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More characters

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more characters they are in the chapter b4 so i decided to add a discription of them

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Hi these are two of the new characters we may meet some more so I will do these for them as well hope u like!

Gender: Male
Age: 23
Hair colour and length: Black ear length
Nationality: English
Eye colour: Dark Blue
Figure: tallish and skinnyish
Fav colour: dark purple
Fav food: Starbucks muffins
Fav band: The Used
Fav clothes: black jeans and a black top with The Used written on it
Met d the girls and guys: He gave kitty the wrong coffee and they started talking about his t-shirt (with The Used written on it) and she introduced him to the others
Loves: Kitty she doesn't love him back and Millie
Nick names: Samantha Sammy
Personality: HYPER funny and loves music a bit like Kitty Smiled a lot.

Gender: Female
Age: 23
Hair colour and length: blonde with dark red streaks Bob
Nationality: German
Eye colour: light blue
Figure: Tall and curvy
Face: Medium eyes largish nose and smallish mouth
Fav colour: dark red
Fav food: ice lollies
Fav band: Paramore
Fav clothes: Dark red strappy top and Black mini Skirt
Loves: Sam
Nick names: Millz Mill
Personality: Gets annoyed easily but loves to hug people and she is very flirty.

BYE!!! (waves)
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