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The Beginning

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Travis Conway discovers that the conversation he overheard has more to do with him than he thinks. After being knocked out Travis finds himself awaking to a field of ruins, he comes across a villag...

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The room was covered in darkness; from a small place in front of the fire, as it slowly broke the darkness upon a figure sat on the floor. The shadows gently swept over the bodies light brown hair which moved because of a mysterious draft in the room. This person looked around sixteen and was of average build. As the darkness crept along the room, the dying fire was reflected in the boys green eyes. There was a creek outside the door, he turned round and saw somebody's feet walk past. He looked at his watch; it was four in the morning.

Getting up the boy turned his back on the almost extinct blaze and as quickly as he could he gradually made his way to the door. When he got there he pried it open to see in the hallway had just gone into a room at the other end. This room had always been locked ever since the boy had lived there. Deciding to follow the individual, the kid stepped out of the room and quietly made his way to the end of the hallway.

As he got closer to the room he could hear a man's muffled voice, it started as loud as a whisper but when he had reached the door it was loud enough to understand everything he was saying or signing as the case was. He knew that he shouldn't be listening and that he should go off to bed but something deep down inside compelled him to carry on. Gradually shifting himself opposite the keyhole, hoping to get a look at what was going on and who was inside.

The walls were a revolting cream colour. The flooring appeared to be an unsanitary hardwood. A single candle on the wall dimly lit the area; it was because of this that the boy could only make out half of the room. Underneath the candle sat a pudgy man wearing a deep blue dressing grown.

The kid recognised him as Mr Walter McNamara, the owner of McNamara Orphanage. Walter's narrow grey-green eyes were concentrating on something in the shadows. He took off his night-cap and ran his chubby fingers through his ash blonde hair then returned them to his lap. "Wha... What do you want? Which one of you has come?" squeaked the man through nerves.

"I'm surprised you had to ask Walter. Well you should recognise my voice" said a deep creepy voice that echoed throughout the room causing Walter to squeal like a pig.

"Ty... Tyden! I wasn't expecting it to be you." Walters's hands tightened around the night-cap that was in them. "Sir. How nice to see you again." Walter babbled with a terrified look in his eyes.

"This is far too important to have Hectar or Jin deliver this message." The figure shifted in the corner but still kept to the darkness.

"What is so important? Is it about the boy?" Walter said seemingly getting braver by the second.

"Yes the boy. He will soon be turning 18 and it will be time you to deliver him back to me as his body will finally be able to handle the journey here."

"What about Catalina? She told me to..."

"Forget what Catalina told you!" Tyden shouted cutting him off and making the floor move from under him. "She is dead and will no longer be a problem to us and the task at hand."

"She... She's dead... Did you?" Walter stuttered.

"What murder her?" Tyden started to laugh, a sinister laugh that would make anybody feel uncomfortable. "Why of course I did Walter. She kept on interfering in business that didn't concern her and had to be dealt with. After all I would have had the child in my hands 18 years ago if it wasn't for her."

Walter muttered something quietly to himself while fiddling with his night-cap in his hands.

"Relax Walter. As long as you do what I say I won't have to kill you." Tyden said before an unbearable silence filled the room.

The boy listening through the keyhole was now paralysed. He knew they were talking about him. He was the only one in the orphanage that was even near the age of eighteen and Mr McNamara hardly ever spoke to kids inside the building let alone outside. Suddenly the silence was broken. "How am I supposed to get him to you? Walter asked.

"My followers are working on a way for me to get him myself in person, all you have to do is make sure that he doesn't leave in the meantime." The Voice from the shadows said forcefully.

Suddenly there was a noise outside the door, Walter jumped out of his seat releasing his grip on the night-cap in his hands and letting it escape to the floor.

"Don't just stand there you worthless coward go see what it was!" Tyden shouted at Walter, making him tremble even more than he was originally.

"Wha... What if? Ummm... Yes... Yes sir." Making his way slowly to the door, moving his hand outwards towards the handle he turned back to look at the shadow in the corner. Bringing his attention back to the doorway Walter gulped as his hand touched the handle and swung it open.

Emptiness was all that greeted him, poking his head out he scanned up and down the hallway but was met with only darkness that it had to offer. Drawing his head back into the room he shut the door behind him.

Hiding around the corner of the corridor stood the boy as dead as wood, his back pressed up against the wall to stop him going off balance, holding his breath until he heard the door close. The kid came away from the wall when he knew it was safe and made his way towards the staircase down the hallway he was already in.

Reaching the stairs he slothfully climbed up careful not to make any sound in case anybody heard him, luckily he had memorised every lose floor board there was in this building.

Arriving at the landing he headed for the second door on the left which was lit up from the moonlight shinning from the window oppersite it, on his third step he missed out a floor board which was one of the ones that creaked. Opening the bedroom door just enough so that he could fit through, he stepped into the room and shut the door just as slowly as he opened it.

As the door was shutting the moonlight was reflected on the plaque revealing the name 'Travis Conway'.
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