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Mischief Managed

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A snapshot into the daily lives of our beloved Marauders. Possibly a series.

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Mischief Managed

Stepping through the portrait hole, James Potter glanced around the common room, snow drifting gently into the glass panes with a soft swishing sound in the quiet that had descended. Apart from a group of first years, nervously muttering to one another about a potions assignment in one corner, the room was virtually deserted.
Sweeping his eyes over the rest of the common room, he spotted Remus Lupin, leaning against the arm of a comfy red chair, his brown hair falling over his eyes as they scanned the pages of the book he was engrossed in. James' eyes flickered across the title page 'Catcher in the Rye' springing out at him. He shook his head slightly as he stood in the doorway - he'd never understood Remus' obsession with Muggle literature.
Turning his head away from the werewolf he noticed a small, plump boy stuffing his face full of chocolate frog - a gift from his mother for Christmas. James' laughed silently as the image of Peter's face, his watery eyes the size of saucers when he found out what his mother had sent him imprinted itself onto his memory.
As he averted his gaze from Peter, the other boy's gorging making him feel slightly queasy, his hazel eyes came to rest on quite a different person altogether. His best friend was leaning against a beanbag by the fireside, his face bathed in the orange glow. A slightly knowing smile decorated his lips as he dug through a book but this one was a little different to what Remus was lost in. Sirius Black was reading a dictionary.
To anyone else, this would have seemed ludicrous, and most would probably inquire into what kind of spell it was exactly that someone had put on normally mischievous, trouble-making Sirius. But James didn't even have to catch a glimpse of the sparkle of impish laughter in his friend's grey eyes to realise that he wasn't revising for the next History of Magic lesson.
Sirius glanced up at him, obviously noting James' gaze, and flashed him a wide grin, before burying himself in the world of 'Parental Advisory' in as many different languages as possible.


A/N: There may be others. You have been warned.
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