You're in Science class," my best friend Alicia hissed.

"Ugh...I was having a good dream," I hissed back.

Last period of the day. Fifteen minutes until I can go home and play soccer.

" dance will be this Friday..." Mrs. Filipovic was saying.

School dances...the worst thing next to losing a soccer game. They are so pointless unless you have a date...which I never do. I went back to daydreaming.

After class while Alicia and I were walking to our lockers, she spazzed.

"Ehmygod! OMG! There's gonna be a school dance--"

"I heard,"

"--I can't wait! I wonder who I'll go with this time!"

She, unlike me, had no problem finding dates. Practically all the juniors (and some seniors) were trailing after her.

Just to prove my point, a guy I'd never seen before walked up to us.

"Alicia...will you be my date for the dance?" he asked.

"I'm really sorry, but I don't even know you..." she replied.

The guy kept trying to convince her into going with him. Eventually, I got bored, so I continued on towards my locker. To my surprise, Pete (who's locker was sadly right next to mine) was there too. Usually, he was long gone before I even got let out of class.

"Hi...are you gonna be playing soccer today?" he asked.

I snorted. "Duh! Don't I always?"

"Yeah, just making sure...listen, I'm really sorry 'bout yesterday. I swear, that ball was not supposed to hit you. Are you mad?"

That surprised me too. Since when does he care? "No, it's no big deal." I said as I grabbed my backpack.

" I'll see you soon?"

That really surprised me.

"Yup..." I said slowly and turned to leave.

"Wait!" Pete ran after me.


"Nothing. I'm just gonna walk with you..."

That did more than surprise me. It left me speechless. We walked side-by-side to the bus. Then one of his idiot friends popped up.

"Pete myster! What's chillin'?!" he tried to pull a cool guy face.

I laughed.

"Hi? Who are you?" Pete asked nervously.

"Max is the name, don't wear it out!" he said, grinning.

"Don't worry, I won't!" Pete muttered so that only I could hear, and then out loud, "Okay! I gotta go now, Max. See ya!"

He got into the bus and I followed.

"So Kris, where do you wanna sit?"

Not with you, that's for sure!

"I dunno...with my friend back there." I waved to Alicia and walked down the aisle, leaving Pete at the front.

"EHMYGOD KRISTINA!" she shouted when I got there.

"That's my name, don't wear it out." I was bored.

Pete laughed and poked my side as he walked by.

"You know Pete Wentz?!" she whispered, widening her blue eyes.

"Unfortunately...he's my neighbor." Now I was extremely bored. Who wants to talk about Pete?!

"Ehmygod! He's like the only hot guy who hasn't asked me out! Oh! And I know why now! HE LIKES YOU!" she said excitedly.

" We've hated each other for as long as I can remember. And plus, I'm not interested in guys like him."

"What do you mean 'guys like him'?" she asked.

"He's stupid, horrible, obnoxious, intolerable, brainless, idiotic, nasty, mean, messed up, retarded..." I continued with more bad qualities "...and the list goes on!"

Alicia looked shocked. "But he's so hot!!!"

I shrugged. She continued talking about Pete. I ran out without even saying good-bye when it was my bus stop. Sometimes, I question my friendship with her. I walked home thinking (obviously) about soccer.


Okay, this was a pointless chapter but I needed to introduce Alicia and the whole school dance idea...Oh and Max! Please review to let me know if I wrote it well/horribly or if you just loved it/hated it despite/because of its pointlessness. (Sorry if that was confusing)
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