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sleepy Franks, latte' stealing Bobs, angry brians and a sleeping slipper obbseing Bob. What ever will we do?

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What happens when frank finds his latte is stolen by bob? haha. Its a silly story inspiered by blurrysmiles on youtube

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2007-07-17 - Updated: 2007-07-18 - 428 words - Complete

BEEP BEEP BEEP Goes Frank's alarm clock. "Shit. Why do I ALWAY'S gotta get up so early!?" whined a sleep deprived Frank. "Shut up Frank or I'll come in there and get you!" Yelled a cheerful (and awake) Gerard into the bedroom where Frank was. Frank walked in and Mikey looked into his mug got up and gave it to Frank. "Here. You need this more than I do." Said Mikey while pouring himself another mug. "watevers..." said Frank sleepily. "FRANK! GET YOUR ASS IN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!" Yelled an angry girlfriend. Named Jamia... "I'll be right back." said Frank. all the boys chime in "Franks in trouble! Franks in trouble!" "Shut the fuck up." said Frank as he was walking into the room where a fuming Jamia was. Bob kept looking over at Franks unattended mug. he haddent even taken a sip. "heehee..." bob muttered as he drank Franks latte. "WHAT THE FUCK?! WHERE'S MY LATTE?! Bob, give me my latte." "It's not a latte stupid." Said Bob a-matter-ofactly. "It's pain juice." "Uh Bob? sorry to break it to you, but thats my fucking latte." said frank. All the guys watch in amusment. "This is WAY better than putting stuff in Ray's hair or bugging Brian." whispered Gerard. The boys nod in agreement. "what? so that's how I found that action figue in my hair..." said Ray. "Nu Uh. See?" Hits Frank on head really hard "It's pain juice." "HOLY SHIT!!! THAT HURT!!" "Duh. here, you can have your pain juice back." Hands Frank the allegad "pain juice". "finally." "By the way, what'd Jamia want?" asked Gerard. "Eh, she was pissed 'cause I stole her camara and make up to mess up brian and take the picture. She said it was hilarious but I should've asked. She forgave me after I told her why I used it." "haha!!" "FRANK!!!!!!!!" "uh-oh. gotta go." "God forbid that man sleeps in the same room with some one, a camara, and markers or make-up huh Gerard?" said Mikey drinking his coffee. "Agreed."
17 hours later...
"...slippers..." mumbled Bob in his sleep. "god, what is it with him and slippers? Ooh!! Make-up!!! and a camara! how convenient..."

Authors Note: UH OH!!!!!!! What will frank do next?!
I really need Ideas here so if you can, give me ideas in reveiws. And, if you see that I use your work and forget to credit it (I'll use it in like a sequal in my own words) make sure to tell me in a reveiw and I'll add to it giving you credit ok??!! peace
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