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Tenchi Muyo: Love

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"I'm sorry.....I'm sorry for Keeping you waiting."

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April 29,2001 (Revised May 17, 2002 by Geor-sama)

Her tears fell unnoticed and her sobs came unbidden as she sat there under the moonlight as it reflected in the lake. She sat alone like she had her entire life, she had hoped the note she had written would change that. She had told him how she felt, where and when to find her if he felt the same way and she had signed it.

She clutched her legs to her chest, her arms wrapped tightly around them, rocking back and forth slightly. She knew her mother would have told her this would happen if she had told her about the note.

She had lost so much hope.

She knew she had lost him, the one thing she cared about more than life itself and she now knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he didn't love her. He loved the princess he had to; she had never felt such pain. Not under Kagato's control, not when she had been locked in the cave for seven hundred years. No this was true utter, unbeatable despair.

She knew that he would have thought that this was another ploy to seduce him. She had promised him that she would try nothing that he could leave at anytime, she had even given up her gems; she had left them with the note. She had given him everything she could, the only thing she had left was her body and she had offered that often.

She sat tears in her eyes, her knees in her chest, her head bowed in defeat, she ignored the moonlight on the lake, the stars in heaven, the ones that had always comforted her. She ignored them all; she was in utter and true despair.

She didn't notice the slight noise of approaching footsteps or the breath of someone whom had been in a hurry. She didn't notice the hot breath on her back, she didn't move when somebody sat beside her.

She barely noticed the sigh and the gentle rustle of leaves as the person moved closer to her. She did notice when the person placed their arm around her shoulders. She did noticed that they gentle pulled her to them, and she noticed that her tears were gone that her heart had quit hurting and that her chest quit heaving with silent sobs.

She raised her cyan head and looked with tear streaked golden eyes upon the person who had come to her, who had comforted her. Her hope flew as she slowly recognized the scent; it was the one she loved, the one she needed, the one she desired. She jumped when he spoke his voice sounding regretful.

"I'm sorry," Her hopes fell, had he come her just to tell her that he had chosen the princess? " I am sorry for keeping you waiting. "

Her hopes soared to new heights, as she released her legs and wrapped them around the man who she loved and squeezed her eyes shut in happiness. She felt whole complete, she felt love, she felt new tears flowing, not in sadness but instead in happiness. She sighed when she felt him bow his head and kiss her lightly on the forehead; this was heaven. He had chosen her not the princess, the goddess, the scientist, the galaxy police officer. He had chosen the demon, the weapon, the uwakionna, the unwanted one.

She raised her head and leaned up, her eyes locked with his kind brown eyes. He leaned down, never taking his eyes off her, their lips met, their eyes closed, and the moment lasted forever and not long enough.

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